The 42 -year -old singer Xiaoxue recently exposed, settled in Australia and lived a happy life.

Hong Kong singer Xueer (Cai Xuemin), 42, once appeared in the TVB program "Popular Classics 50 Years" in 2019, singing the classic old work, and then faded out of the vision of everyone. The outside world did not understand her situation.I don’t know how she lives.Recently, Xiaoxue suddenly played a social transfer platform, generously disclosed her personal situation, and bluntly said that she had lived in Australia for 8 years. There was no pressure, so I got a lot of fat. Because the local epidemic was serious, I could only always be at home.Xiaoxue did not like to be singers, actors, and not like to share family life at all.

Xiaoxue will still think of everyone now because of her singer.Xiaoxue officially joined the entertainment industry in 2000. At that time, she made her debut as a singer and was supported by the record company.To tell the truth, the momentum of Xiaoxue’s development in the music scene in Hong Kong was quite rapid. Three EPs have been released in a row. Among them, "You are an honor", "Actually I mind" with Han Yang is a hot golden song, becomingThe classic memory of many fans, the momentum of development is not worse than the Ji Zuer who was the same as the newcomer at the time.In addition to the music career, Xiaoxue was also involved in the film and television industry, filming a movie, filming a TV series, and holding a concert. It was the new king in the entertainment industry.

However, Xiaoxue retired rapidly, developing in the entertainment industry for three years, and announced the retreat when it was the best time to develop. The biggest reason is that they are married and have daughters.At that time, many people were puzzled. I didn’t expect that she would sacrifice her career for love, and this sacrifice was not small. Now I think about it all, and then I do n’t like to sing and sing in combination with Xiaoxue.It is difficult to understand why she chose to retreat.Because fundamentally, developing into an artist is not the goal of her life, and getting married and having children is the goal.

Unfortunately, Xiaoxue’s feelings and marriage roads are quite bumpy. At the age of 42, she has experienced three marriages, adding a lot of legendary colors to her life.Frequent attention.In 2004, Xiaoxue announced that she married former Yongan Prince Chen Xunyuan, and then faded out of the entertainment industry. She also gave birth to a daughter for the other party. Unexpectedly, she was only one year of marriage.Scolding, this relationship ended in 2006.According to the court’s judgment at that time, Chen Xunyuan paid at least 10,000 yuan a month to Xiaoxue and his daughter. However, Chen Xunyuan did not implement it after only six years.

Xiaoxue and the current husband

After Xiaoxue experienced a failed marriage, she briefly returned. At that time, the object of cooperation was ATV, but the response was not good. Later, she had no intention of her career, and then slowly faded out.During the period, I met a Chinese boss who opened a restaurant in Australia and secretly interacted with each other. In 2009, the relationship was exposed because of pregnancy. After that, Xiaoxue personally admitted that he had remarried and gave birth to a son for the other party.However, this is another tragedy marriage. The second husband still likes to mess with flowers and ignores the children. This marriage lasted for 6 years. In the case of unbearable, Xiaoxue’s divorce in 2014 ended.

Don’t think that after two failed marriages, Xiaoxue will completely treat marriage and lose confidence in men. Only one year after the second divorce, she started the third marriage.people.The two registered for marriage in Australia. The man also gave him up in South Korea and moved to Australia. After that, there was rarely the news of Xiaoxue’s private life.In these years, she has been deeply floating in the entertainment industry. She can’t talk about it, and it doesn’t matter. Occasionally, there are some singing programs on their faces, but they rarely interviews and talk about private affairs.It is in the 2019 "50 Years of Popular Classics".

There is a big difference between Xiaoxue and other semi -hidden artists. She does not like to operate social platforms. If she does not show her face or she does not make public, the outside world knows almost nothing about her.It was unexpected that after two years of silence, Xiaoxue suddenly played the social platform.It turned out that in Australia, because she was controlled by the local epidemic, she could only live at home for many months.On the social platform, Xiaoxue has disclosed the current situation. He has been saying that he has lived in Australia for eight years and has no pressure to live.The husband did not regenerate, but the husband was very good to her and her two children.Looking at Xiaoxue’s recent photos, her condition is still quite good. Her hair has been long, and she is thinner than before, and now she is slightly more energetic and more young.

In addition, Xiaoxue also revealed her heart with the help of social platforms, admitting that she did not like to be singers and actors at all, and she did not like to share her family life and status.This is also well understood, why Xiaoxue had retreated to marry people in the past few years.In addition, because of the colorful life, she has attracted much attention many times, which has also made her care for her private life carefully, fearing that the private life will be amplified.In the end, she also said that she was not active because everyone had forgotten her.Perhaps after this "business", after getting the attention of fans, Xiaoxue should slowly activate on social platforms.

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