The 44 -year -old mother became pregnant again, and ushered in the 22nd child. Netizens shouted directly: gave birth to a team

Many families enjoy the feeling of a few children around them, but 3-4 children in ordinary families are already "big families".But there are not satisfying couples.

They are a couple called "the largest family in the UK".This year’s couple will usher in their 22nd children.Her wife took her highlighting pregnant belly on social networking sites.Their first child was born 30 years ago. In fact, because of the child’s child, the wife’s placenta has had a problem with the front, and she also feels that her baby’s belly is not too much during pregnancy.The same.However, the wife’s mentality is still very good and still full of vitality.

But such families are actually very shocked to many people. Netizens have commented: This woman is afraid of not a fertility machine?But at the same time, some people replied: People like children and can be born with good health, so how much they want to give birth!Some netizens said: One person said a football team, too powerful

Everyone wants to know, can a woman really give birth to so many children?Is there no limit to fertility?

In fact, women can give birth to many children in their lives, but it is best not to give birth to so much.

Scientifically proves that the best fertility age of women is 24-29 years old. In these six years, two years of pregnancy must be rested for two years to make the uterus rest and recover.Jia ’s fertility age is only enough to have two children.

If you are pregnant again in the period when the uterus has not been trimmed, then the uterus is easily damaged, weak, and easily leads to women’s figure, and the skin will be aging faster.

1. Physiologically

In October, a fetus was conceived and a fetus was given a fetus in the mother’s belly. It would make a great change in the mother’s body and experience a variety of changes that are invisible to our naked eyes.

Women’s breeding fetuses in order to convey genes is also a result of a biological evolution.Women’s constant fertility will allow the functions of various organs of the body to be deployed in order to adapt to the presence of a fetus. At this time, it is necessary to consume a lot of nutrients in the mother’s body. Therefore, many mothers will have symptoms such as calcium deficiency after pregnancy.

We also need to breastfeed after delivery, and when breastfeeding is also consumed the nutrition of the mother, at the same time, it is also occupying the mother’s sleep time. In addition, mastitis or insufficient milk may occur during breastfeeding.Physiology is a challenge.

And it will also affect the bottom muscle.For example, if you dare not laugh after giving birth, you will leak urine with a smile. These are the sequelae of production.

During pregnancy, hormone changes can make women’s skin dull, spots appear, and will affect changes in the shape of the hips and chest, which will cause many women to go.

Various reports show that women’s memory during pregnancy will decline.Although this situation will be slowly eliminated shortly after, this period still needs to be taken care of by family.

The number of children’s number of children will increase the incidence of cervical cancer.

2. Psychologically

If you give birth to more, it means that you want to raise, and there are more expenses you need.At this time, more and more time for women to pay.

When the child was just born, it was very hard to bring the child, and the children at each stage had different changes. Women can easily sleep in lack and overwork at this time. This will accelerate women.The speed of aging.

Because of this, many women have postpartum depression.Once postpartum depression occurs, the mental state of expectant mothers will become dangerous.

So to a large extent, we can say: women have children = self -sacrifice.

The impact of having children on women must be greater than favorable, but many women are still willing to use their bodies to give birth to a child.If they have a great impact, they are also willing to bet on this point, and no one can deny the greatness of the mother.

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Mother Jing sends: fertility also needs to "do force". You can’t bet on women’s bodies again and again because of like children or other reasons!

I am a mother of Jing, a girl’s mother, trainer in the mother and baby industry, the original author of the multi -platform, the physician, pharmacist, nutritionist, and psychological counselor of the childcare industry, providing childcare consulting for thousands of parents.I hope my suggestion can help you solve the confusion and troubles in the process of bringing your baby!

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