The 45th day of the daughter -in -law pregnancy

It’s twelve o’clock, the night is quiet, just after taking a bath and lying on the bed. Looking at the sleeping daughter -in -law, I feel a lot of peace of mind!

On October 8, 2018, my daughter -in -law told me that the regular holiday has not come for several days. At that timeIt was still not here for a week. At this time, I was a little panicked. I really haven’t been ready to be a father!

I went to the hospital for examination on October 14th and determined that my daughter -in -law was pregnant. My first reaction was so sad. I was not ready, deposit, work, etc.Looking at my face, I decided to suffer no matter how difficult it was at the time, and this child was going!

In the middle of the night, I don’t know what I want to do this article, just want to write out the mood of these days!But these days, the daughter -in -law is particularly painful and uncomfortable. I did not expect that she was so big that she had a big pregnancy in the first three months of pregnancy. I wanted to vomit everything, and I really felt distressed in my heart!These days, I have made up a lot of knowledge about women’s pregnancy. What can be eaten, what can not eat, what to eat is good for the body, it is not good for the body, and I have a clear concept in my heart!

My daughter -in -law and I are from Jiangsu. The houses rented in Beijing are really expensive in Beijing.My daughter -in -law knows that I don’t have much deposit now, so even if she is so uncomfortable in the early stages of pregnancy, she still squeeze the subway to work every morning, watching my heart is particularly uncomfortable!I know what she thinks in her heart. She doesn’t want to put greater pressure on me, and wants to share a little bit!I do n’t know what the theme is today, I really do n’t know what the theme is. I just want to say what I have in my heart. I feel bad for my daughter -in -law!

Life is still going on. In more than half a year, we will have a baby. I will work hard and work hard to give my daughter -in -law. In the future, babies create better living conditions. This is my responsibility and my obligation!I hope to wake up tomorrow. The daughter -in -law’s pregnancy is not so severe. It is not so sad. Ask the Lord to bless, and I hope that all friends of the North Drifting are all good. Everyone works together to create a better life!

Good night, north drift friends!

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