The 73 -year -old old lady in Shandong gave birth to a son, and the infertile couple begged the "prescription", the old lady: I have no secret recipe

The four happy events of life are undoubtedly long -term droughts and man.But for an old lady who has passed the flower in her 70s, it may undoubtedly enjoy the joy of the grandchildren and grandchildren.

But not long ago, we learned that a news was that the three daughters and a son and his 70 -year -old parents were so noisy that we did not know what happened, but from the physical condition of the elderly, the physical condition of the elderly, from the physical condition of the elderly, the physical condition of the elderly.The situation of this 70 -year -old mother does not seem to be very good, and this 70 -year -old mother’s belly is surprisingly large, maybe with some diseases or stagnant water in the abdomen.

The old man may have a certain amount of water in the age of age, so the 70 -year -old lady’s belly will be so big.Or the old lady suffered from a certain disease, which caused his stomach to be abnormal, these are possible.But no one will think that the reason why the old lady in her 70s is pregnant.

"What did my mother’s belly?The eldest daughter told us that from his tone, we can clearly feel that the eldest daughter does not want the old lady to give birth to the child.

This old lady comes from Shandong Province, and his name is Tian Qiuju.We call her Mrs. Tian. Mrs. Tian and Mrs. Tian live in the provincial capital. Because they are intellectuals, they also have pensions every month.Live with your children.

However, Mrs. Tian’s children can be considered filial, although Mrs. Tian did not propose to let her children support herself.However, children will also look at Er Lao every three years, but in the past few months, when the children came to visit the second elder, they often found that their mother would fall asleep early, and Xiao was not at home.

The side I have seen now has not been seen for nearly three months, and everything in this story has to be spoken four months ago. In the afternoon of the spring, Mrs. Tian was cooking at home.Live in a small house.Because of the age, even cooking is very slow.

But I do n’t know what was going on with Mrs. Tian, he suddenly felt that his headache was severe, his body began to shake violently, and finally lying softly on the ground. Fortunately, Mrs. Tian ’s husband was there, and the old man quickly sent his wife to the hospitalEssenceBut the inspection of the Jue Guo Jue Fruit instantly shocked the chin of the two people.

The first inspection found that Mrs. Tian was not a big deal, but after all, Mrs. Tian was old, so the doctor still suggested that Mrs. Tian for a full -body examination.The wife was pregnant.This incident sounds very ridiculous. The old lady in her 70s will feel ridiculous no matter who it sounds.

The doctors looked at the test results on the instrument incredulously, but the data would not be fake, and it turned out that Mrs. Tian was really pregnant.Because of their lives, they all murmured in private that Mrs. Tian was incredible, and the old man was amazing.But Mrs. Tian was worried that he didn’t want to lose this little life, but the children in the family would not agree.

After all, a child like his grandson calls your sister, maybe you can accept it, but if your child wants to call a baby who is 20 years younger than himself, what will you feel?Too difficult wives will naturally know the thoughts of their children, so this time has opened a strategy to avoid children.

Mrs. Tian thought that as long as she gave birth to the children, it would be too late, so she had the story of Mrs. Tian hid Tibet. Over time, Mrs. Tian’s belly was getting bigger and bigger.Until one day, Mrs. Tian accidentally twisted when she avoided her children, and the pregnant woman’s twisting was not playing.The children who learned of the matter hurriedly sent Mrs. Tian to the hospital.But Mrs. Tian’s "secret" was exposed.

"We resolutely disagree with you to have this child. You are so older. If you have a child, do you impure, let the neighbor neighbors make a joke?" Still the eldest daughter gave a negative opinion first.But Mrs. Tian was also determined to be hungry. Mrs. Tian stood on the railway: "I don’t care what others say, since I am pregnant with this child, I will be responsible for him. I must give him birth.I didn’t discuss this matter. "

Everyone is not good at seeing the mother’s firmness. In fact, what they are most worried about now is undoubtedly whether the physical condition of the mother can still support a child.If you don’t persist, you will lose money if you have an accident.But looking at Mrs. Tian’s firm eyes, the children only prayed silently.

Finally, two months have passed, Mrs. Tian successfully gave birth to a little boy. Tai Tai and her husband agreed that the child was given the best gift to them, so he rode the boy a nice name "God.It means that this child is the baby of heaven, and they must take good care of this child.

Soon people who have become troubled by this incident are well known. Many couples who have been married but have fertility disorder come to visit Mrs. Tian to be eager to get some children’s recipes, but Mrs. Tian can only smile bitterly: "There are any secrets there, and we have not deliberately prepared pregnancy, so we naturally conceive. "

It may be because Mrs. Tian is healthy, and her husband is tough.In the end, Mrs. Tian’s husband also joked: "Although it is ridiculous, we will not care about the eyes of others when we choose such a living method.Bless Mrs. Tian’s family happiness and health.

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