The 8 -month -old pregnant woman was violated by her ex -boyfriend. When the husband learned of it, she retaliated madly, and eventually made absurd tragedy.

The pregnant woman who was 8 months pregnant was forcibly pushed down by her ex -boyfriend. After 3 seconds, the ex -boyfriend turned to leave with satisfaction.

Strangely, the man has disappeared in strangely, and only left legs were left when found. Is it causal retribution?

Police at the scene of the incident determined that the deceased was 28 -year -old foreigner named Tiezhu, and the personnel released were released.Police found that the deceased’s whereabouts in the past half a year and the past interpersonal relationship found that the deceased and Dazhuang were small and the relationship was good.Police immediately found Dazhuang inquiries based on the clues.

In the interrogation room, Dazhuang took the initiative to confess everything.The two were iron buddies. They grew up naked since childhood, and their feelings were so good enough to wear a pair of pants.Five years ago, he was bullied. Tiezhu was not upset for him, but Tiezhu was too heavy to be a trainer, but he directly made people as lifelong disability. Tiezhu was caught by the police for intentional injury.8 years, until 3 months ago, Tiezhu suddenly found him after being released from prison, and it took 500,000 yuan in mental loss.Dazhuang is stunned, where I still have money, my wife has not been pregnant after marriage, and the bottom of the family who treats the disease has been hollowed out. In the end, I spent hundreds of thousands of test tubes.I was pregnant, so I still owe hundreds of thousands of usury loans. I have contributed to the hospital. Where can I still have so much money?However, when Tie Zhu saw that he only borrowed thousands of yuan, he pushed Dazhuang directly to the ground, got up and squatted beside him, and he would not be buried in the best youth because of him because of him because of him., Even my girlfriend married Dazhuang, Iron Pillar wanted to get angry, the more angry

Dazhuang was worried that Tiezhu went to find a pregnant wife, got up and wanted to stop the iron pillar, but the Tiezhu people tall and big, and he punch him down. At this critical moment, Dazhuang discovered that there was a roots around him.When I didn’t pay attention, I picked up the iron pillar and tied it on his left leg. He completely lost the strong strong and strong. He smashed it on the iron stigma again, and soon the iron pillar disappeared.Dazhuang admits that the reason why the police told the police at the beginning that the corpse was near the fishing ground in the upper reaches, but it was just to delay time, because the rainstorm during the rainstorm was coming soon. At that time, the corpse would definitely be washed away.Anyone found.

In order to confirm the strong confession, the police immediately risen in heavy rain and started a carpet -style search on the river on the west side of the small pier. Finally, they were salvaged. They learned that they were indeed iron pillars according to the forensic corpse report.In addition, the police also found a broken mobile phone in the pocket of the deceased’s top. Because the soaking time was too long, the mobile phone could not be fixed, but the mobile phone card was still there.After restoring the mobile phone’s communication record, the policewoman found that the call records found that the dead Tiezhu had called the same number two times at the end of March. Due to the flood of continuous rainstorm, the system of the telecommunications bureau had a failure.Determine who the name is, the Meng team picked up the phone, and after calling the number, it was found that it was a shutdown state. The case was in a deadlock again.

At this moment, the policewoman suddenly found the Meng team. Some villagers provided clues on March 29. The deceased had appeared on the boat of Dazhuang.The number, in addition, shows that the iron pillar has called on March 29?With many years of experience in handling the case, the Meng team always feels that it is not right, but according to the clues currently held, the suspicion of Dazhuang is the biggest, but the direct evidence is not sufficient.

With a question, the Meng team tried again and again, but in the face of any inquiries, Dazhuang refused to cooperate with the police. He just said perfunctoryly that Tiezhu killed the corpse on his own.The team received a call from the police officer. It turned out that the strong wife learned that her husband almost caused mixture abortion because of the news of being detained and arrested by his husband. He was rushed to the hospital.The news was not calm instantly.

The Meng team boldly speculated that Dazhuang insisted that he had killed people. It is estimated that he was guilty for others. The true murderer that could let him out of his life should be the favorite of Dazhuang, that is, 8 months of pregnancy.Wife is quiet.In order to confirm this guess, the Meng team took Dazhuang’s mobile phone and dialed the number of calling with Tiezhu. Sure enough, the number was exactly the big wife. Get this important clue, the Meng team immediately rushed to the hospital.

Facing the police’s inquiry, quietly confessed everything.It turned out that three months ago, Tiezhu kept harassing them after being released from prison, asking for high spiritual compensation fees, but the couple owed us in high loans, and there was no money to give him at all, so Tiezhu kept revenge on the two.While the two went to the hospital for a birth check, they smashed everything on the boat. The couple watched the messy scene, and they were tolerate again, but the iron pillar had to enter the ruler and wanted to bully themselves and their children.shovel.

When Dazhuang was killed with iron pupa, she was actually on the scene. Watching her husband smashed into the iron pillar, she was scared to sit on the ground and trembled.When I came to the boat, when her husband returned to the cabin, the sack on the board of the board suddenly moved, and she was very scared. She trembled and pushed the sack into the sea and let him die.Once, the couple returned to the male farming and women’s weaver, a bland and happy life, and looked forward to the baby’s birth.

Unexpectedly, on the day of March 29, Jing Jing suddenly received a call from Tiezhu. She met to understand the matter. After she was afraid of the impulsive husband, she did a stupid thing again, so she hid her husband to prepare for the appointment alone.After all, the two had a relationship between couples before, and Tiezhu should give themselves some thin noodles.In the middle of the night, quietly came to the boat as an appointment, and when I saw her when I saw her, I started to vomit, and quietly asked why he would come back, but Tiezhu asked for 1 million compensation. Previously, 500,000 were cheap their husbands and wives.Is the youth worth 500,000?Whoever wants to be killed by himself is almost killed, and now he has a total of 1 million yuan, which is not possible.

Quietly lied that he had to go home to give money to Tiezhu, and escaped this place early. Who knew that Tiezhu refused to let her go, forced her in the corner, and even wanted to forcibly give her a needle.How can I ask for mercy, the iron pillars turned a deaf ear and poured her directly to the ground.The power between men and women is very different, and quietly pushing away the iron pillars on her body. Just as she was extremely desperate, she accidentally saw a iron cone next to her.Stabbed Tiezhu’s left leg, Tiezhu sat on the ground immediately, watching the left leg that was constantly bleeding, and Tiezhu yelled at her.

The experience of despair just made the quiet loss of rationality in an instant. He held the iron cone and smashed into the head of the iron pillar, and directly killed him.In the end, she dragged a bulky body and put her body in a sack into the river.

After explaining the entire process of the case, quietly said that he refused to report the case before, but just to want to stabilize the child in the abdomen, it can be stable and reduced. Now everything is too late.As soon as she was born, she had no mother’s companionship.However, at this moment, her stomach suddenly hurt. She begged the Meng team to take care of her daughter. The Meng team nodded and agreed, and then quickly called the medical staff to send her into the operating room.

The Meng team waited anxiously, but after a long time, he got a bad news. The mother died due to amniotic fluid embolism, which caused great bleeding and dying. The only thing that was fortunate was that the children in the abdomen were kept, and the Meng team was so sad.At this point, the case was broken, and her husband Dazhuang was arrested and brought to justice by the police for hiding and hiding the corpse. At the end of the story, the Meng team fulfilled her promise and found a quiet daughter A Xi, and promised that Dazhuang would take good care of her daughter.

This story is undoubtedly miserable, and quietness has caused a big disaster due to the impulse. Perhaps fate is like this. Sometimes the appearance of a person will destroy a group of people’s lives.Lie is round. When people encounter anything, they must keep calm and protect themselves with legal weapons. They must be a good citizen who abides by the law!

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