The abnormal leucorrhea increases?Don’t panic, the increase in these 4 leucorrhea is normal

For women’s health, leucorrhea can be described as a "barometer" for women’s health. If there is a problem with leucorrhea, it needs to be paid attention.If the amount and color of the leucorrhea are abnormal during menstruation, it is necessary to check whether there is a gynecological inflammation, and clinically, about 10%of the patients who have increased leucorrhea are normal physiological leucorrhea increases.treat.

Therefore, if the increase in leucorrhea, you may wish to understand whether it is physiological or pathological.

1. Increase leucorrhea before ovulation period

If the level of estrogen in women’s body is affected, leucorrhea will also be easily abnormal. For example, before ovulation, due to the increase in estrogen levels, the amount of secretion of cervical mucus increases, making leucorrhea increase, thin, and clear, like eggs, like eggsSample, this is a normal phenomenon.

In addition, women may cause endocrine disorders and cause leucorrhea after taking estrogen drugs and contraceptives.

2. Increase leucorrhea during pregnancy

When women are pregnant, leucorrhea is also increased due to hormone levels.In addition, as the uterus increases, the pelvic cavity and vagina are oppressed, which prompts neighbors to dilate and congested neighbors, which also causes increased vaginal mucosa exudate. Generally speaking, it is also normal without too much treatment.

3. Increase leucorrhea when the same room

When the husband and wife live, due to the stimulation of the outside world, it will stimulate the production of vaginal secretions and cause the increase in leucorrhea. This is also a normal physiological phenomenon.

4. Stress and cause endocrine disorders

When physical stress is high, it often causes disorders of nerve function. For women’s health, it is easy to cause endocrine disorders, which causes abnormal leucorrhea. Generally speakingThe problem is to avoid causing other diseases and symptoms.

(1) If it is a color like milk, it becomes thin foam or white tofu residue, and there is no symptoms of itching. This situation may be vaginitis.

(2) If the leucorrhea is creamy white or pus yellow, accompanied by blood wire, it may be cervicitis.

(3) If the leucorrhea is increased, the color is yellow, and the quality is thin, it is accompanied by abdominal pain.

(4) The leucorrhea is white cheese -like, thick, slightly sweet, and the genitals are somewhat itchy, which may be Candida infection.The leucorrhea is yellow -green, and the thin bubble is accompanied by evil odor and itching of the genitals, which may be vaginal trichomonas infection.

(5) The leucorrhea is mixed with white blocks, like tofu residue, accompanied by itching symptoms, which may be mold vaginitis.If the leucorrhea is gray and accompanied by the fishy smell, it may be bacterial vaginal disease.

In short, regardless of whether the increase in leucorrhea is physiological or pathological, it is necessary to go to the hospital for routine leucorrhea examination when the leucorrhea is abnormally increased and accompanied by obvious discomfort.Usually do a good job of personal hygiene habits, you can regularly check your body every year, maintain a positive and optimistic attitude, ensure adequate sleep, regulate your own habits, and exercise appropriately to reduce the occurrence of diseases.

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