The acne is fierce during pregnancy. Which medicines are safe?

Others are pregnant.

Why do I have acne when I get pregnant?

Don’t eat spicy, not greasy, and rarely eat sweets. Why don’t you have acne in adolescence?

Indeed, many women suffer from acne during pregnancy, and many are primary.

Some people will ask, isn’t acne because of excessive secretion of male hormones, causing sebaceous glands to hyperplasia. Is the pores blocked?

Isn’t it more secreted by progesterone and estrogen during pregnancy?Should the skin get better?

That’s right!

It stands to reason that a large amount of estrogen secretion during pregnancy should be able to resist the physiological effects ofrogens.

However, there are many pregnant women who have never suffered from acne during pregnancy. Therefore, the disease mechanism of acne during pregnancy is not just the role of androgen.

Some studies have said that it may be the impact of hormones during pregnancy. The sensitivity of sebaceous glands torogen has increased, leading to an increase in sebaceous glands, which leads to acne during pregnancy.

Some parenting says that if you have acne acne, do not take medicine!Don’t take medicine!Acne removal medicines will cause fetal deformity.Use a mask.Use skin care products.

I can only say that she said halfway.

Daily skin care is important, but!Acne is disease and skin disease.

No skin care products have no medicine.

When using drugs, you should choose a drug with less absorption and the smallest impact on the fetus.

Topical medicine is the first choice.

The antibiotics used for treating acne are safe.

Such as metronidazole ointment, erythromycin paste, clinomycin gel, and gyatin acid can be used safely.Ren Erxin Cream also belongs to Class B.

It is not recommended to use peroxylzyl and salicylic acid.

Avic acid category for external use belongs to Class C. Ada Palin has a teratogenic effect in early pregnancy. Therefore, it can only be used in the middle and late period.

It is not recommended to use oral drugs to treat acne during pregnancy.Tetracyclines are stored in the developmental teeth and bones in the early pregnancy, causing fetal enamel dysplasia to yellow.

If you have acne during pregnancy, be sure to take necessary measures, do not taboo diseases and doctors, regardless of whether.

After all, children are important, and our beauty is also important.

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