The annoying hemorrhoids of those things to be pregnant

There is a saying in the folk: Ten men and nine hemorrhoids. If this statement is established, it will be added to "ten women and ten hemorrhoids", because compared with men, the incidence of hemorrhoids will be higher.

Someone had done a clinical survey and found that the incidence of hemorrhoids in men in ordinary people was 50-60%, and women’s hemorrhoids would be higher, about 60-70%.More than 70%.

Although hemorrhoids are not a serious problem, it will make you uncomfortable. Hemorrhoids are divided into internal hemorrhoids and external hemorrhoids. The most typical symptoms are: itching, pain, bleeding.

After pregnancy, especially when entering the middle and late pregnancy, the uterus gradually increases, which will compress the lower cavity vein and pelvic vein, resulting in poor vein backflow, which will cause or aggravate hemorrhoids.Cause constipation will also cause or aggravate hemorrhoids. Third, the elevation of progesterone levels will relax the vein wall, which will expand veins, and will also cause or aggravate hemorrhoids.

A few pregnant women will also form thrombosis in hemorrhoids, causing hemorrhoids to swelling and forming blocks. Sitting is restless and uncomfortable.

How to prevent and hemorrhoids

Since the hemorrhoids are high, it is best to take preventive measures, and the following practices can be helpful.

Eat more high cellulose food: high -fiber food can strengthen bowel movements and reduce constipation.Common high cellulose foods include whole wheat foods, beans, fruits and vegetables. Of course, these high cellulose foods can also easily cause flatulence. You need to pay attention to the food structure when adjusting the food structure.If you do n’t like this kind of food, you can try to use water to rinse the cellulose extracted from plants and vegetables, which can also play the same role.Edible cellulose can be bought in ordinary pharmacies.

Drink plenty of water: drink at least 8-10 glasses of water a day.

Moderate exercise: Maintaining exercise at least 30 minutes a day can also help you speed up intestinal motility and alleviate constipation.

Kegel exercise: Kigel practice is a method of practicing the contraction of pubic tail muscle contraction. The specific method is to constantly shrink and relax the anus and vagina.Kiger exercises can help increase blood circulation in the rectum and anus, strengthen the muscles around the pelvic floor and the anus, and reduce the occurrence of hemorrhoids.

Avoid sitting or standing for a long time: Do not sit still or stand for a long time in the working environment or at home for a long time. You need to act regularly. You can consider lying on the side when you sleep at night.

Cold compresses: Consider the anus of the anus with ice bags, so that blood vessels, especially venous shrinkage, 3-4 times a day for 10 minutes each time.

Hot water sitting bath: Put a certain temperature of hot water in the pot for sitting bath to accelerate the blood circulation of the perianal perianal, 2-3 times a day, 10-15 minutes each time.

You can consider the combination of cold compresses and hot water sitting baths.

Keep clean: Keep the anus clean every day, wipe it with a toilet paper after the stool, and then wipe it with a wet paper towel.

Medication: Under the guidance of a doctor, use some drugs that relieve hemorrhoid symptoms. For example, lactose can relieve constipation. Some ointments can alleviate local symptoms. Some drugs that are stuffed with anal can help relieve symptoms and help the stool smoothly.

Don’t take medicine at will, because some drugs are not suitable for pregnant women.

Hemorrhoids are not cesarean section symbols

Some people’s hemorrhoids are more serious. In addition to the hemorrhoids are relatively large, there will also be a hemorrhoids.These people may worry that if they try vaginal delivery by themselves, they will have problems during the delivery process, especially when the palace mouth is full.

It is normal to have such concerns, but the probability of breaking hemorrhoids during childbirth is very small. Generally, there is no need to open a cesarean section for hemorrhoids.In the process of childbirth, in order to reduce the pressure on hemorrhoids, doctors or midwives may prevent perineal side cuts.

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