The areola becomes black after pregnancy, these embarrassing things really make the pregnant mother anxious …

From girls to marrying a woman, to conceiving children, the most important stages of women in their lives seem to be in one go, but they are caught off guard.

Fangfang had a baby shortly after she got married, which made Fangfang very embarrassed and very nervous. She was careful every day, afraid that she would affect the baby.

But recently, I don’t know what’s going on. Fangfang, who had never snoring, snoring when she was sleeping, and was accompanied by frequent urination and bad breath.Although her husband didn’t say anything, Fangfang still felt embarrassed.

Fortunately, Fangfang was comforted from her mother -in -law: It doesn’t matter, there will be this phenomenon after pregnancy, don’t worry.

In fact, not only Fangfang, many women will experience these embarrassing changes during pregnancy:

1. frequent urination

Many expectant mothers have frequent symptoms during pregnancy. Do not worry about frequent urination in pregnant women. This is a manifestation of the healthy development of the baby.

As the baby is constantly developing in the mother’s uterus, the absorption of nutrients will become more, and the body’s metabolic system will be accelerated. At this time, the mother needs to help the excrement.

Especially in the late pregnancy, with the development of the baby, the increase in uterine and fetal heads will compress other organs in the abdomen, and the bladder will gradually narrow, resulting in the number of mothers’ urine.

In the third trimester, the more frequent the number of times to go to the toilet, which means that the closer to the due date. The pregnant mother is best to prepare the production bag in advance to avoid busyness during production.

2. Black areola darkened

After women are pregnant, they will find that their breasts will become larger and the areola becomes black. Sometimes there is a feeling of pain. Some mothers think that their breasts may have some kind of inflammation. In fact, this is because women are because womenThe changes in body hormones during pregnancy, and a normal phenomenon that appears, will return to normal after the baby is weaned.

3. snoring

Many people think that if people are too tired during the day, they will be easy to snoring at night, but their mother is leisurely every day during pregnancy. Why do they snoring at night?Some pregnant mothers even suspected that they might have some kind of respiratory disease, while sleeping with her husband also made themselves embarrassed.In fact, in the middle and late pregnancy, pregnant mothers sleep and snoring are a common phenomenon. This is caused by narrowing the respiratory tract of pregnant mothers, and this situation will gradually improve after giving birth.

4, bad breath

Due to the changes in hormones in the body, the tooth is prone to loosening the teeth, which in turn causes tooth inflammation and bad breath. Therefore, the mother should pay special attention to oral hygiene during pregnancy.

5. Acne

The skin of skin pregnant women often love oil, love acne, and some will grow various spots.Countermeasure: Drink 8 glasses of water every day, use warm water, use facial cleanser and toner, lotion and cream for pregnant women, and often use isolation and BB cream for computer work.After giving birth, use freckle cream.If you have serious acne, go to dermatologist.

6. Eyes are enlarged

During pregnancy, people’s eyes will also become swollen with the whole body, the cornea becomes thinner and slightly bent. Some pregnant women will feel that the images are distorted when watching TV, and some even similar problems when they recognize people.In addition, because the shape of the cornea changes, about 1/4 of the pregnant women wearing contact lenses will feel that the glasses are inappropriate.Countermeasure: If the contact lenses are uncomfortable, change the framework, and then wear invisible after giving birth to a baby.If you feel that your eye problems affect your life, go to the doctor.

Pregnant mothers will inevitably have some discomfort during pregnancy. These embarrassing symptoms, if you are not in the pregnancy, are really lucky.

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