The associate professor of Hunan University of Hunan deceived the worker to give birth to a child, but did not recognize the child’s identity. Why?

In 2005, Zhang Ting met Li Guangxi, a boyfriend who was still studying for a doctorate.

At that time, Zhang Ting worked in a massage shop. When Li Guangxi saw her when he went to massage, he pursued her crazy pursuit.

Under Li Guangzhang’s violent pursuit, Zhang Ting quickly defeated and fell in love with Li Guangxi.

When the two were in love, Zhang Ting also returned to her hometown with Li Guangxuan. The relatives knew that Zhang Ting had found a doctoral boyfriend and was happy for her.

At that time, Zhang Ting was still a simple little girl. At the age of 22, she was immersed in the love with Li Guangxuan, looking forward to the good future of the two.

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Zhang Ting thought that Li Guangzheng was his true emperor, but did not know that because of the appearance of this man, her life was completely rewritten!

The doctoral boyfriend who is thoughtful, it turned out to be married

One year later, Zhang Ting was pregnant with a child.She told Li Guangxi with joy, but did not expect Li Guangyu’s sentence, but instantly pushed her into the bottom of the valley.

"Tingting … I got married …" Li Guangxi told Zhang Ting a little embarrassed.

Zhang Ting couldn’t believe it. She asked, "You lie to me … How can you get married back to my hometown for New Year? Also … and you this yearAlways with me, you have never returned home … "

Before Zhang Ting finished speaking, Li Guangxi interrupted her: "Yes, Tingting, I didn’t lie to you …"

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Looking at Li Guangyu’s serious expression, Zhang Ting finally realized that he was deceived by him for more than this year.

Although Zhang Ting is not highly academic, she clearly knows that she cannot be a third party to destroy other people’s families.

Zhang Ting knew that Li Guangxi could not give up his family for herself. There would be no future between herself and Li Guangxuan, so she and Li Guangxi proposed to break up and plan to get rid of the children in her belly.

When Li Guangzhang heard Zhang Ting said, he begged Zhang Ting not to break the child in his belly, and promised that he would raise this child well in the future.

Zhang Ting hesitated for a long time. Although she was very reluctant to her child, she was even more afraid that she could not give the child the life that the child wanted.

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Li Guangxuan promised Zhang Ting that when the child was born, he would definitely raise it well, and promised to do his best to create a good living environment for his child.

In Li Guangzhang’s promise again and again, Zhang Ting was eventually moved and left the child.

The man takes the support fee as a threat, asking her to continue to maintain an unfair relationship

After experiencing the hard work of October, Zhang Ting gave birth to a baby boy, and Li Guangxi learned that she had given her 1500 yuan for her child.

When Zhang Ting saw him coming, he thought that Li Guangxi would keep his promise and be responsible for his child.I did not expect that after the child was born, Li Guangxi suddenly hid.

Zhang Ting was looking for Li Guangyu’s trace, but she couldn’t find any way, and Li Guangxi completely disappeared from her world.

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At that time, Zhang Ting was just an ordinary work girl. If she rely on herself, it would be difficult for her to support the child.

However, Li Guangzhang disappeared from her life without a trace, and Zhang Ting didn’t know where to find a man who was lied.

Zhang Ting was very sad and very angry. She was so angry that the man who deceived her twice twice, even more stupid, believed in a man who was ghost.

Unfortunately, this is the end. Life has to continue. In order to support himself and his son, Zhang Ting can only work in one job.

Although it was a bit hard, Zhang Ting never thought about giving up her son.

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At the beginning, Zhang Ting could barely bear the life of his son.

However, as the son grows older and bigger, the expenses are getting more and more, and Zhang Ting began to feel more and more difficult.She hopes to find Li Guangzhang and let him bear some support costs.

When his son was three years old, Li Guangzhang suddenly contacted Zhang Ting, saying that he wanted to see his son, and gave Zhang Ting a 1500 yuan.

Zhang Ting was very happy. She specially bought a new clothes for her son and took her son to the agreed location.

Li Guangzhang was very happy to see Zhang Ting’s mother and son. He stayed with his son for a long time that day, but his son was a little recognized, and he kept Zhang Ting’s hand.

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Zhang Ting saw that Li Guangxi liked his son very much and felt that he could talk to him about the support fee, but he did not expect that Li Guangxi suddenly made a ridiculous request to her.

Li Guangzhang said to Zhang Ting sweetly, asking Zhang Ting to continue to maintain the relationship with his lover, otherwise he refused to pay his son Xiao Yan’s support fee.

Li Guangzhang’s request made Zhang Ting completely unconcerned. She strictly rejected Li Guangxi and called Li Guangxuan’s wife Wang Liu to inform herself and her husband.

But no matter what Zhang Ting said, Wang Liu was unwilling to believe her, and felt that Zhang Ting was lying to her.

After learning that Zhang Ting took the initiative to contact his wife, Li Guangxi completely changed an attitude towards Zhang Ting. Not only was he unwilling to answer her call, but also sent text messages to insult her.

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Zhang Ting had contacted Li Guangxi on the phone many times, and wanted to negotiate with him for support, but Li Guangxi hid again and again.

She is unbearable.

In the face of Li Guangyu’s rogue, Zhang Ting couldn’t help it.The raising fee was dragged like this, and it took another 5 years.

In 2017, with the support of Zhang Ting, a paper complaint brought Li Guangyu to court.

After receiving Zhang Ting’s lawsuit, the court had repeatedly summoned Li Guangxi, but Li Guangxi was always reluctant to come forward.

Zhang Ting knew Li Guangzhang’s person, and knew that Li Guangzheng wanted to depend on the support fee through delay, so he found Li Guangyi’s information in private.

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At this time, Li Guangxi has successfully obtained a doctorate degree and served as an associate professor in a university.

Zhang Ting saw that Li Guangzhang’s conditions were so good at this time, but he felt more angry about his son, and felt more angry.

In order to make Li Guangxi no longer dependent, Zhang Ting took his son directly to the school entrance of Li Guangxi’s inauguration, and called Li Guangxi to come out to negotiate with her for support.

Li Guangzhang on the other side of the phone heard Zhang Ting said so and started to fight Tai Chi with her.He said that he was not in school now, and he promised to meet her when he returned.

But Zhang Ting heard that he had said too many lies. At this moment, she was unwilling to believe this man with a vocal yellow man. She bluntly said that she would take her son to school leaders.

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When Li Guangzhang heard Zhang Ting said, he immediately panicked. He began to expose his nature, threatening Zhang Ting and said, "If you have to destroy me like this, don’t think about it in the future!"

"Do you think I am still afraid of you? I was so stupid at first. I heard what you said now. No matter what you say, I won’t believe it anymore."

After hanging up the phone, Zhang Ting pulled his son into the school and found Li Guangyu’s leadership.

Li Guangzhang’s leaders were very surprised to see Zhang Ting’s mother and son. After hearing the purpose of Zhang Ting’s visit, the school leader was very surprised.

"Teacher Li Guangxuan really has a son, but his son is already in college, and his wife also works in our school. The family of three of their family is very happy …"

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When Zhang Ting said that Xiao Yan was Li Guangzhang’s son, the school leader expressed incredible, because in their opinion, Li Guangxi and his wife had always lived happily.

At this time, Li Guangxi was really not in school, but on a business trip in the field. For Li Guangzhang and Zhang Ting’s affairs, Li Guangxi’s leadership was not very clear.

Li Guangzhang’s leadership felt that he could not just listen to Zhang Ting’s words. After soothe Zhang Ting for a while, he called Li Guangxi in person and informed him to rush back to school immediately.

The next day, Zhang Ting brought his son to the school again. In the office, Zhang Ting finally met Li Guangxi.

Facing the arrival of Zhang Ting and his son, Li Guangxi performed very indifferent.

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In front of the mediation staff, Li Guangxi performed very frankly at first, but after a while, he even said something surprising.

"It’s not that I don’t want to pay for the support. As long as this child is mine, I should bear the responsibility I should bear. This woman is a massage. She doesn’t know how many men have been with. This child is not necessarily mine."

Li Guangzhang’s words, that is, clarifying his relationship with the child, and slandering Zhang Ting.

What do you want to conceal some men who are unwilling to be a parent -child identification?

Zhang Ting was very angry when he heard him say this: "You are not sure if the child is yours, you can do a parent -child identification. You can hide after calling many times in the court. Don’t you just don’t want to be responsible?"

When Li Guangzhang heard Zhang Ting said, he immediately retorted: "I don’t hide, I just don’t have time to go."

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When Zhang Ting saw his attitude, he was very angry: "Okay, then you take the child to do it now, which appraisal agency you go to."

Under the persuasion of the mediator, Li Guangzhang finally agreed to go to the appraisal agency to do parent -child identification. However, after arriving at the appraisal center, Li Guangzhang once again made a surprise thing.

At the door of the appraisal office, Li Guangzhang left in a hurry on the grounds that he wanted to withdraw money.When everyone reacted, Li Guangxi was gone.

Zhang Ting disappointed to the mediator: "He is this. He has been dependent on this for so many years and dragged the care fee. I have raised the child alone for 8 years. If he let him go so,The children are growing up. "

In order to find Li Guangyu, Zhang Ting and the mediation officer came to Li Guangyu’s employee dormitory, but found that Li Guangxi did not live here.

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Neighbors told Zhang Ting that Li Guangzhang had two residences, and this residence has now rented out.As for where he lives, neighbors are unclear.

Zhang Ting had no way to come to the school again to find Li Guangzhang’s leadership. At this time, the leaders already knew Li Guangzhang’s affairs and expressed their disappointment with Li Guangxi.

The leader said to Zhang Ting: "He obviously has a family, but he hides his wife and children to provoke you. Now you, your children, Li Guangye’s wife and children are all victims. We have already been.It has been clearly expressed with him so that he must solve his own affairs. He will not hide this time. "

Zhang Ting said helplessly: "But he was still hiding. Yesterday, he said that he was good to be a parent -child identification, but he ran away at the door …"

"You can rest assured that Li Guangxuan couldn’t hide. His wife also worked in our school. After knowing that you came, she was so angry that she was so angry that he should accompany his wife at home."

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Li Guangzhang’s leader said to the mediationr: "As a man, Li Guangxi has no conscience. His doctorate degree was made by his wife with his own salary. His wife saved his money for him.Thinking of him, he got his wife’s money with others … "

Under the contact of the leadership, Li Guangzhang came to the school. In order to avoid Li Guangzhang’s escape again, the negotiated leaders sat aside the whole process.

After Li Guangyu appeared, he first said that he would be responsible for this matter, and then said that the child could not look like him, and it was impossible to be his own.

After a few words in a hurry, Li Guangxi was anxious to go home and said that his wife was looking for death at home, and he had to go back to appease her first.

Zhang Ting saw too many rogues of Li Guangyu, so he tightly pulled Li Guangyu’s clothes and refused to let him leave.

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This time Li Guangxuan was anxious, he said viciously to Zhang Ting, "What kind of woman you is yourself, don’t you know how many men you have, do you remember? You now bring your child to me, you now come to me, andI just want to blackmail me. "

Hearing Li Guangzhang’s slander against himself, Zhang Ting was completely angry: "You scammer, you cheated me irresponsible, even now, slandering me again." Zhang Ting moved to Li Guangxi with his hands, his eyes quickly stunned.His hair.

During the tearing process, Li Guangzhang escaped again. Zhang Ting carefully wrapped his hair with a paper towel and handed it to the mediation staff.

In the face of the identification, he depends in every way, but after all, it is a fact

Accompanied by the mediator, Zhang Ting took his son to the parent -child appraisal agency and used Li Guangyi’s hair and his son’s blood sample to make parent -child identification.

Three days later, the parent -child identification results came out, and at this time Zhang Ting hurriedly returned to his hometown because of his father’s father suddenly became ill.

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Zhang Ting was commissioned to negotiate with Li Guangzhang. If the parent -child identification results come out, Li Guangzhang and the child are indeed a father -son relationship, and ask Li Guangyu to pay 32,800 yuan at one time.

In Li Guangyu’s office, the mediators revealed the sealed bags of the parent -child identification results in person.The appraisal results show that there is indeed a close relationship between the two samples, that is, Xiaoyu is indeed Li Guangzhang’s biological son.

In the face of this result, Li Guangzhang’s performance was unbelievable, and he began to question the authenticity of the appraisal report.

"I checked it on the Internet. At least 6 hair was required to be a parent -child identification. She couldn’t get so many hair at once. Maybe these hair was put on her hands in advance, all of which were designed by her designed.","

The mediatner looked at the unspeakable man in front of him and felt very disappointed: "If you question the authenticity of the report, you can do it again when the court is summoned.It is impossible to fight against the past. "

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When Li Guangzhang heard the mediation agent said, he let go of his posture and asked the mediationist Zhang Ting’s conditions.

"Zhang Ting asked you to pay 328,000 raising fees at one time. After the paid, the two people signed an agreement. She can guarantee that she will not bother you again in the future."

After hearing 320,000, Li Guangxuan suddenly blown up: "She asked me to pay so much at once, obviously the lion opened.

Li Guangzhang said that he can only get a cash of up to 50,000 yuan now. After that, he will pay Zhang Ting’s support for 600 yuan per month until his child is adult.

In the end, Zhang Ting still did not agree with Li Guangyu’s conditions. She knew Li Guangyi’s people too much. There was no truth in her mouth.

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Zhang Ting still decided to use legal means to protect her legitimate rights and interests. She did not revoke a lawsuit against Li Guangxi, but was quietly waiting for the court to open the trial.


Although Li Guangzhang is a highly educated talent, his actions are really not worthy of his own identity.On the surface, he is an associate professor of university, but in fact, he is a liar.

When reading the blog, Li Guangzhang took his wife’s salary and salary to coax Zhang Ting. After Zhang Ting was pregnant, he asked him to give birth to a child, but he was not responsible for the child.

When Zhang Ting asked him to raise costs, Li Guangxuan pushed away, and reached the past again and again.It wasn’t until this incident that he had troubled his work unit that Li Guangxi had to come forward to solve it.

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His shameless behavior not only ruined the life of the two women, but also caused the two children to cause harm to never make up.How can such a person match the table?

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