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High incidence of respiratory diseases such as influenza in winter

Special groups such as pregnant women, children and other special groups under the epidemic

How to do health protection?

Family with children

Do I need to reserve more medicines?

Authoritative experts respond to epidemic prevention hot spots



Is pregnant women more likely to be infected with new coronal viruses compared to ordinary people?How to protect it?

From the perspective of the overall population, the infection rate of Maternal Maternal Omikon is close to the general population, and the types of symptoms are close to ordinary people, such as dry throat, cough, runny nose, sore body, and fever.In general, compared with ordinary people, infection does not have more impact on the health of maternal mothers.

Maternal mothers with hypertension and diabetes should strengthen self -protection.Women with a pregnancy plan are best to inoculate the new coronal virus vaccine before pregnancy to enhance their own immunity.Try to adjust your physical condition and then get pregnant.

Maternal women need to pay attention to protection, so as to achieve the following key points: go out, wear masks in public places, wear N95 masks when they go to the hospital, and go to the place of gathering less; often ventilate at home or in the office, keep air circulation; go out and wash their hands frequently when they go back and wash their hands frequentlyEssence


What should I do if they are closed and cannot be visited on time?

If the pregnant woman is closed and isolation, they cannot see it on time. Don’t worry and anxiety, and contact your own delivery agencies in time.If you are a regular medical examination, you can change the time; if you are an emergency, you can communicate with the community in a timely manner and go through the special channel.


At the season of high incidence of respiratory diseases, children have a fever and cough. Do you need to go to the hospital?

Autumn and winter is the season for high incidence of children’s respiratory diseases. Fever and cough are common symptoms of children’s respiratory diseases.There are many pathogens that lead to fever and cough symptoms. They are mainly viruses such as influenza viruses, and include some bacteria and pneumonia.

If the child is stable after illness, parents can deal with and observe the condition.If continuous fever is more than three days, continuous high fever, frequent cough or vomiting, even blocking, frequent diarrhea, pus and blood stools, decreased urine volume, rapid breathing, difficulty breathing, and conscious disorders should bring their children to seek medical treatment in time.

During the hospital, parents should do their own health protection, wear masks, and do well in hand.After returning home, take off your jacket, shoes and hats and wash your hands carefully.


Should families with children now prepare more medicines?

There are some antipyretic medicines suitable for children to take at home. It is not recommended to save too much medicine at home.When taking medicine for children, I should follow the doctor’s order and read the drug instructions carefully.In order to ensure safety, parents should not only be administered by experience.

When children are home, keep regular schedules, sufficient sleep, reasonable diet, balanced nutrition, strengthen exercise, and eat more fruits and vegetables.The weather in the north is dry in winter. Parents should drink plenty of water for their children, strengthen parent -child communication, and maintain a happy mood.

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