The aunt doesn’t come, except for pregnancy, it may be these diseases


Speaking of "Auntie"

What a woman who makes us women

Love and hate "relatives"

Either don’t come, or die and live

"Auntie" was originally good

But suddenly I couldn’t come, I was anxious to die

Auntie doesn’t come

The first reaction is the Zhong (Huai) Award (pregnancy)!

But except for pregnancy

As a result, the aunt’s aunt will not come late

There is another reason that it may be

↓ Pathological amenorrhea ↓

It sounds scary

What is pathological amenorrhea?

Let me tell you in detail

Auntie doesn’t come

Is it pathological amenorrhea?

01 Amenorrhea includes: physiological amenorrhea and pathological amenorrhea

Before adolescence, there is no menstrual tide during pregnancy, pregnancy, lactation and postmenopausal periods. It is a physiological amenorrhea. Generally, this does not need to be treated.

02 pathological amenorrhea can be divided into: primary amenorrhea and secondary menopause

Girls are over 14 years old and have not developed secondary sexual characteristics (mainly depending on whether there is automatic breast development); or age who is over 16 years old, second sexual characteristics have developed, and menstrual periods have yet to be primary amenorrhea.

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After the establishment of normal menstruation, menstruation stopped 6 months, or stopped by more than 3 cycles according to its original menstrual cycle, which is called secondary amenorrhea.

In addition to pregnancy,

These diseases will cause menstruation to not come



Polycystic ovarian syndrome is a complicated disease caused by complicated endocrine and metabolic abnormalities. It is characterized by chronic ovulation -free and antiarophemia.

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About 70%of the patients are accompanied by amenorrhea or scarce menstruation, and irregular menstrual cycle.At the same time, the disease can also lead to female infertility and endometrial cancer.

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Premature ovarian failure

Premature ovarian failure refers to women’s continuous menstruation or even amenorrhea due to the decline of ovarian function before the age of 40. It is often accompanied by rising gonad hormone levels and decreased estrogen levels.

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Not only will it make people "not old", but also threatening women’s fertility and affecting ovulation and infertility.


Pituitary amenorrhea

The amenorrhea of the pituitary mainly refers to the organic lesions of our human body, or a certain abnormality of the function. At this time, the secretion of hormone levels in our body will be affected to a certain extent, which will cause women to occur with amenorrhea.The phenomenon.


Hill brain amenorrhea

The amenorrhea of the hypothalamus is amenorrhea caused by the lack of or disorders of the mound brain hormone GNRH. It often occurs in adolescent women. There are low physical strength, low -body fat ballet dancers, runners, and other exercise energy consumption energy greater than ingested energy than ingested energy.The crowd also includes people with dysfunction such as psychous anorexia.


other reasons

The uterus is small or the naive uterus, the excessive cervical adhesion, excessive diet caused serious malnutrition, the use of hormone drugs, and excessive mental stress can all cause amenorrhea.

When menstrual irregularities occur

It is likely to cause adverse consequences such as infertility and endometrial lesions

Don’t delay, treat timely treatment

Women should go to the hospital for detailed physical examination

Then determine the treatment plan

(The content is for reference only and does not do diagnosis.

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