The aunt of the Song Dynasty was fortunately was fortunate to be emperor, gave birth to a son after pregnancy, and became the emperor after many years.

In ancient times, the three wives and four concubines were a very common thing. As long as they were people with a little money at home, there would be several small crickets, let alone the supreme emperor of ancient times.

Anyone who knows ancient history knows that the harem of the emperor can be described as three thousand beauties, and each of them is national incense.

But in fact, a woman who wants to be an emperor is not an easy task. The most particular about the in ancient times is the door -to -door right.

However, Miss Qianjin was used to it, and occasionally eating some mountains and wild vegetables. In the Song Dynasty, there was such an emperor. She was lucky enough to wait for a nun to take a bath. After that, she was pregnant and gave birth to an eternal famous king.The emperor was Song Zhenzong.

The reason why Song Zhenzong would spoil this nun is in the final analysis of Liu E’s credit.At that time, the relationship between Song Zhenzong and Liu E was very good, and even once wanted to establish Liu E a queen.

However, this idea was opposed by the Ministers of the DPRK, because Liu E’s experience in whether he was born or her marriage was not the best candidate in the back position, not to mention Liu E had no children.

The ancient concubines wanted to get a certain status. In addition to getting the emperor’s favor, children were also their biggest bargaining chips.So when the ministers were opposed, Zong Zhenzong put it on the incident.

Later, Liu E and Song Zhenzong went to the temple ritual Buddha. Liu E saw a beautiful nun in the temple. This nun was Li Shi.After praying for the blessing of the temple, Liu E has a beauty beside Liu E. This beauty is the nun Li’s.

The emergence of Liu E changed the life of Li’s. Liu E looked at Li’s appearance and left her beside her. After coming to the palace, Li’s obedience to Liu E was obedient. After all, Liu E took her out of the temple.

But in fact, at this time, Liu E had her own plans. She wanted to give Li to the emperor, so after returning to the palace, Liu E arranged Li as a palace girl who served the emperor to take a bath.

One night Zong Zhenzong noticed Li’s while bathing, and found that she was very beautiful, so Song Zhenzong was rippling in spring. While Li’s serving herself bathing, he was lucky to be Li’s. It was this time. LiThe family was unexpectedly pregnant.

After learning that Li was pregnant, Song Zhenzong took care of her, and some people felt that Liu E would be so kind to the emperor’s side. In fact, Liu E had his own plan.

In October, Li’s birth gave birth to a boy. When Li was happy to have the joy of having children, Liu E sent someone to take the child away, and Song Zhenzong also supported Liu E to change the child into Liu E’s child.And Liu E also became the queen because of this child smoothly, the child was Song Renzong Zhao Yan.

Although Li and his son can meet in the palace, they cannot recognize each other because this secret cannot be known by others.

In the interpretation of some film and television drama works, Queen Liu was afraid of the exposure of the matter, so he was going to kill the Li family, but in history, Queen Liu was very good to Li’s, and he has always won the name for Li’s.The concubine was chased.

Li Yanfei later had Song Zhenzong’s son -in -law. Empress Liu took care of her during the pregnancy during pregnancy, but the heavenly wishes, and died shortly after the birth of Li Jiefei.Since then, Li’s disheartened, and he did not mention anything that he recognized Zhao Yan.

After the death of Song Zhenzong, Queen Liu asked Li Yanfei to defend the spirit for Song Zhenzong. Since then, the exchanges between Li Yanfei and Zhao Yan have been cut off. After Li Yanfei died, Liu E was buried with the queen with the crown of the queen.

Although Zhao Yan was not born to Liu E, Liu E looked like himself, making his prince’s status very solid.After Song Zhenzong’s illness died, Queen Liu listened to politics and replaced Song Zhenzong to assist Zhao Yan to solidify the government.

With the support of Queen Liu, Song Renzong and Zhao Yan grew into a generation of Mingjun.

Song Renzong is the fourth emperor of the Northern Song Dynasty. He has been the emperor of 42 years. The Song Dynasty was the most prosperous era in economic and cultural education in ancient history.

Among the eight major families of the Tang and Song dynasties we heard, six of the Northern Song Dynasty occupied six. Ouyang Xiu, Wang Anshi, Zeng Gong, and San Su were all active in the Song Renzong period.The compass also appeared during the Song Renzong period.

The reason why Song Renzong was able to create the most prosperous era in history is related to his generous and benevolent style of acting.Su Zhe and Su Shi brothers went to the exam together. In the test of the Jinshi, Su Zhe, who was bloody, wrote in the test paper:

"I heard on the road that in the palace, there are thousands of beautiful women, singing and drinking all day long.

At that time, the examiner believed that Su Zhe had a malicious slander and suggested that Su Zhe was severely punished.

Later, Su Zhe also repeatedly discussed the government in the DPRK and China, and pointed his finger at the emperor. This approach was the behavior of the Jiu Jiu tribe, but Song Renzong did not treat him. It can be seen that Song Renzong was tolerant.At that time, there was a well -known Qing official in history, Bao Zheng.

Bao Zheng is straightforward, not afraid of power, and dares to be straightforward. He is almost the same as Wei Zheng in the Tang Dynasty. When he encounters some unreasonable and illegal things, he is not afraid of offending people.It is said that he often persuaded the emperor, and even many times because of being too excited, saliva flowed directly from his mouth.

In the face of such a thing, Song Renzong just gently wiped his face, and did not blame Bao Zheng, and turned his head to continue listening to Bao Zheng.In addition, Song Renzong could listen to loyalty. As an emperor, the most feared was that he was rebellious. When he heard some news, he would be arrested immediately, but Song Renzong was different.

At that time, there was an old show who wrote anti -poems everywhere. After Song Renzong caught him, Lao Xiu said that he was only old and dissatisfied in his heart.

Song Renzong’s life is also very simple. He has never been greedy for luxury. During the reign of Song Renzong, the economy of the Northern Song Dynasty had developed greatly, and the people lived in peace.Song Renzong has a generous temperament and can restrict himself, which has been praised by many historians and politicians.

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