The authentic native chicken is 35 yuan / catties, and the supply is in short supply, but the home family says that there is no money to make money.

Tuji has always been a farmer’s family entertaining guests, a more dish that can be used.Not only do people like rural people like to eat, but people in the city also like to eat, but these years of true and false Li Gui have been difficult to distinguish, which caused the image of the native chicken to plummet.

At present, our authentic native chicken is 35 yuan / jin. Although it is said that every family has raised it, the main purpose is to lay eggs and gifts. It is not very willing to sell many people to the outside world.

Why not cost up?

① Chicken costs are expensive.Some people have counted accounts. A small hen hatched by hens is currently the price of 8-10 yuan / only. It may be cheaper.Agreement.Farmers are basically you want, don’t keep it yourself.

② The cost of feed. When the chicks were just beginning, they ate less, but after a pound, the demand for food was large. Take one for two or two as an example.A 180 -day native chicken can eat 36 pounds of food.

③ Management, the biggest threat to chicks is the eagle, mice, and weasel plus diseases. These things will reduce the survival rate of the native chickens to about 6 to 70 %, that is, it is difficult for the free -range chicken chicken to manage it.The list is not harmed by natural enemies.My mother hatched 14 chickens this year with her old hens. At present, there are only half a pound of chickens, but there are only 7 left. Throwing one a day. The eagles and mice have found chicken.Essence

④ The older the chickens are, the older the old hens, the longer the time, the longer the time, the more chickens eat. Although there are some eggs in the middle, some eggs can be replenished, but in the low season of egg production, it is iron loss.Besides, others buying native chickens want to buy old chickens (it is said that nutrition is better), and the new chickens that year are relatively small.

In short, the authentic free -raising native chicken sells for 35 yuan / jin, and many farmers are not very satisfied with the price because they think they are at a loss.If some are mixed with rice bran leaves to feed chicken, they can reduce the cost appropriately, but it will not be too much.Do you think 35 yuan per catty authentic farm house chicken is expensive?

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