The baby grows coffee spots, is it because I drank coffee during pregnancy?

Modern society’s work and life pressure are very high. Coffee has become the "renewal" of many people. Many women still maintain the habit of drinking coffee after pregnancy.During pregnancy, caffeine that takes no more than 200 mg every day will basically not affect the baby, but many babies will have coffee spots on their bodies. Moms start blame themselves: Is it because I drank coffee when I was pregnant?

Coffee spots are brown spots that appear at birth or shortly after birth. They can be round, oval or irregular. The boundaries are clear. Generally, they are flat on the skin and mostly occur on the face and torso.

The incidence of coffee spots is still relatively high, 10%~ 20%, and it will increase and increase with age, and it usually does not disappear by itself.

So, is the appearance of coffee spots related to drinking coffee?

At present, the cause and pathogenesis of coffee spots are not clear, and there is no evidence that the drinking of coffee in pregnant women will cause the baby to grow coffee spots after birth.

Most coffee spots are just simply changing pigmentation, but there are also some coffee spots that may be one of the early symptoms of some severe genetic diseases, such as neurofibroma, Legius syndrome, Albright syndrome, Leopard syndrome, Fanconi syndrome,Symphony, Silver-Russell syndrome, raid disorders capillary expansion, etc.

Simple coffee spots generally do not need to be treated, but some coffee spots grow on the exposed parts of the face, which affects the beauty and can choose laser treatment, but there is a possibility of recurrence.

If it is a coffee spots caused by other diseases, corresponding treatment should be performed.After the baby is born, if the baby finds that the baby has coffee spots, it must be observed closely. Once you find that the baby has abnormal performance, such as slow development, abnormal bones, etc., or the number of coffee spots is large and large, you should bring your baby in time to bring your baby in time.Check a medical examination and clarify the cause as soon as possible.

Finally, I would like to remind everyone that although drinking coffee during pregnancy does not cause coffee spots, but caffeine will be absorbed by the fetus through the placenta, so pregnant mothers must taste coffee, do not be greedy!

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