The baby is already a mini newborn at 22 weeks of pregnancy. See how cute he is

The baby has experienced the previous response period and has reached the stable period.Look at the development of the baby now:

The baby is about 27cm in length from head to toe, and weighs about 450g.The average value of the double -top diameter is 5.45 ± 0.57cm, the average value of the abdomen is 16.70 ± 2.23cm, and the femoral length is 3.82 ± 0.47cm.

The baby’s baby now looks like a mini newborn. His skin is still wrinkled, until his weight increases to a certain extent to support the skin.Of course, the skin is still wrinkled when the baby was born, but this is different.

The slender hair (fetal hair) covered on the baby’s head and on the body appeared, and his eyes have developed, but the iris (colored part in the eyes) still lack color.Woolen cloth.

His lips became clearer, and the tip of the small teeth also appeared in the gums, showing the initial sign of long teeth.It is not until 4-7 months after he is born that you will really see that he grows his first teeth, unless he is a very few fetuses with teeth when he is born.

The pancreas of the baby, that is, an important organ that produces hormones, is also steadily developing.If it is a male treasure, his testicles start to enter the scrotum, and the original sperm is also available.

22 weeks of pregnancy, mother changes

At 22 weeks of pregnancy, your weight grows rapidly, and it has increased by about 250 grams per week. Now your weight has increased by about 4.3kg.The palace height is about 18-22.5cm, and the abdomen is between 80-91cm.At this time, your uterus will continue to rise and start to compress the lungs. Due to the rapidly gaining weight and increasing uterus, the weight of the pregnant woman is heavier and the belly is getting bigger.La.

At 22 weeks of pregnancy, prenatal education reminds that when the baby is 6 months old, the baby is very sensitive to the external voices and already has memory and learning ability.At this time, you can gradually strengthen the language stimulus of the baby. The prospective father pregnant mother must use language to stimulate the baby’s intelligence.

During pregnancy, pregnant mothers must always remember the existence of fetal babies and often talk to them a very important behavior.

Talking with the fetus can be performed in the following four ways: (1) Talk to the baby for the same child; (2) telling stories to the baby;Graphics.

Nutrition tips at 22 weeks of pregnancy

1. Many pregnant mothers will have bleeding gums during this period. This is because progesterone can swell in gums. Vitamin contained in vegetables and fruits can help the gums to recover health, prevent bleeding of gums, and eliminate excessive mucus secretion in the mouth cavity.Things and waste.Therefore, eat more vegetables and fruits, such as orange, pear, guava, strawberry, etc.

2. Drink some lemonade (add slices of lemon in the water) or rinse after meals, which can keep the mouth moist, stimulate saliva secretion, reduce the anaerobic bacteria caused by the stuffy foods caused by the nasal congestion, dry mouth, or the remaining foods in the oral cavity.Stomach.

3. During this time, be careful not to intake too simple sugar foods (such as sucrose, fructose, glucose, etc.). Pay attention to energy balance, otherwise it is easy to cause gestational diabetes.

22 weeks of pregnancy indicate 22 weeks of pregnancy. You do not need to check this week. The next delivery time is 24 weeks of pregnancy.Starting from the first birth check, blood pressure examinations must be done every delivery.Pregnant mothers can understand why blood pressure examination is performed.The role of blood pressure examination: Blood pressure is an important basic data for measuring the physical health of expectant mothers.Through regular measurement of blood pressure, you can know the health of your mother’s physical health to achieve early detection of abnormalities and early treatment to reduce the risk of disease risk during pregnancy and eclampsia.The fluctuation of blood pressure during pregnancy can reflect the health of the expectant mother in real time.If the blood pressure is abnormal, pay attention to whether the expectant mothers may have the possibility of pregnancy and hypertension syndrome. The disease can affect the development of the fetus and seriously threaten the health of mother and baby.

If the value is reduced, the decreased value should be distinguished from the normal range. Long -term hypotension under normal circumstances can cause the mothers to shock or cause the internal distress syndrome of the fetus.

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