The baby’s head is always down, will TA uncomfortable?

Many people may be curious, how do babies live in the uterus?Is the baby uncomfortable in a small space?Will it be squeezed to the baby when lying on the side?Does the baby always stand upside down, will it be uncomfortable?

Today, Dingxiangmami (ID: dingxiangmami) invited Duan Tao, chief physician to talk to us about this topic.

Existence is reasonable

In fact, we all think too much. You are not the first person to have a child. These problems you worry about. When human evolution, there is a reasonable arrangement: "Existence is reasonable."

For the baby, the uterus is a protective cover. In the uterus, there are amniotic sacs, amniotic fluid and amniotic fluid in the amniotic sac. The baby floats in amniotic fluid. This is TA’s own small world.

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It may be difficult to accept that you may be difficult to accept. Most of the amniotic fluid is actually the baby’s own urine. TA urinates at any time, anywhere, and you have to drink it yourself.Many adults are keen on "drinking and treating all diseases". It is probably a phenomenon of returning ancestors. If you want to drink, drink it, but don’t expect to cure any disease.

When the amount of amniotic fluid is large, the baby can swim like fish. The location can be changed at any time. As the baby grows up, the amount of amniotic fluid is relatively reduced, and the baby’s position is usually relatively fixed. Most of them are vertical vertical.The position is either head facing down, or the head faces upwards. The horizontal and sloping positions are rare. By the end of pregnancy, the probability of the hip position (head facing) is only 4%.

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In the palace, the baby does not need to breathe and eat. Oxygen and various nutrients are obtained from the mother through the umbilical cord. Do not worry about the less nutrition of the baby that pregnant women eat. The baby is a very efficient "parasite".Mom eats too much or eat less, TA will "forcibly" ask for nutrition from her mother.

The daily routine of the baby is urinating, then drink, and then sleep, movement, the baby’s sleep cycle is very short, usually tens of minutes, wake up for a while, some babies are relatively quiet, and some babies are particularly affectionate.

When there is a front placenta, the probability of the baby’s hip position will rise, because the placenta has a lot of blood vessels, and the vascular noise will make the baby feel uncomfortable and annoyed, so he changes his posture up and stays away from the noise.

Why do babies choose the header

Because the shape of the pelvis is the "pot" with a small exit of the entrance, the head can be stuffed in it comfortably, and the buttocks can’t sit on it and uncomfortable.This is also the need for successful delivery. It is the result of evolution, because the baby’s childbirth is easy to "go to the first" difficulty, which makes it difficult to produce.

In most cases, the baby is facing down in the palace, the body is naturally bent in the body, the head is flexed to the body, the limbs are flexed, the limbs are flexed, and the faces are facing the mother’s back. This is the so -called "fetal position."

In the fetus, the baby is the most comfortable.Even when adults, when they are uncomfortable, when they are very tired, when they are sick, they usually take "fetal position" when they are psychologically hit. This position is the most comfortable and can give you the greatest sense of security.Essence

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If the body may encounter impact or attack, the doctor also recommends that you take this position to reduce damage to the neck and chest, and reduce the damage to the brain and other important organs.

When encountering a bear attack in the wild, you can also take this position "pretend".

When they sleep, they also take this fetus, especially when they are particularly cold.

Studies have found that people who often take fetal positions when sleeping are generally introverted and sensitive.

Hmm, I have seen someone nodded.

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