The baby’s temper is cultivated in the mother’s fetus. Pregnant women should pay attention to their emotions during pregnancy.

Many people think that the child’s personality is formed by the day after tomorrow. The parents are the first teacher of the child, and the parents’ words and deeds have a profound impact on their children.

Children’s performance is like a mirror, which can reflect the quality of the parents.Parents are calm and calm when they are in trouble. When they encounter things, their children can often calm down like their parents.

At the same time, many people think that the child’s personality is natural, and it is doomed to be in the fetus. It is the so -called "one dragon and nine sons, and the nine sons are different."

Regarding this topic, Baoma welcoming it can be said to be very right to speak.Ying Ying is now a mother of a second child, with two daughters, but the personality differences between the two people are very large.

The eldest daughter is well -behaved and sensible, and her ability to resist frustration is very strong, and she is calm and calm.And the second daughter is obsessed with her personality, and if she encounters a little bit of mind, she will cry and make trouble.

In this regard, Yingying and her husband have headaches. They have reflected whether their parents have a bad personality because their parents have made their children’s personality.

But they are also daughters, and they ask themselves to ask themselves to be able to do a bowl of water, and there is no case where they prefer which daughter.However, the difference between the two daughters is too great, so that Ying Ying had to start to believe that "character is destined".

Recalling the process of raising two daughters, welcoming seems to be more convinced.Because the eldest daughter is still very good from the little baby, it belongs to the "angel baby" that people say now.

In addition, the eldest daughter’s well -behaved was "famous" in the neighborhood neighbor.The neighbors often welcomed the baby to praise the baby, and they could hardly hear the crying sound, which was too well -behaved.

Corresponding to the eldest daughter of "Angel Baby" is the second daughter of "Little Devil".From the confinement, the couple felt the "power" of the two daughters crying, not to mention that when the second daughter would express, when she had autonomous consciousness, she would collapse and cries hysterical when she encountered a little thing.

Many times, Ying Ying will secretly think of it: Is his second daughter who tortured himself?

During the period of more than nine months, during this time when the fetus and the mother were combined, what was the mood of the pregnant mother, and the character of the baby may be similar to her mother after birth.

Ying Ying recalled that when he was in the boss, because he was busy at work, he didn’t take the matter of pregnancy.

Therefore, even if she encounters a mood trough, she can stabilize her emotions as long as she adjusts.

But when she was pregnant with a second child, she was particularly concerned about the child because Ying Ying was already a "elderly mother".During pregnancy, whenever she encountered something unpleasant, she was easily out of control.

Coupled with the results of pregnancy tests, there are too many amniotic fluid without specific reasons. At that time, I didn’t worry about the fetus at that time. Too much care, the emotional problems of the pregnant mothers easily broke out.I remembered the bit by bit during pregnancy. I felt that her second daughter might not have a good personality and was affected by her own pregnancy.

In fact, in people’s general cognition, the child’s personality is affected by genetic genetic aspect, and on the other hand, it is affected by the environmental environment.

In fact, there is another factor that affects the gender of the child. The factors are often ignored by people, which is the factor of the mother’s mother.

In other words, your baby has a bad temper, and this personality is likely to get angry. It is likely that it is brought out of the mother’s fetus and affected by the mother’s fetal.

◎ Pregnant mothers are emotionally stable, not anxious or impatient

Don’t look at the fetus small, in fact, after they develop to a certain stage, they can perceive the mothers’ emotions.If the pregnant mother has a small emotional fluctuations throughout pregnancy, and is not anxious and impatient, then the fetus is likely to be affected by the mother after birth. It is a child with a stable and patient.

◎ Pregnant mothers are often gloomy, silent

Many people know that after giving birth to a child, it is easy to fall into "postpartum depression". In fact, there is another situation of pregnant mothers worthy of attention, that is, "prenatal depression."

Some pregnant mothers are affected by hormones during pregnancy, and psychological problems have occurred before childbirth. They are often depressed, frowning and unlocked.

If pregnant mothers always "close" themselves, be trapped in depression, do not communicate with others, and the fetus in the abdomen may be affected by the mother.

After the child is born, it is easy to be introverted, shy, and does not like to contact and communicate with others.Therefore, when pregnant mothers fall into the trough of emotions, for the sake of the fetus in the belly, they must also actively find ways to regulate their emotions and get out of the haze of emotions.

◎ Pregnant mothers have a hot temper and irritability

Some Baoma found that their children were very irritable. When something uncomfortable happened, she would cry and hysteria.If your baby is also such a stinky temper, the Baoma wants to reflect on whether he is pregnant, is it also a "gunpowder barrel", and you will lose your temper.

Many times the mothers find their children’s temperament, and they will blame their children on their children.In fact, the child’s bad temper is sometimes destined in the mother’s fetus, and it is affected by the emotion of the pregnant mother.

Therefore, pregnant mothers can never care about emotional aspects. They must learn to manage their emotions, put away their rage heart, and give the baby’s positive influence.

The emotions of pregnant mothers have a certain impact on the baby’s personality. Therefore, in the process of pregnancy, pregnant mothers can learn to adjust their emotions. Even if they encounter any depression, they must learn to be calm.For children, the "wealth" that can benefit him for life.

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