The bear child who pushed the pregnant woman from the upstairs has "grown up"

The pregnant woman was hit by a bear child at 7 months of pregnancy, sitting on the ground, the child’s mother: Don’t want to touch the porcelain!

I never thought how abominable a four or five -year -old child could be, what kind of disgusting, and disgusting even if it was not a simple storm to solve the problem. Sometimes there was a impulse to make people pull the sword.Essence

Is it already a father, a mother, you see this sharp words and want to shout: "How can you describe children so!" Yeah!Of course, not all children are like this. Children’s pronouns have always been naive, cute, ignorant, ignorant.

But there are always a small stock child that has expanded their innocence and ignorance many times. Because of their innocence, they have a kind of impulse for granted. Yes, it is impulsive.To satisfy their curiosity, sometimes I don’t even want to describe the word of curiosity. How do you say, a dialect in Sichuan is very appropriate "this grandson".

I still remember one of the things shared by a netizen on the Internet. The sister -in -law who was more than four months of pregnancy was pushed up by the aunt’s house with a height of 1.4 meters, and the grandson weighed more than 120 pounds.Holding the sister -in -law, the consequences are really hard to imagine.When asked why the pregnant woman was pushed, the bear child said indifferently: "I would have a miscarriage when I watched the pregnant woman on TV, and I would like to see if she would have a miscarriage." Hearing that the bear child said so, This netizen can no longer bear it anymore. Her left -handed mop, a rolling pin in her right hand, hitting from the restaurant to the living room, and kicking the ground to drive the bear child out of the house.After I read this news, I stunned it suddenly, and the feeling of the whole person was not good. If I did n’t see it, if I saw it, I dare not imagine the consequences.It is not so -called curiosity, it is a murderer.

People often say that "the child is still young, he is not sensible, just wait until he grows up." Oh, I just want to give the person who says this kind of words, "Oh", and the extra people don’t even want to say more.Born as a person, have we ever asked ourselves to see the problem from the perspective of the person who really stands from the perspective?However, there is no. If this happens to us, the pregnant woman happens to be your daughter, your wife, your sister, and the relatives, and we can still say a word after seeing the accident."The child is still young, he is still ignorant." Of course, the answer is that if we really experienced it, I can’t imagine your collapse at the time.If the child is still young, what about the adult?Before all of this tragedy, who was the pusher and who asked a four or five -year -old child to do such a gritter?

Xunzi said that human nature is evil. He believes that sex is evil and pseudo is good.How to make people from evil?Xunzi believes that it is necessary to "fake" through the etiquette enlightenment.Xunzi advocated that through the tendency of educationalization and restricting evil, the evil of human nature was transformed into good.So is the question of parents’ education for their children?The answer is obvious. The native factors that cause all these or tragedy are the education of parents for their children. The current children are basically 10, and the baby in the eyes of the parents.But the tragedy has already happened, and there are so many living examples that happened in front of us. Should we do something, or sit on the sofa on our own sofa and think about the kids and daughters of our own family.

With a family of bear children, is this family a "bear"? At least in a certain aspect, I will definitely be "bears" and "bear" is ridiculous.Either a mother, or a father, or even grandparents, in the family of a bear child, we cannot look at the problem with the eyes of ordinary people. Perhaps the parents of the bear children of the provincial party committee are already adults, and they have reached the should be "sensible".Old age.But if there is no such bear’s parents, how can they get used to such bear children?It is true that the child who pushed the pregnant woman to the downstairs was the child, but the parents who really pushed the pregnant woman downstairs were the parents of the bear children. If they did not think that indulgence and Jiao could not forget the words of education behind them.

In fact, the bear child who pushed the pregnant woman downstairs has grown up. Who is it? It is our appearance that looks like an adult who has grown up. It is because of our bear that pregnant women are pushed downstairs;It is precisely because of our bear and young children; it is because of our bear and campus bullying incidents have occurred repeatedly; it is because of our bear that these tragedies can no longer be recovered.The most abominable person is actually us. Why not lead by example, why not educate him when the bear children make mistakes, to influence him, why did we not lead the child to the right path?

I remember a series of violence incidents in the village that a movie "White Ribbon" I have watched in the past few years. Some people even died because of this.And Yu, the group of children, after Clara was humiliated in public by her father, she killed the doctor’s bird with scissors.After that, the eyes of the mother -in -law, the card of intellectual disabled, were blinded.Karari is a doctor and a child who is a child, and he was almost destroyed and left a disability.Karry is innocent like birds. Their sins lies in their masters and bring them to the people in the world.Their innocence, their weakness, is the reason for their sufficient injuries to be retaliated.

So how do a group of children do this kind of thing is that their family’s influence on them, and father with the dual nature of patriarchal divine rights is an absolute authority in the family. He emphasizes the absolute order.And the whole family hungry rice as punishment, he used guilt to restrain the child’s behavior.The children who grew up in this family were humiliated in public because of their words to prevent masturbation.Catch all gaps to implement revenge wildly. Only in the destruction can they regain their control and affirmation of their bodies and behaviors. The violent taste of the original ecology has become the only and only pleasure in life.

Education is easy to say, but if it is really done, it is not so simple. We must lead by example. We must teach children to identify right and wrong, take responsibility, and understand how to include children to teach them.Similarly, they will use love to feed others and feed the world.The real bear is in us, I hope we do n’t just have a mature face, but we do bear things. After things happen, the phrase "The child is still young, not sensible."

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