The belly after pregnancy is not necessarily a good thing than others. It may be abnormal fetal. Pay attention

After pregnancy, expectant mothers will face a doubt: it is obviously the same month, but the belly of others is larger than her own. In contrast, it is inevitable that people think that the fetal malnutrition is not good.In fact, the size of the belly does not mean the size of the fetus, but it may also be abdominal fat or the amount of amniotic fluid.

No matter what factor, the belly is too large or too small.The upper and lower limit standards of the abdominal circumference during pregnancy are as follows:

The abdomen circumference is too small, indicating that the fetus may develop slowly and the weight is too light; if the abdomen is too large, it may be the following four reasons:


Many people of the previous generation think that children must be fat and healthy, but the fetal weight is not a good thing. The risk of huge children will increase the risk of certain diseases, and it will also face difficulty in giving birth.

The huge fetal fetus is inseparable from the living habits of pregnant mothers. If the pregnant mothers are overeating all day and they rarely exercise, the extra calories will be transformed into fat.

2. Too much amniotic fluid

Excessive amount of amniotic fluid can also cause excessive abdomen.The amniotic fluid affects the environment of fetal growth, which can maintain the temperature balance in the uterus and alleviate external pressure.Too much amniotic fluid will cause the incidence of complications of premature birth, umbilical cord prolapse, and premature placenta, which will affect the health of the fetus and mother.

The factors that cause excessive amniotic fluid include gestational diabetes, twins or polyphy, and fetal anemia.

Third, pregnancy with abdominal tumors

Pregnant mothers have a history of abdominal tumors before pregnancy, or in early pregnancy examination and discovery of tumors in pregnancy, it will cause an abdominal circumference during pregnancy.

Fourth, twins or multi -twins

In the middle and late pregnancy, the degree of increase in the abdomen of pregnant mothers is significantly higher than the growth standard of the corresponding month, but there is no other abnormal manifestation.Essence

The physical fitness of each pregnant mother is different and the fetal development speed is different, so the abdomen of different pregnant mothers at the same stage is also different.To ensure balanced nutrition during pregnancy, regular pregnancy examinations to welcome the birth of healthy babies.

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