The belly changes during pregnancy, which one of the five phenomena makes you the most tangled

A few days ago, my neighbor Xiaomei talked with me. She always thought that she would not have stretch marks. I did not expect that there were a lot of stretch marks and the middle line of the belly.In fact, in the process of giving birth to the baby, these are inevitable problems that are inevitable. Let’s talk about these changes in the pregnant belly you might encounter.

1 belly itching

@: My stomach is crazy recently, and I dare not scratch at will. I only wait for the stretch marks to appear. I never want to grow up.

We all know that the skin has strong elasticity, but during pregnancy, the strong skin will be torn.The elastic fibers will be broken, and of course it itchy. If you catch it at this time, the skin will be very easily damaged, and it will not be remedied.

Many pregnant mothers use soap to clean the skin when bathing are convenient. In fact, this is unscientific.Bathing with soap, although the metabolism of the leather can be activated, because the ordinary soap does not contain moisturizing ingredients, it will make the skin more and more dry and itching.

2 Pregnant belly

@: When I had a shallow pregnancy line, I took a picture to show my husband. After watching my husband for a long time, I didn’t see the pregnancy line, so I said that I saw the hair on my stomach long and depressed …

Some pregnant mummy in the middle of pregnancy deepen the color as the pregnancy weeks increases, and even extends up to the chest in this part, or gradually extends up to the chest.No significant change.

3 pregnancy midline

@: I was born last night. Although there is no stretch marks, it is still ugly after giving birth to the baby’s belly.

Pregnant mommy will gradually appear in the middle of the abdomen during pregnancy. The line sometimes crosses the navel and extends upward or even reaches the chest line.

PS. Rumors in the workshop can judge the gender of the baby through the midline of the pregnancy. Some people say that the darker this line, the higher the chance of giving birth to a boy;Generally, there are boys, otherwise girls; there are also people who use the midline of pregnancy to be curved and constantly judging men and women. These claims have no scientific basis.

4 stretch marks

@711: Five and a half months, the bath is found to have long lines on both sides of the thighs. Now it is seven and a half months, and the buttocks are also long.There are now on my stomach. Maybe it’s too much fat, and it is more than twenty pounds.

Mummy experience: In order to reduce the emergence of stretch marks, I do proper exercises every day during pregnancy, such as walking, exercise, etc. to increase the elasticity of abdominal muscles and skin.I think this is also very helpful. I really don’t have any stretch marks during pregnancy!

Even if the pregnant mummy finds that she has stretch marks, she must continue to take preventive measures to avoid the situation worse.Here, it is still recommended that pregnant moms use professional stretch marks products. After bathing or before going to bed, apply it in the breasts, abdomen, hip thighs and other parts that are prone to stretch marks, and massage gently to maintain skin elasticity.

5 turning black

In the second trimester of pregnancy and late pregnancy, many pregnant mothers will find that there will be black in the surrounding parts of their navel, which is actually normal.

Darkness should be the most headache for pregnant mothers. During pregnancy, I found that my belly turned black. At first, I thought that I did n’t wash the bath. In fact, the hormone level in the body changed. The corresponding belly, armpit, nipples, etc.It will turn black.

If the stomach is too big during pregnancy, the tension of the skin will have tight tension, which causes the inflammatory response to be more prone to pigmentation to form a deep and deep calm.Poor pigment.

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