The belly of the Jiangsu female plants is becoming increasingly larger, and the doctor’s examination found that she was pregnant. Her husband: I’m sorry for her

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In Muyang County, Jiangsu Province in 2011, a famous woman unfortunately became a vegetative after an accident.After three months of unconscious, her husband who took care of her day and night found that her belly became bigger.

After a doctor’s examination, it was found that the female vegetative in front of her was pregnant.When the doctor wondered why the vegetative was still pregnant, the woman’s husband covered his face and said: I am sorry for her.

Can the unconscious vegetatives still get pregnant?Why did the husband say that he was sorry for her, what hidden feelings behind this?

Zhang Rongxiang

In 2011, the People’s Hospital of Muyang County, Jiangsu Province.In a neurosurgery ward, a man is taking care of the vegetative on the hospital bed. It is understood that the man named Gaodekin, and his wife Zhang Rongxiang was on the bed.

Because of an accident three months ago, Zhang Rongxiang became a plant man.In the past three months when Zhang Rongxiang has become a vegetative, Gao Degin has fulfilled her to her. In order to make his wife more comfortable, she helped his wife wipe her body every day, for fear that she would not take care of her own bedsores.

On March 7, he wiped his wife as usual. When he reached the abdomen, Gaodejin found that the touch was not the same as before. He felt hard and felt like swollen.

This situation can be frightened by Gaodejin. He believes that his wife must have deteriorated the condition, and something must be growing in the abdomen.


Gao Degin didn’t dare to delay, and hurried to the doctor’s office to ask the doctor to come over.The doctor looked at Zhang Rongxiang’s abdomen and initially suspected that he was urine.

The symptoms of women’s urine retention are: they cannot urinate by themselves, there are obvious abdominal pain, abdominal distension, and significant lower abdomen.

From these symptoms, Zhang Rongxiang may really be urine.However, after all, it is a vegetative. The specific symptoms of patients cannot express themselves. Insurance, the hospital conducted a B -ultrasound for her.

With the help of the nurse, Gaodejin pushed his wife to the B -ultrasound room.The doctor slipped around Zhang Rongxiang’s stomach with the detector, and saw that the doctor’s face became more and more dignified.


Gaodejin looked at the doctor. This was too panicked. The wife’s belly may not be as simple as the urine stayed by the doctor.

As the doctor’s hand puts down the detector, Gaodejin’s heart was also stunned, as if the doctor would declare the death penalty like a judge in the next second.

Doctor: "I am pregnant."These three words can be described as surprised by Gaode Jin for a long time. He couldn’t believe the doctor to check it well.

The doctor said, "I really see it, it is true that I am pregnant." When the car accident was first sent, the month was not checked.

Scene simulation

Gaodejin’s heart thought about 10,000 possibilities, but he never thought that his wife was pregnant.He asked: "My wife is lying on the bed and becoming a vegetative for three months. How can she get pregnant?"

Doctor: "From the results of the examination, your wife has been pregnant for 16 weeks, that is to say, before she became a vegetative, she was pregnant."

It can be said that the child in Zhang Rongxiang’s belly is also strong enough. Following her mother, she encountered a car accident and had no damage, and had to feel the miracle of life.

The arrival of this child made Gaodejin very happy.Because he and his wife have always wanted to ask for a boy again. If there is a boy in his stomach this time, life will be successful.

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But the idea is good, and the reality is cruel.The doctor said: "If you are pregnant, the child will definitely absorb the nutrition in the mother’s body, so the child will be a burden for Zhang Rongxiang."

Moreover, a lot of drugs have been used during Zhang Rongxiang’s hospitalization, and these drugs are likely to have a bad impact on the fetus. Ferry children, etc. will occur, so the advice given by the doctor is to terminate pregnancy.

At this time, Gaodejin can be described as flesh on the back of the palm of the palm, and it is very tangled inside.He said: "The family has just experienced changes now, and the situation is not very good. I just escaped myself. At this time, the child is indeed a burden."

What did the Gaodejin family encounter?What’s the reason why Gaodejin’s wife became a vegetative unconscious?

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Gaodejin was born in a countryside in Muyang County, Jiangsu Province. After introducing his parents, he met Zhang Rongxiang, the woman in the same village. Although both economic conditions were average, the relationship between the young couple was very good.

After the marriage, the two had two daughters, the eldest daughter went to high school, and her second daughter was only two years old.They have always wanted to ask for another son and make up a "good" word.

Because the level of Gaodekin is not high, he can only make a living by the strength, and usually takes the delivery of goods.His wife Zhang Rongxiang took care of the child’s daily life at home.

Gaodejin couple

On December 1, 2010, Gaodejin was going to ride a tricycle to pull the goods from a client.Zhang Rongxiang, who had nothing to do at home, wanted to take her daughter and followed her.

Along the way, the young couple talked and laughed, and from time to time they teased the children in their arms, like a beautiful picture.But when a tricycle was driving at a crossroad, the accident suddenly happened.

A small car collided vertically with them, the front of the tricycle was severely deformed, and the car was damaged, and even the rear window glass was broken.

The car owner of the car can be said to be unharmed, but the Gaodejin family is not so lucky. Because of a strong sense of impact, the family of three was thrown on the ground. Gao Dejin and his wife were lying on the ground.

Scene simulation

When Gaodejin woke up again, he was lying on the hospital’s bed, and two days have passed since the accident.He couldn’t care about the pain on his body. He wanted to get up and ask the nurse’s condition of his wife and children, but found that his right half was unable to move.

According to the doctor, Gaodejin’s situation is not very good.Many of his roots in his body were fractured, including the calf tibia and fibula fractures, and gas and blood appeared in the chest cavity.

Zhang Rongxiang hit his head on the flower bed next to him, and was violently impacted, causing severe craniocerebral injury.Fortunately, her daughter was not harmed under the protection of her mother.


After the awakening of Gaodejin, the doctor had performed him, and fixed his fracture part with a steel plate.At this time, Gaodejin’s wife was still in a deep coma.

Gaodejin’s mother said, "In addition to sleeping or sleeping, the daughter -in -law can’t pull it, dragging it, and just fiddish it at will."

Watching his son and daughter -in -law encountered such an accident, the mother’s heart was very uncomfortable.A few years ago, Gaodejin’s father died, the old house in the family had been demolished, and the house was unable to stay.So a young man rented in the garage of someone else’s house.

A family of five relies on Gaodejin to live more than 1,000 yuan per month. This time the car accident undoubtedly worsen the family. The relatives who can borrow after the accumulation of savings are borrowed.

Gaodekin mother

In order to save money, Gaodejin also ended the treatment in advance. He thought that it was okay to hurt himself. Anyway, he couldn’t die anyway. Instead of spending this money on herself, it was better to use it to see a doctor for his wife and let her get better as soon as possible.

But even if this is done, Gaodejin cannot pay his wife’s treatment costs on time.The cost of two or three thousand a day is a great burden for ordinary families, let alone Gaodejin.

Therefore, when he learned that his wife was pregnant, he would be excited and painful.There are old and young, plus his wife now becomes a plant man, how can Gaodekin feed these five mouths by himself.

Gaodejin’s wife

Gao Degin thought that since it was a car accident, the owner of the car should make the corresponding compensation.Subsequently, Gaodejin sued the car owner Zhao Gang three times.

Not long after the accident, Gaodejin brought Zhao Gang and his car insurance company to court.Since it involves compensation, it is necessary to determine who the car accident is the main responsibility.

According to Gaodejin, when the accident occurred, he walked from south to north, and the car walked from east to west.The car speed is fast when the cross intersection is passing. When he rushed over, he had no time to respond.

Zhao Gang had a different rhetoric.According to him: Recalling the scene of the car accident at the time, he was also very scared.Before driving to this crossroad, I didn’t notice any vehicles in other directions at all. The tricycle was discovered until the intersection, but it was too late to dodge.

Location of the incident

And Zhao Gang also said that at the time, he did not slow down at the crossroads, but the tricycle of Gaodejin was not slow."At that time, my speed may be fifty or sixty -six, but the speed of the tricycle must be faster than me."

The reason why they did not slow down because the crossroads were not installed at this crossroads.After observation, it can be found that many cars can slow down and slow down when driving at this intersection.

However, there are also some vehicles just pressed the speaker without deceleration.There is also a vehicle neither pressed by the horn nor slowing down, and quickly passed the intersection.

And there are many trees around this crossroads. It can be said that if you don’t look closely, you can’t see other directions.

Zhao Gang’s car

In the end, the traffic police department held a responsibility for the accident. Because Gaodejin and Zhao Gang did not stop watching at the crossroads, the situation was improperly taken, so the two sides were equally responsible for the accident.

Zhao Gang thought about how much to lose points since he was hit by himself. Although he has just lost money recently, he is not affluent, but after all, he hurts others and you have to be conscience.

Under the mediation of the court, Zhao Gang and the Insurance Company took out more than 40,000 yuan in accordance with the division of the accident responsibility to pay some medical expenses of Gaodekin and his wife’s early in the early stage.

First compensation

After a few months, Gaodejin’s wife spent the 40,000 yuan for daily treatment.In desperation, Gaodejin once again sued the car owner Zhao Gang and asked him to compensate for medical expenses.

In the face of Gaodejin’s second prosecution, Zhao Gang still maintains his understanding.He said: "His family is really difficult. His family is still lying on the hospital bed. The most unlucky is that he is not me."

The court made a second adjustment of Gaodekin’s prosecution.This time Gao Dijin received more than 10,000 yuan in compensation.

As for the third time to the court, it was after Gaodejin’s wife was discharged from the hospital.


Gaodekin has always been tangled about the child’s stay, but he decided to leave the child in his wife’s belly after thinking about it.

He believes that the child appears at this time, which is the gift of heaven, and the doctor also said that the fetal development is normal.If he claims to remove himself, he will blame herself when his wife wakes up.

Gaodejin’s persistence also moved the doctor, and the doctor also adjusted the medication situation for her wife to reduce the impact on the fetus as much as possible.

Adjust the medicine

Over time, a month later, Gaodejin’s wife could already open her eyes intermittently, but her consciousness still did not recover.

Gao Dejin watched his wife wake up, and his heart was even more firm to the idea that he could not give up his child.In addition, he decided to take his wife home to take care of it. On the one hand, he could save a lot of medical expenses, and the other was more convenient to take care of his wife.

The most important thing is that the resettlement houses that the housing house was demolished before can already stay, so there is no need to worry about his wife aggravated the condition because of the poor environment.

Resettlement housing

In this way, the couple returned home, and the days passed day by day. The fetus in the belly grew up day by day. After the doctor’s examination, everything was normal.

In order to allow his wife to restore awareness as soon as possible, Gaodejin said the good news in front of her every day.Kung Fu is worthy of care, Gao Degin heard his wife speak.

Gaodekin said: "Although the wife is whispering, she is very clear. She said yes, there is a son," she has a son. "

Looking at his wife’s slow recovery, Gaodejin’s heart was relieved. He began to take care of his wife more carefully and supplement her nutrition as much as possible.

Zhang Rongxiang

Wipe her face every day and sit with her to talk to her.Four months later, the nine -month -old wife was sent to the hospital by Gaodekin.

Within two days after entering the hospital, Zhang Rongxiang had a reaction of production, and then the doctor arranged for surgery.Gaodekin was anxiously walking around the operating room. I don’t know how long it has passed, and he fell to the ground, and his hanging heart let go.

The doctor opened the surgery, handed the children to Gaodejin, and said, "Both mothers and children are safe, which is also a miracle."

Gaodejin, holding his son, was full of smiles. He named his son "God", because in his heart, this was the best gift from God to them.

Gaodejin takes care of his wife

I thought that with the birth of the child, my wife’s condition would improve greatly.But the doctor said that the current situation of the patient still needs long -term care, and what will happen in the future is still unknown.

At this time, some people have proposed that they can be identified by disability, which is also good for compensation.Under the application of Gaodejin, the court commissioned relevant units to conduct disability identification of Zhang Rongxiang.The results showed that the brain injury caused intelligence to lose intelligence, constituted a four -level disability in traffic accidents, and the driver was paralyzed to form a three -level disability in a traffic accident.

With these disabled identification, Gaodekang sued the car owner Zhao Gang for the third time, applying for the medical expenses of his wife and the maintenance fee of Godci.

Disabled appraisal

Because he believed that the original car accident, his wife not only lost his ability to work, but also lost his ability to raise heaven, so he should compensate.

Zhao Gang did not agree with Gao Degin: "There was no child in a car accident at that time. If the child was in the basin, I had no complaints, but let me compensate a non -existent compensation. I feel unfair."

"And it was your choice without giving up the fetus at that time, because your choice made me compensate, then I feel unjust."

Zhao Gang

According to this situation, the judge said: "Because Gaodejin’s wife was pregnant when there was a traffic accident, and after the child was born, Gaodejin’s wife had affected the child’s ability to support the child. Thereforeliving expenses."

After the judge’s adjustment, Zhao Gang expressed his understanding once.Zhao Gang: "Involved a problem in life, I have to pay for the place where I should pay the family."

As a result, Zhao Gang once again paid 530,000 yuan to Gaodejin’s wife.In addition, the court also ordered Gao Demon to follow Zhao Gang for claims.


In September 2013, Tianci at this time was two years old.Since he can speak, Gaodejin has asked him to call his mother around his wife’s bed every day.

Now, under the call of his son, Zhang Rongxiang has consciousness.After recovering consciousness, Zhang Rongxiang’s words were more and more, and she was particularly happy to watch her son’s heart.

Although the consciousness recovered, it took a long time to have a shrinking muscle on the bed for a long time, and the muscles of the limbs have shrunk. It takes a long time to fully recover. In general, Zhang Rongxiang is already lucky.

Zhang Rongxiang and Godci

The Gaodejin family is also alert to us. When passing by crossing, you have to pay special attention to the vehicles that come and go, and you cannot accelerate the passing because you are familiar with the road section.

When riding an electric vehicle and tricycle, wearing a helmet on the road correctly to ensure that your own safety accidents are avoided.

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