The body burden is heavy, and often the back pain care skills.

After sitting in the office for a day, I suddenly felt back pain?you are not alone!80%of adults have experienced back pain more or less.Whether it is poverty or rich, whether you are engaged in physical or mental work, whether you are small fresh meat or old bacon, pain may suddenly wrap your waist!

@Yuki sauce ~: Ah ~~ The waist is so painful, and it ’s so painful to move the brick, what should I do …

Why do you have back pain?

Most back pain is not caused by any serious diseases or damage. Most of them are just lighter sprains or strain.Many times, we can’t even find the cause of the exact back pain.

If you stand or sit for too long and do not keep your posture, you can easily feel fatigue and back pain.

Forcibly moving overweight or sudden reversal of the waist is prone to sprains.

(For example, moving bricks, the following editor tells you how to move bricks without flashing waist)

If the "burden" of the body is heavier (such as overweight or pregnancy), back pain will also be more likely to occur.Smoking and psychological factors also increase the risk of back pain.

There are also some back pain to blame specific trauma or disease.For example, lumbar discossed diseases (intervertebral disc protrusions, discullation rupture, etc.), spinal stenosis, arthritis, fractures, infection, and so on.Sometimes, kidney stones also make people feel pain on the waist.

Do you want to see a doctor?search

If the following situation occurs, please seek medical treatment immediately:

● Pain radiates to the leg, affecting below the knee

● Your legs, feet, groin, or rectal area feel numb

● With fever, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, weakness or sweating

● Incontinence

● Pain caused by trauma

● The pain is strong and the unable to move

● The pain has no obvious relief after 2 to 3 weeks

● Hot fever

● Without weight loss of other incentives

Most acute back pain can be relieved by themselves, and no special treatment is required.However, if the symptoms seem severe, cannot be relieved, or have other abnormal conditions, you must ask the doctor to help!

How to relieve back pain?search

When you have back pain, you can also try the lower back relaxation method:

Although it is comfortable to lie down, it is not a good idea to stay in bed "raising".In fact, maintaining activities as much as possible can help recover. For a long period of bed rest, it may increase back pain.

Growing posture | How to "move bricks" without flashing waist?search

Many waist injuries are when they are moving heavy objects, so pay special attention to the correct way to move the brick ~

◆ ◆ ◆ ◆

The easiest point is that the posture of bending legs without bending down, straightened legs bend over 180 ° to take things from the ground, which is the most needed, so that the burden on the waist is too great.


Why does this posture look so familiar …

Lei Feng: Yes, it is also dangerous to pick up soap …


1 Think about it before moving, don’t stubborn

It is the most prone to move to death, and it is the easiest to be injured.Maybe find someone to help.

2 Placing a pose

The feet are separated, and one foot moves slightly, which is relatively stable.Squatting down, straight waist, tightening the abdomen to help force, and stabilizing it too fiercely.

3 Let the object be close to yourself

This saving effort is also small

(Actually, you should look up a little bit, don’t look down at the things, it’s not safe to walk like this)

4 Remember to straighten your back.

5 awkward waist, do not tilt on the back

If you move things, turn around and use your legs. Bad waist

6 push better

Move a large piece on the floor, push it better

7 Put down first and then adjust the position

For example, like this picture, put it on the shelf first, and then push it inside

Of course, if you can exercise your muscle strength, you can get easier to move bricks ~

@Yuki sauce ~

Ahhaha ~, when I saw the introduction of Xiaobian, my mother no longer has to worry about my "moving bricks" flashed to the waist

(Edit: Lei Feng)

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