The body is a sign of "fetal stop".

After finding out pregnancy, every family member is careful to welcome the baby’s birth, because the fetus is really too fragile, and the common thing is "fetal stopping". During this matterStrike.

Before "fetal stop", will the body have a sign?

If fetal stopping occurs, some pregnancy reactions of pregnant women will gradually disappear. For example, early pregnancy reactions such as nausea and vomiting will no longer be swollen, and vaginal bleeding is often accompanied by vaginal bleeding.It is like menstrual flow, and even some people’s embryos are excreted in vitro.

However, this expression varies from person to person, and some people even have no feeling at all. They directly occur in abdominal pain and then have miscarriage, or there is no symptoms after the embryo is discontinued, and it is not discovered until the B -ultrasound.

How to diagnose tires?

The diagnosis of general fetal stopping is diagnosed by ultrasound:

≥ Six weeks without pregnancy sac, or although there are pregnancy sacs, they have deformation and shrinking.

The pregnancy sac is ≥4 cm but no fetal buds were seen.

The length of the fetal buds is ≥1.5 cm, but no fetal heart beats.

The most often asked question about Pharaoh is: What are the factors that cause "fetal stopping"?

Embryo factors: Embryo chromosomal abnormalities are the main causes of stopping the development of embryos.The most common chromosomal abnormalities are 13, 6, 18, 21 or 22.In the second trimester, the doctor will suggest that you do a Tang family screening or non -invasive DNA, which is a test of the screening chromosome.

Maternal factors infection: Common pathogens include TORCH infection.TORCH refers to a set of pathogenic bacteria, including Toxworm (Tox), rubella virus (RV), giant cytoplasm virus (CMV), simple herpes virus (HSV), and other microorganisms (such as the Kocja virus, syphilis spiral body, etc.), theseThe pathogenic infection of the embryo causes the embryo to stop.

Immune factors: mainly include the mother’s immunity, blood type (Rh negative), etc.

Systemic diseases: If not controlled diabetes, chronic hypertension, and chronic nephritis can cause abnormal embryonic development.

Genital developmental malformations and lesions: suffering from uterine development abnormalities or deformities, uterine cavity adhesion, etc. can affect embryonic development and cause embryonic stopping.

Endocrine abnormalities: luteal dysfunction, abnormal thyroid dysfunction, polycystic ovary syndrome, and hypercultin ledmia.

Bad living habits: drinking, smoking, drug use, daily intake of a large amount of coffee (not more than 200 mg daily), passive smoking, etc. can affect the early development of the embryo.

Father factor: Men’s sperm quality decreases, and the increase in the increase in sperm apoptosis (autonomous and orderly death of cells) has a certain correlation with the occurrence of embryo discontinuation.

Environmental factors: X -ray, atmospheric pollution, and heavy metals, organic solvents, chemicals, and room decoration pollution.

How to prevent "fetal stopping"?

1. Before pregnancy, couples must do chromosomal examination. Female blood type examinations, female male genitals should be checked in detail.

2. Pregnant mothers must go to a regular hospital for delivery on a schedule. The inspection schemes given by doctors are for the health of the fetus.

3. Do not have the same room within 3 months after miscarriage. It is recommended that you test your pregnancy after 6-12 months (monitoring body temperature, luteal function, and female hormone level detection). You must also put the luteal function in the first place for examination. You cannot ignoreEssence

4. Smoking and alcohol, maintain adequate sleep, arrange a reasonable arrangement to ensure sufficient nutrition, maintain a sufficiently pleasant mood, and do not stress too much at work.

5. If vaginal bleeding and abdominal pain occur, you should go to a regular hospital as soon as possible.

It is inevitable that this kind of discontinuation of fetal stopping. We can only do our best to protect the health of the fetus. Do not regret that the fetus is lost until the fetus loses his life signs.

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