The British three -child mother suddenly "pull" a baby when taking contraceptives … this "hidden pregnancy" is also amazing

It is said that there is an ordinary five -mouth home in the British Saishax County.

Dad, mother, and three cute children.

They lived an ordinary and happy life, until one morning,

The mother who didn’t think she was pregnant suddenly "pulled" a child in the toilet …

(Mom and child)

Dad James and Mom Grace originally had three children and lived a life of children.

Two people think that three children are enough, so after discussion, they decided to let their dad perform a ligation surgery.

During the surgery queue (British medical service provides free surgery, but it has to be queued), let the mother take contraceptives in a short period of time.

The result is during the medication,

One day in the morning, Grace suddenly felt that his stomach was not very comfortable, so he drank some hot tea and planned to go to the toilet to discharge it.

As a result, when Grace sat on the toilet, the feeling of the belly became stronger immediately, and the liquid began to flow out of the lower abdomen.

As a "old cannon" who had had three children, Grace immediately realized that he was not diarrhea, but that the amniotic fluid was broken, and he was going to give birth?IntersectionIntersection

The news made Grace overwhelmed and screamed. Her husband and eldest son thought that his mother saw something that could be seen in the toilet.

As a result, Grace shouted, so he called, "The old lady is going to give birth!"

James dialed the first -aid center after listening to the fog,

"Hello, my wife is going to give birth, but she is not pregnant …"

After speaking, he stuffed the phone in the hands of his eldest son, and then rushed into the bathroom in the urging sound of his wife "Come!"

The handle was stuffed into the toilet and caught a baby girl with a tadpole …

Grace recalled that all this happened too suddenly at the time, there was no pain, no pain, and even if I hadn’t worked hard, everything was over …

At this time, the ambulance staff was late,

Of course, this is not surprising that people come too slowly, mainly because the children are born too fast …

The ambulance staff brought the mother and daughter back to the hospital, conducted a health check, and found that the mother and daughter were safe, and their bodies were particularly good.

After that, the two began to worry about how to notify the family and friends of this "surprise".

James called his mother. The child’s grandma said calmly "Congratulations" and hung up the phone.

After a few seconds, the phone suddenly rang again, "No, what do you say !!! ???"

Friends of the two people learned by the husband and wife’s Facebook,

Sure enough, every friend was particularly shocked, "When did you get pregnant?"

As for the three children at home, they were very happy. They even felt that their mother was a magician. She said that she could have one to give birth to one, and noisy to let her mother turn around and regenerate a baby …

However, the child is born, and there is another problem that has not been solved:

How did this child conceive?

At the time of the child’s pregnancy, at that time, Grace had been taking contraceptives, and the stomach was not obvious during the entire pregnancy, and the routine holiday also arrived on time.

If you have any symptoms,

It is in recent months, a small lump appeared in Grace’s stomach.

However, after the lump appeared, Grace also checked it,

Compared to the experience of pregnancy in the past, she did not vomit or dizzy this time.

And she also made three different pregnancy tests. The results were negative.

Looking for a doctor for examination (when I was 5 months pregnant), I also got the result of "no pregnancy" …

(At the last time I was pregnant, Grace had a belly)

Now that the doctors say that,

Grace also thinks that this is not pregnant, but the previous cysts have recurred again.

She originally intended to do a cyst ultrasound inspection in January this year,

As a result, just in December, the "cyst" fell to the ground …

In fact, Grace itself is very satisfied, neither surgery nor painful, the cysts are gone,

As for this side effect … Isn’t a baby count?

Therefore, the belly has not increased, and menstruation is normal. The pregnancy test is also negative.

Where did this child come from?

According to the expert’s explanation, this situation is called hidden pregnancy, also called mysterious pregnancy, and

According to the statistics,

In the UK, one of the 450 pregnant women will only have symptoms of pregnancy after 20 weeks of pregnancy.

Every 2,500 pregnant women can not find that she is pregnant until she gives birth, and then she will immediately realize that there is a child …

This hidden pregnancy usually appears in an aged woman who has never been pregnant, or she thinks she can no longer be pregnant (actually).

It may be related to the pressure of pregnant women, which is manifested as often symptoms of pregnancy.

That’s for women like Grace, which is particularly hidden, even women who have come to the same holiday,

Unless you want to be a B -ultrasound, otherwise she basically has no chance to know that she is pregnant …

(Cases of hidden pregnancy, basically you can’t see that you are pregnant)

As for the problem of pregnancy during taking contraceptives …

According to another statistics, 8 of each of the 100 pregnant women in the UK are pregnant during the medication.

This has nothing to do with the overdue of the contraceptive pill, mainly because of the vomiting or diarrhea, the medicine was drained out of the body in advance …

It is such a series of coincidence that Grace suddenly gave birth to a baby.

The couple can’t cry and laugh …

However, for this newborn, the couple still likes it particularly. They believe that this is the "special additional gift" to the family to this family, and name her sienna.

However, they also said that they would definitely not have a fifth child. Next, they have a lot of things to be busy and have to work harder to earn the living expenses of the fourth baby …

(Family group photo, Dad still looks a little bit massed)

Think about it,

Don’t faint or vomit, don’t go away, you don’t feel until you have a child.

The process of life is also very smooth …

This child was very magical …

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