The cervix is swollen … what is the situation?

Magnolia told me that during this time, she had a lot of leucorrhea, yellow, a bit of odor, and pain in the lumbosacral region. Open the vagina with a pheasant.Said, Lan’er quickly asked, what is cervical hypertrophy?

I performed her science again, although there was only her listener, I still had to say:

1. Cervical hypertrophy is a kind of cervical lesions for chronic cervicitis.Cervical gland mucus retention is one of the reasons why women’s cervical hypertrophy. When the cervical gland’s mucus retention develops seriously, it will form a cyst of different sizes, which is the cervical sac that I said last time.Deep mucus can be left in the deep, which is caused by cysts of varying sizes.Sometimes it can increase by 2 to 4 times compared to normal cervix. The surface of the cervix can be smooth or erosion.The cervical texture is generally harder. This is caused by the hyperplasia of the fiber connective tissue, which makes women’s cervix fat edema, causing cervical hypertrophy.

2. It is an inflammatory change caused by the pathogen infection with cervical mucosa.The pathogens that cause the disease include chlamydia, chlamydia, bacteria, and viruses. Simple hypertrophy will not affect pregnancy and do not affect sexual life.Certain hyperemia, hypertrophy, edema, and hyperplasia of cervical glands and interstitials can cause endometritis, fallopian tube ovarian inflammation, fallopian tube adhesion and obstruction, leading to infertility.Cervical hypertrophy generally does not require treatment. If there are erosion changes, cervicitis can be treated according to the results of the examination.

Oh, it turned out to be like this. Magnolia said, is the cervical hypertrophy, so is the cervical hypertrophy going back?

I told her: I can’t go back!

The hypertrophic surface changes due to damage or inflammation stimulation.After the inflammation was treated, the cervical congestion and edema were disappeared, and the surface of the cervix was repeatedly covered by the squamous epithelium, and it was restored to smooth.However, the connective tissue of hyperplasia does not fade, and it still exists. The cervix still maintains its hypertrophic appearance, and sometimes it can even increase by more than 1 to 2 times.It’s thin and not back.

I continue to science:

The main clinical symptoms of cervical hypertrophy are increased leucorrhea.In addition, due to the spread of connective tissue hyperplasia and inflammation along the cervix or the pelvic ligament, the patient often complains about the pain of lumbosacral regions or the perineum swelling.Essence

Magnolia asked unwillingly, need cervical hypertrophy?Do you need surgery?

I definitely told her that there are generally no symptoms that do not need to be treated, let alone surgery. If the inflammation is severe, there are many symptoms, and cervicitis is treated according to the results of the cervical third ladder examination.And every woman must do regular gynecological examinations, especially two cancer census.

This question is good, I tell her:

1. In terms of daily life; female friends need to pay attention to changing underwear in daily life. At the same time, the underwear is best to choose cotton. The sanitary napkin must be produced by regular manufacturers. Pay attention to the validity period.For patients with chronic diseases, they need to pay attention to whether the disease is infected. While actively resist the disease, it is also necessary to improve the body’s resistance.

2. In terms of personal hygiene: Female friends should pay attention to their personal hygiene situation and take a bath in a shower, but do not rush the shower head directly at the vagina.It is best to disinfect with hot water to avoid bacterial infections.

3. In terms of sexual life: If women have vaginitis, they should avoid sexual life. They should also avoid sexual life in the treatment of vaginitis, and they must be treated at the same time with her husband.Essence

Magnolia walked with satisfaction, watching her back, and deeply felt the importance of popular science!

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