The change is the place, the unchanged is the taste, and the small squid still has to recognize the 20 -year old taste.

Xiamen’s unknown sea dares to dare to be a small squid, and it has been popular in Xiamen for 20 years with a small squid with a small water. It can be seen that its popularity.As an old Xiamen, I also want to take a bite every three differences. Friends from other places also take them to eat, and there will be no worries about stepping on the mine.

When I went to the Xinglin Bay Operation Center, I was in a meal and dinner with my colleagues. I found out that the Hai Gan Squid Mei Shop has changed the position. It moved to the first floor of the Xinglin Bay Life Museum, No. 6.It is the same as the taste that is familiar in 20 years.

The small squid of the signs that must be ordered every time is as delicious as ever.Squid and shrimp are very fresh, the meat is tender and elastic, and the side dishes are also very delicious. The spicy degree is also just a spicy and delicious fragrance for Xiamen.

This time I ordered a lot of dishes that I haven’t eaten before, and the taste was also very surprised.Bourbald platter, including braised chicken feet, braised large intestine and dried beans. Chicken feet Q has chewy, large intestine is thick and easy to chew, soybeans are delicate and delicious. It is suitable for eating wine alone.

The sauce duck is sweet, the sauce is strong, the duck meat is firm and chewy, and I still like it.

Of course, it is indispensable to eat the soy sauce water. You can taste several flavors of fish at a time. Simple cooking can eat the original sweetness of the original flavor.

Soy sauce baked yellow croaker, and eat salty and delicious.The yellow croaker is neatly put, drizzled with bean sauce, and the method of baking in a casserole, which retains the salty freshness of the fish.

There is also a strong salt and pepper eel fry, each of which is very crispy, and with the aroma of salt and pepper, it feels like eating snacks and can’t stop at all.

The vinegar and leek cakes that are indispensable in the southern Fujian stalls are also remarkable.

The seemingly simple Chinese cabbage control is made of cabbage, eggs and meat pots. The taste is sweet and refreshing. There is a fresh and refined meat in the meat and vegetables.

Spring soup is suitable for nourishing and refreshing, soil pork bamboo soup, soil pork is soft and rotten, bamboo crickets are crisp, and the soup head is clear and not greasy. I can drink several bowls.

You can have a seaweed fried rice in the staple food. The rice grains are clear, and it is also matched with meat pine and egg shreds. It is delicious.


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