The cold knowledge you don’t know: The rabbit on the moon is the male or the mother?Who is Jade Rabbit?

In the hearts of each Chinese, there is a moon that belongs to its own.The moment we looked up at the starry sky, emotions flowed on the moon.For thousands of years, people believed that in the middle of the air, a cute rabbit lived in the air.But do you know whether the rabbit on the moon is male or female?Who is Jade Rabbit?The Year of the Rabbit is talking about rabbits, absolute cold knowledge, let’s see which one do you believe most?

Is the rabbit on the moon a male or mother?

The first statement: it is public

The ancients generally believed that the rabbits on the moon were male, and none of the rabbits we could see were male, all of them.There is only one way to get pregnant on the ground, and there is only one way to worship at the male rabbit in the sky.This kind of cold remarks are not the author’s fabrication. In the "Journey to the West" and the works of scholars of all ages, there are clear literature records. Those who are interested can be searched by themselves.

The second statement:

Taoism doctrine provides theoretical support for rabbits on the moon.The well -known Pisces Taiji map is regarded as a symbol of Taoism in a sense.Taoism believes that Jade Rabbit and Jinwu respectively represent yin and yang in Pisces. Jinwu is the sun, the yang, and the male; so the corresponding jade rabbit should be yin and mother.It can be inferred that the jade rabbit on the moon is a mother.

Who is Jade Rabbit?

The first statement: Jewelle

One of the most widely circulated stories is the well -known Chang’e running the moon.The story tells that Chang’e secretly took Changsheng’s old medicine and violated the Tianda. In order to punish Chang’e, he could let her be transformed into a jade rabbit on the Guanghan Palace every month.Warning.Therefore, most people think that the rabbit on the moon is the embodiment of Chang’e.

The second statement: Houyi

The jade rabbit on the moon is Houyi, and it is recognized by many people.Houyi and Chang’e are deeply affectionate couples.As the husband of Chang’e, Houyi could not bear the long -term separation of the husband and wife, so he was willing to become a jade rabbit and waited for a long time to see his wife every day, but Chang’e did not know that the jade rabbit in his arms was her husband.

The third statement: Boyi Test

Legend has it that during the Western Zhou Dynasty, the King of Kings was faint, and Su Shiji framed Zhongliang. In order to test whether the imprisoned Sibohou pretended to be stupid, he chopped his son Boyi into a meat pie to eat it for Ji Chang. After eating Ji Chang, he spit out twoThere was only a rabbit, a male and one mother, and Chang’e in Guanghan Palace couldn’t stand it. He took away a male, leaving the mother in the world.Therefore, some people think that the incarnation of the rabbit Boyi test on the moon.

The Year of the Rabbit is a rabbit. Today, I shared the discussion of the gender of rabbits on the moon, and who is the three legends of the jade rabbit. I do n’t know which one do you believe most?In the end, I sincerely wish you all the "rabbits" in 2023, "Yang" can not start, "rabbit" advances, Da Zhanhong "rabbit", money "rabbit" is countless!If you want to say anything about the little white rabbit, let’s go to the comment area for discussion!

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