The collapse of people?The star who was once called internal entertainment was the most impossible to collapse the house.

Inner entertainment Zixing did not see a few,

There are a lot of dangerous stars (cracks)

Cai Xukun has hung more than a dozen hot search in the past two days,

It is considered to be an internal entertainment.

(Still squatting on the top 10 now ↓)

Sort out the two live broadcasts yesterday,

The first PA means that Cai Xukun asked the girl to have a miscarriage ▽

Don’t say no,

Papaya directly released the girl’s fetal file and early pregnancy diagnosis ↓

The second PA means that Cai Xukun’s mother (Kun Ma) intervened in this matter ▽

She is worried that the girl is extorting Cai Xukun,

Then contact the staff to pay Ms. C compensation,

On the one hand, let the private detective track each other ↓

There are many criminal evidence around Kun’s mother …

First, I throwing out the WeChat signal suspected of Kun’s mother ↓

("Xu Mou" is Kun Ma)

The mother Kun was released again for insurance.

I plan to chat with the staff with a trumpet chat record ↓ ↓

(Quite cautious))

After changing the trumpet,

Kun Ma pseudo "Mo Lu Xing",

I have determined to meet and sign in the hospital with the girl.

In fact, things have developed here,

Although Cai Xukun asked the girl to be unmarried first,

But the one -night stand is what you feel about,

It can only condemn Cai Xukun’s helpless measures at the moral level,

The mother came forward to pay the money and settled,

It seems that there is no appropriateness for the time being.

However, uncomfortable details,

It happened before the meeting with the girl at the hospital ▽

Kun Ma first carried out a detailed exploration around the details of pregnancy,

Specific to conceive time,

I also found the data given by the attending doctor ↓

But after the time node and inspection report are paired with my son happy day,

Kun Ma still has doubts,

Worried about the woman’s heart fraud pit fraud ↓

At this time, Kun’s behavior was a bit radical.EssenceEssence

She found a private detective to install a camera at the door of the woman’s house,

Observe the woman’s every move?IntersectionIntersection

You can find it through chat,

Kun’s mother and staff’s monitoring of girls focus on "is she having Hu Lai with other men?"

"Take a man from KTV at three in the morning" ↓

Analysis of the video analysis at the door, who has entered the house ↓

Repeatedly emphasized that I have mastered the evidence,

There are problems with the style of girls ↓ ↓

A doubt sentence in the chat history in combination with Kun Mom ↓

You can judge,

She wants to find a girl’s "no inspection behavior",

To determine that the child’s pregnant child may not belong to Cai Xukun (beard)

But this speculation is limited to the mouth HIGH,

Although the camera was installed at the door,

I also took a boy to enter and exit the girl’s room,

But there is no true evidence at all.

(Later, it proved that the boy was a girl’s girlfriend’s boyfriend, and the girl girlfriend was there on the same day, and the three came out of the house together.)

Therefore, the timeline has to jump to "peace talks" ↓

The interesting thing is that paparazzi also released a recording,

Combined with follow -up breaking news,

Girls and Kun Ma discussed the amount of smoothing the amount above 200,000 (or 500,000),

But Mom Kun is unwilling to be "slaughtered",

Show the staff not to bring too much money, and do not give the other party so much at one time.

"Because we have lost trust with each other" (eat melon)

(Get the door)

Video loading …

If the live broadcast above can be beaten by Kun’s fans as "ambiguous" and "no real hammer"

Then the live broadcast of the second half gave key evidence–

After 5 days after the mother -in -law was finalized with the girl at the hospital,

The girl found that she was followed by private detectives ↓

Although after the girl contacts the staff and explain her to the police,

The staff is still pretending to be stupid,

But soon Kun Mom Fang transferred to her ↓

And signed "Forgiveness" ↓

Since then, since

Whether it is the abortion of the private morality or the privacy of the legal layer, it means a bit of dust.

At present, Cai Xukun has no signs to be responded,

The only action is about recruiting legal affairs overnight (covering the face)

As for why Cai Xukun did not respond,

There are also many sayings.

Fanfang believes,

Cai Xukun did not respond because he was busy concert ↓

It is because it is not enough to hammer, so you don’t need to care at all

But passers -by are more inclined to Cai Xukun’s trapped in a passive situation and dare not act lightly.

After all, it is not the age when celebrities stand up to rumors to send a lawyer letter.

Reference Li Yifeng,

The mouth is afraid that it will directly attract the official lightning hammer

Tell the truth,

I have experienced the baptism of the gossip of the gossip of crazy, Fanfan, Yundi, Fengcao, etc.

Look at Cai Xukun now,

Not too shocking.

The reason why it seized everyone’s attention,

It is still because the traffic of the giant C is indeed large,

And people see him as a love beans, as a man and son, originally had such a big difference and contrast.

As a love bean, he is diligent and reluctant,

It was once considered to be "the most impossible male star in the entertainment."

In the "Character" interview in 2022,

He only decided to open himself "↓

Whether it is on the stage or the stage, there are the temperament of the cold noodle and the cool brother ↓

Everyday also focuses on a self -entertainment,

The label is full of "loneliness" attributes,

Go to the nightclub Budi or something, there is no dripping

At that time, a actress would be torn when shooting MV with him ↓

(The ending is that this MV is torn directly)

A few days before Cai Xukun’s explosion,

He hugged the female fans enthusiastically at the concert and caused the fans to shock ↓

But who can think of it,

This perfect Aidou made girls have a pregnancy abortion as early as 21 years …

Although fans now say they don’t mind ↓

But this break of love is absolutely affectionate by relying on women’s fans to continue to live.

The biggest contrast is his mother (beard) who almost became true and legal coffee

Change the body,

From the extreme gentle, at the same time, the church Kun Kun’s gentle mother to ikun ↓

It becomes obviously that my son does not take it first,

She also doubted that the girl was out of mind, sent someone to follow the girl, and spoke a prince mother who did not check the girl’s private life.

(PS: According to the out of the clue, the girl had killed the child before collecting money, and did not give any private photos of Cai Xukun)

Sure enough, any relationship is two sides.


It is Cai Xukun’s relationship with his mother very good ▽

When he was young, he participated in "Star Motion Asia",

Mom goes to visit the class and will recognize his bed at a glance

I will lie on the bed and feel my son’s breath ↓

Will accompany the son as soon as the son participates in the competition/event. ↓

Or silently guard ↓

The relationship between Cai Xukun and his mother is also very good,

What I want to do after the game is to send text messages with my mother,

Very filial piety ↓

But the reverse,

It is a little bit of mother and child in the heart ▽ ▽

For example, Mom Kun had suspected "licking his feet" ↓

(A short audio, shocked the orange countless times)

Video loading …

And in this time,

Cai Xukun is incredible and gives him the right to his mothers with a thin legal awareness.

And his mother, the perspective of the girl is so male …

It seems that the girl is not a child of an ordinary citizen, but a dragon with the throne to be inherited … (cracking)

Although I haven’t seen Cai Xukun’s extreme giant baby behavior at present,

But he should shrink the turtle, except for everything other careers do not care about irresponsible behavior,

How much is a bit of Mom Baonan …

Looking back on the entertainment circle,

It will be found that there are a lot of Mu Bao men who collapse and the ocean -out.

Luo Zhixiang, who split into octopus, was hammered by Zhou Yangqing,

Mom came out to accuse the former daughter -in -law who would not leave her baby son. ↓

Wu Yifan’s mother loves male treasures and loves the new world.

Hit the crime of rape of his son ↓

(The subtle thing is that Cai Xukun’s mother and Ms. C discussed compensation.

In the farce of Wang Xiaofei and Da S,

Zhang Lan is also the one who has a sense of presence than his son.

She insisted that her son was deceived by a heart -haired female,

And on this day of Wang Xiaofei’s 42nd birthday,

I wish him "return or teenager" ↓

(I feel that Wang Xiaofei has never grown up)

Xiangtai’s son Xiang Zuo is also a baby holding in his palm,

The scourge of the sky from a young age is flattened at the end ↓

Even when you get married, the mother is run by one hand,

It is said that Guo Biting is more like Xiang Zuo, who is more like a family,

But everyone knows, who is being exploited ↓

(Now starting the nanny person, who believes it)

have to say,

Mom Baonan is a thunder (beard) wherever he is (beard)

But think deeply,

Why are there so many "Mom Bao Man" and "Male Bao Mom"?

Even when the male star happened,

Do you also subconsciously pick up the relationship between mother and child?

(Huo Zun ↓)

(Li Yundi ↓)

It’s not all a mother’s problem!

Society’s structural oppression on women, systemic hate women,

And the lack of father’s position in the process of raising children is the root cause of the male treasure mother and Mama Baoan.

"Mother" is accustomed to escorting,

"Son" is used to being protected and tolerant,

"Father" is beautiful, and she changes, becoming a silent love.

Even in this girl’s abortion time caused by Cai Xukun,

There are two women who keep confronting and confrontation,

As a child’s father, he disappeared.

It’s really a perfect closed loop (arming)

This situation will not only appear in the relationship between mother and child,

In the entertainment circle with a very low level of professionalization,

The relationship between the agent and the celebrity is actually the epitome of this love male model.

If the BUFF of "Family Workshop" is superimposed,

Even more poisonous …

After all, in the eyes of their parents, these stars may really be no different from the emperor Queen.

The last sentence

I hope that every man in this world has the consciousness of wearing a set

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