The common seven major pregnancy discomfort, expectant mothers must pay attention!

When pregnant women are pregnant, because the body is still bearing the nutrition of another life, it is easy to fall down by autoimmunity, so pregnant mothers are more likely to get sick.Let’s talk about a few more common diseases during pregnancy.


Early pregnant women’s pregnancy reactions were very powerful, with more than 60 % of pregnant women experienced vomiting after getting up in the morning.Although vomiting during pregnancy is not a disease, the sudden nausea and vomiting will make expectant mothers a bit embarrassed.Symptoms have decreased appetite, occasionally nausea, vomiting; a few people are obvious, vomiting what they eat, vomiting without eating, vomiting is not limited to the morning, and the smell of smell is particularly sensitive.As long as the former keeps mood and stable, pay attention to rest.The latter needs to go to the hospital for treatment, and the infusion should be hospitalized if necessary.


Pregnant women are very easy to catch a cold.Colds are generally divided into ordinary colds and popular colds. Generally what we call is normal colds.Ordinary colds, the medicine of the motherland is a common disease caused by a variety of viruses, and 30%-50%of them are caused by certain serum-type nasal virus.Popular cold is an acute respiratory infectious disease caused by influenza virus.The virus exists in the patient’s respiratory tract, which is transmitted to others by droplets when the patient coughs and sneezes.Regardless of the cold, due to the changes in hormones in pregnant women and weakened resistance, they are more susceptible to infection.Especially when weather changes are relatively obvious.During the cold period, expectant mothers should be mainly based on diet therapy. It should supplement high protein, high -vitamin, high -mineral foods, too greasy foods, etc. should not be eaten.

Insomnia during pregnancy

Women often show insufficient sleep and insufficient depth after pregnancy.Special changes in women in the environment during pregnancy are always changing. Women in early pregnancy will be very sensitive, worrying about the fetal mood, feeling that their pressure has weakened, so I often insomnia, Pregnant women’s abdomen becomes larger, lying down and falling asleep comfortably, plus back pain and leg cramps, resulting in a decline in sleep quality; in the third trimester, the gradually increased uterus is squeezed into the bladder, so that pregnant women can easily cause urine, and then thenDeveloping frequent urination, plus the burning of the night stomach, sleeping on a stability becomes more and more difficult.Doctors suggest that expectant mothers should learn to make your body feel more comfortable, eat less starch food, create a comfortable sleeping environment, maintain the correct sleeping position, learn to use abdominal breathing method to help, and remember to supplement calcium.


Mold vaginitis, trichomonas vaginitis, bacterial vaginitis, non -specific vaginitis, etc., this situation should be cleaned frequently, and underwear and protective supplies are sterilized as much as possible in the sun.The disease is slightly born. The commonly used towels are best used after the sun is sterilized. It is recommended to use a dry towel.Because we usually wet towels have a large number of molds.

Kidney stones

Women’s endocrine during pregnancy has changed a lot, and metabolism accelerates, causing abnormal urination function of the renal pelvis and ureter, which causes urinary flow to squeeze and slow down, and induce kidney stones.In addition, the increased uterus of pregnant women compress the ureter, causing the ureter to expand and accumulate water to a certain extent, and it is also easy to induce kidney stones.Therefore, after pregnancy, pregnant women must have a certain amount of activities every day, which can promote the motility of kidney and Meng and ureter, and prevent the uterus from compressing the ureter for a long time.In addition, pay special attention to avoid eating some foods that are easy to induce kidney stones.

Ganditis during pregnancy

Gingivitis during pregnancy is inflammatory diseases that occur in gingival tissue of women during pregnancy.It is related to the infection of bacteria and changes in progesterone levels.The rise in female hormone levels will increase the original gum inflammation, make the gums swelling, brushing teeth, or bleeding, and even the gum -soma -like hyperplasia changes.Diseases after childbirth can be reduced or retreated by itself.Therefore, pregnant women must pay attention to keeping oral hygiene during pregnancy to avoid gingivitis.

sensitive skin

Pregnant women’s skin allergies are usually caused by internal heat in the late pregnancy. Because there is an additional baby in the stomach, the body is easy to dry and heat, and the immune system also changes with.Itching caused by skin allergies can be applied to the affected area once in the morning and evening.In severe cases, it is recommended to seek medical treatment in time.

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