The daughter gave her birthday to the sacrifice dad, and the words on the cake were crying …

May 10th

Is Cai Xiaodong’s 39th birthday

Recently, his wife and daughter

With the birthday cake you prepared early

Come to the border line he sacrificed

Live a special birthday for Cai Xiaodong

On the cake for my father

The daughter Xu was willing: "I wish the world non -toxic"

"Dad, I’m here to cut the cake

This is the first time I cut you cake for you "

December 4, 2021

Cai Xiaodong’s process of arresting drug dealers on the front line of the border

Fight with the gangster gangsters, and be seriously injured

Volidate and sacrifice after rescue

In my daughter’s memory

Cai Xiaodong never had a birthday at home

Every year, my family is looking forward to Cai Xiaodong back

But even if you are ready

Cai Xiaodong is always lost because of various temporary tasks

My daughter once asked him puzzled

"Dad, do you particularly hate your birthday?"

"How can it?

Dad wants to have a birthday with you

But really can’t go back "

On May 8, wife and daughter

Prepare birthday cakes, flowers and meals

"Birthday" for him on the border of Cai Xiaodong’s sacrifice

Cai Xiaodong has no chance to lose his contract this time

In the cake shop

My daughter deliberately told the master who made cakes to write

"May the world non -toxic"

She hopes that everyone will no longer be affected by drugs

No one will be like her anymore

Endure this pain

There is a blue police uniform on the cake

The heroic police officer

Stone behind the back

Write four words "initial mission"

This scene

It is a photo taken from Cai Xiaodong’s life

Once, my daughter had a birthday

Cai Xiaodong cut his daughter’s hand cake

Now, my daughter is going to cut cakes for my father

The daughter took out the paper and pen

I wrote a letter to my dad carefully on the ground

"Daddy, happy birthday

Don’t worry, I have become a study member

I will take care of it

Brother, mother and grandparents … "

Seeing her daughter "birthday" to the hero father

Netizens tearful

"May the world be non -toxic! Tribute to the hero!"

Hero Cai Xiaodong, happy birthday!

May the world be non -toxic!

Producer/Chai Jing editor/Ma Weilu

Journalist/Guo Feng Li Changming

Source: CCTV News

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