The daughter -in -law wanted to eat chicken in confinement. The mother -in -law thought that the chicken was too expensive.


No matter what you do, you must pay attention to one degree. How to exceed a certain degree is that good things will become bad things.Diligence and frugality is a virtue, and it should be carried forward, but the diligence saves too much, that is, it is not advisable to cut the door.

Women’s pregnancy and children are a major event in life, and it is also the time when the body bears the greatest.Therefore, when you are pregnant and confinement, women must rest well and eat well before taking care of their bodies.The body is the capital of the revolution. Only by taking care of the body can we better do other things

Since you have to eat and sleep well, you must not be too sloppy within the scope of economic conditions.If you search for search, you can’t bear it, you can’t help it.Besides, after all, money is a thing outside the body. If you do n’t bring it, you do n’t bring it. The money is made for spending.

Women eat and sleep well while confinement, not only for herself, or for children.Only when the mother’s body is good can the child grow better, the child is good, and this family has hope and will have a better tomorrow.


When Miss Wu and her husband fell in love, she did not know that her mother -in -law was a particularly digging person.Although the in -laws are in rural areas, the family conditions are good. There are a three -story house house house in the countryside, and there is a three -bedroom and one -living commercial house in the city.Her husband also has a car of more than 100,000, and his in -laws have a job.

Miss Wu’s family is from the city. Parents contracted a stall to sell vegetables in the vegetable market. The family conditions are average.When Miss Wu and her husband fell in love, she had never been to her in -laws several times, so she didn’t know her mother -in -law.After getting married, Ms. Wu found that her mother -in -law was a very picky person.

In the second year after marriage, Miss Wu gave birth to her daughter, and her husband asked her mother -in -law to take care of Miss Wu, and her mother -in -law agreed.

On the first night of her mother -in -law, Miss Wu heard her husband and mother -in -law arguing in the kitchen.The meaning of her husband is to let the mother -in -law buy more dishes and buy better, but the mother -in -law means that the dishes are too expensive. To save money, you must not live too much at home.

At that time, Miss Wu felt that her husband and mother -in -law were right, but the angle of the two people stood was different.


But in the next day, Miss Wu began to save her mother -in -law, so she realized that her mother -in -law had just first day, and her husband would argue with her.

Each mother -in -law only makes three dishes, one soup, one vegetarian, and most of the vegetarian vegetables are greens, spinach, edamame, and long beans.Amaranth is a lotus dish, but it is a few shredded pork, or a small catfish, or a few shrimp.The soup is either tomato egg soup, either pickles of pickles, or seaweed soup, which are the same.

These three dishes cannot be said to be bad, but for the confinement mother, it should be replenished.At least buy a hoof, chicken, buy a big fish, etc., so that the maternal milk will be more.How can I milk milk every day to clear the soup and widow water?

After Ms. Wu ate the meal made by her mother -in -law for a week, she thought that she would definitely not have a fees for her mother -in -law, so her mother -in -law saved so much.Miss Wu gave her mother -in -law 4,000 yuan, so that her mother -in -law would not save too much, they could still afford to eat money.


But her mother -in -law still saves so much, and the food has not improved at all. Ms. Wu can only actively order. She asked to eat a chicken.But the next day her mother -in -law came back from the vegetable market and said that a chicken cost more than 80 yuan, which was too expensive. She was not willing to buy it.

Miss Wu was really crying and laughing. After her husband got off work, she told her husband.Her husband went to tell her mother -in -law that the mother and son quarreled in the kitchen.My mother -in -law said that a chicken is so expensive, there is no need to buy it, just eat something else. He also scolds his son who will not live.

Ms. Wu didn’t want to embarrass her husband, so she stopped saying anything, lest she was uncomfortable at home.Later, the mother called Miss Wu, and Miss Wu secretly told her mother.The mother went to the vegetable market to buy an old hen. After cooking, she was sent to Miss Wu’s house and wanted her daughter to make up for it.

After seeing the old hen, her mother -in -law called her daughter and asked her daughter to eat to her brother’s house.When Miss Wu heard it, she was really upset.

During the dinner that day, my mother -in -law gave Miss Wu with one chicken leg, the other chicken leg was given to her daughter, one chicken wings gave their son, and the other chicken wings ate herself.


After Miss Wu got out of the confinement, she asked her mother -in -law back to the countryside. If she let her mother -in -law take care of her, she felt that she would definitely quarrel with her mother -in -law.Now if her husband has been standing on her side, she sees her husband’s face, so she has been tolerant again and again.

Her mother -in -law is a habitual person, and saving money in her concept is the first, so she does not forget to save money when her daughter -in -law is confinement.In fact, if the daughter -in -law only gives birth to one child, how much can I spend in this confinement in my life?

Miss Wu is a person who takes care of the overall situation. If he replaces it with other daughter -in -law, he may have quarreled with her mother -in -law, and the husband will be in trouble.Her husband knew that the mother -in -law was too close, so he stood on Miss Wu. Because of this, Miss Wu saw her mother -in -law’s face tolerance.

A chicken sent a chicken, who wanted to make up for the confinement Miss Wu, but her mother -in -law called her daughter back to eat chickens.In life, many of the contradictions of mother -in -law are caused by this. It is a trivial matter, but life is accumulated by trivial matters.

Mother -in -law and daughter -in -law must know the same thing. Don’t do something that makes the other party hate. The family and everything are happy.If the mother -in -law can’t come together, try to live separately, which will reduce a lot of contradictions, which will help the family’s harmony and solidarity.

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