The derailment is deeper and deeper, I can’t extricate myself. I almost lost my life. I regret it.

Marriage is worth our adherence.In the face of loneliness and temptation, we should adhere to the promise of marriage and cherish the happiness in front of us.Only in this way can we avoid going on the wrong path and protect our family and our families.Today I wrote to you the story of such derailment.


After I got married with Li Kun, I was pregnant in less than a year, and I gave birth to a daughter soon.From pregnancy to having children, Li Kun was very considerate to me, took the initiative to do housework, and took three meals a day. His job was too busy, and his time was limited. Even so, I felt very satisfied.

In order to live, Li Kun decided to work in a work in a good friend for me and my children to live a good life.

On the night of the leaving, our husband and wife said a lot. I held his neck and said, "Kun, I keep for you, not afraid of taking children, as long as you are peaceful in the outside, no matter how much bitterness, I will beCan stand, go with peace of mind, I will take care of our children. "

Of course, Li Kun was reluctant to leave me and my daughter. The lovely daughter was more than one year old and could only let her mother -in -law take care of our mother and son.

My mother -in -law is a kind old man who takes care of our mother and son very well, and everything follows me.However, after a long time, I was lonely, so I had to endure it, thinking that when Li Kun returned, I could return to the load, let us live a happy life.

Li Kun is a very responsible man. As a man, the pillar of the family, he is thinking about making me and my children happy.In fact, material satisfaction is sometimes more straightforward than spiritual, and it makes people happy and happy.

I never expected that my promise to Li Kun’s "guarding the body like jade" had long forgotten the head, and slept with a man with a personality and gentle man. After passion, he remembered his commitment to Li Kun.Sorry for him, letting me get deeper and deeper, and I can’t help himself.Later, my conscience found that I was wrong, guilty heart, regret tears, and after passion, I hurried back to my home.


Li Kun went to work in a foreign country. At that time, I could stick to the promise of marriage and strive to live my life.It’s just busy between work and housework, try to fill her husband’s emptiness and loneliness after leaving, enrich your life, and dare not think about it.

However, with the passage of time, I was lonely and lonely. I was married for less than three years. I was eager to care and warmth during puberty.At this time, a man appeared in my life, making me ghostly and derailed.

His name is Liu Gang, and we met a chance.He was very elegant and handsome, making me feel waves. Whenever he asked me, his heart was uneasy. His meticulous care for me was very grateful. I don’t know why I was eager to accompany me.

On the way to get off work, I was riding a bicycle on the way home. A truck drove quickly, avoided, and fell to the ground. It was Liu Gang who came to help me. I felt’s it going?I said, "It’s okay, I was frightened to the ground, thank you!" From then on, we have had a relationship. Over time, our relationship has exceeded the category of ordinary friends.

It was a rainy night. Liu Gang asked me to dinner, drinking, and under the stimulation of alcohol, he has overwhelmed his own line of defense, starts ambiguous, and even has physical contact.I knew it was wrong in my heart. I betrayed my commitment to my husband. In this way, extramarital affairs made me unable to extricate myself.

Liu Gang’s sweet words made me inseparable from him. His sweet words would really make me dizzy. I really seemed to drink honey, making me feel very happy!

However, the trick of fate made me a heavy price.That was my unforgettable day, and we were drinking crazy at the hotel again and being derailed, which made me regret.


On the night of the carnival drinking, I walked home on the way home. Two strange young men had to threaten me, let me go with them, and struggled to shout, but they covered my mouth and grabbed myThe hair was beating, I hit me all over my body, lying on the ground dying, unconscious.At this moment, people passing by found their atrocities, shouted and reported to the police. They heard someone shouting and hurriedly fled.I was sent to the hospital by a kind person and the police for treatment and notified my family.

After the in -laws learned that I was beaten, they hurried to the hospital and saw me unconscious and shed tears.The mother -in -law wiped the tears on her face and asked the doctor: "Doctor, how about she? The doctor said," The patient bleeds too much. If it wasn’t for passers -by and the police to take it to the hospital in time, I am afraid that people would have gone."

When I woke up, when I saw my bed in the hospital, my mother -in -law kept rubbing the tears on my face, and my father -in -law calmed down.My mother -in -law said, "Who made you like this? I have called Li Kun and asked him to come back quickly. You can keep your heart at ease." I saw my mother -in -law, and I was uncomfortable, and said to her, "Mom, I amIt’s okay, that person grabbed me and money, I don’t let me, they hit me, just raise it for a few days, don’t let Li Kun come back, affect his work. "

After I said I took my mother -in -law’s mobile phone, I called my husband, saying that I was okay, and you should not come back.However, I was very scared. After Li Kun came back, I must understand the situation. Let me be beaten in vain. If so, he must divorce me. At that time, I would be miserable.My heart is always uneasy.

I know that my husband loves me very much, and I also love him very much. I didn’t expect me to do such a stupid thing, guilty, and regret that I should not be derailed, but what is the use of regret?


Li Kun received a call, took a hurry to sit on the train, and returned home after two days of long -distance exhaustion. He couldn’t take a break to the hospital.

I know that Li Kun cares very much, and my life is more important than making money.When he saw me lying on the bed, his heart was like a knife.

Li Kunfei had to figure out this matter. A few days later, the police station notified the beaten criminals that had been caught. According to the criminals: "He and Liu Gang are associates, Liu Gang is the mastermind.If you look drifting, you can sell me a lot of money to sell me in the mountains. "

Li Kun understood everything, and asked me why I betrayed me, why was it with Liu Gang.

I didn’t answer him, and I couldn’t answer, I could only cry silently.Regret your behavior, and regret not sticking to the promise of marriage.From then on, I know that the family has changed, and Li Kun and I have no trust, and the marriage has completely ruptured.

Soon, Li Kun and I divorced, and the child returned to him.In the future, I was very miserable. I looked for a partner. When I heard that I had a history of derailment, I hurriedly broke up.It was all extramarital affairs that made my family breaking through, and miserable tears.

Friends, extramarital affairs made me unintentionally fall into the vortex of this emotion. At this time, I would deeply realize that it hurts people. It will hurt others and will deeply hurt myself.Therefore, do not easily engage in extramarital affairs, cherish the people in front of you, cherish the family, and give your children a complete and happy home.

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