The doctor kneeling 7 months of pregnancy to kneel for patients to take anesthetic: It is more convenient to kneel at that time

Recently, Anshun, Guizhou Anshun, kneeling to anesthes anesthesia to patients, has received praise from many netizens.On the 6th, the "pregnant doctor" bluntly said that it was just a trivial matter. At that time, he chose a anesthesia in order to choose the best position.

Kneeling to patients with anesthesia.

Netizen: Big Heart!Good -looking

"The anesthesiologist in the photo, her name is Du Jiao, an ordinary anesthesiologist in the 39th Hospital. She is pregnant with Liuga.Treat every patient with attitude! "Recently, a picture and text on the Internet said," Under normal circumstances, the anesthesiologist needs to sit in operation, but because she has a big belly, she can only kneel. "

In a photo, a female doctor wore glasses and looked pregnant, and she stared at the equipment in her hands.

Du Jiao has been pregnant for 7 months.

This news has aroused the attention of many netizens.Netizens liked the doctors in the picture."So touched." Netizens said "Catal Cat"."More heart! Good." Netizen "67" wrote.

This photo was also reposted in many people’s circle of friends.For Du Jiao’s behavior, a large number of netizens expressed very moved and praised Du Jiao.

Photographer: This scene moved her

According to the reporter’s understanding, this photo was shot by Hong Jin, director of the Anesthesiology Department of Anshun 3.

Hong Jin recalled that on the day of June 1, two pregnant women to be given pain will be painless. At that time, these two pregnant women were in a house, and there were two anesthesia artists in the house and Dujiao.Both of them are dealing with their patients.

Hong Jin said that at the time, everyone was dealing with the patient carefully and did not care about others.And when her affairs were handled, she got up and turned around, and saw Du Jiao kneeling on the ground, anesthesia for the patient. This scene moved her, so she took a picture.

Hong Jin did not expect that this photo attracted so many people’s attention.She told reporters that she just caught this scene inadvertently at the time, and felt very moved, and felt that their work was unknown, but it was huge.Colleagues, I hope to encourage them.

Partner: Just choose a best position

Du Jiao is 28 years old, Anshun, she is pregnant for 7 months.Three years ago, after graduating from Mudanjiang Medical College, she came to Anshun 39th Hospital to become an anesthesiologist.In the face of this matter, she bluntly said that this was just a trivial matter.

"I was just to choose the best position at that time." Du Jiao said that the anesthesiologist had to anesthes anesthesia for the patient, and the requirements were extremely high., After pregnancy, sitting or standing for anesthesia may be inconvenient. I found that anesthesia anesthesia for patients is the most suitable position, so I chose to kneel on anesthesia.

Du Jiao said that this was not the first time she had anesthesia for the patient.Earlier, she also kneeling on the ground for anesthesia for patients.If she needs to do this in the future, she will also get a noodle medicine.

Cui Taoran, editor of the client editor

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