The doctor said I couldn’t have children, I dare not tell my boyfriend, not long after getting married, I was pregnant

The doctor said I couldn’t have children, but I dare not tell my boyfriend.After a year together, we got married.I was pregnant, and my husband said that the child was not his.After leaving home, I returned to my mother’s house angrily.After the child was born, my husband came to my house a few words to me, which made me unexpected.

My name is Jiang Yan. I am 28 years old. I am a stewardess with a monthly salary of about 12,000.When I was young, because I did n’t understand the giving birth a few times, the doctor told me that I may not be the possibility of a mother in the future.Tell anyone.

Later, a girlfriend introduced me to her current husband Li Yan. Before getting married, I said to Li Yan, "I am too stressful, and I don’t like my children." He agreed to my opinion, and he said he hated children.So we soon got married.After we got married, I hosted the money at home.He also picked the courier in his spare time to earn out.

He is neither romantic nor to me, but he always uses practical actions to prove love for me.He often washing clothes, cooking and cleaning, and I was lying on the bed watching TV and playing games.The better he is, the more guilty I am.

I concealed a big secret to him because I can’t have a child!I really want to have a child with him, but the doctor said that I can’t get pregnant.I can only make up for him.I often buy him new clothes and make various delicious food for him.

But one morning I feel disgusting.A bit strange.I went to the hospital alone.I found that I was pregnant for two months.

Picking up the inspection report, I went home excitedly.When I got home, I gave a report to Li Yan, but he didn’t seem to be excited because he said he didn’t like children.

I pulled his hand and said, "Dear, I know you don’t like children. But I am pregnant. Because this is a gift from heaven, we love the crystallization. I want to give birth."

But Li Yan said to me, "Isn’t it that we say that you do n’t want children before marriage, why do we change your mind again now? If you insist on asking for children, we will separate." My husband said that I was angry.

Why is he unwilling to ask for a child?We quarreled, and he had left me away from that day, and we had little communication.Slowly, he often didn’t go home, and he was drunk every day.

Seeing him like this, I have to ask, "What do you mean? Children are your flesh. Why don’t you?"

What surprised me was that he told me, "This child cannot be him." He couldn’t carry a pot for others."These words made me sad. I went directly to my mother’s house and was too lazy to explain to him!

He didn’t follow when I was home.I haven’t even called me.A few months later, my child was born.It is a little princess, and the child is very healthy.

He came to my house and took my hand and said, "Sorry, dear. Actually, I lied to you. Actually, I have no fertility. I heard that you are pregnant. I can’t accept the facts, but I really can’t loseYou, even if the child is not mine, I will take care of your two children. Forgive me, go home with me. "

After hearing him, I think this is destined to hit.he does not know.In fact, I concealed my infertility to him!

I told him, "After the full moon, I will take you and my children to do parent -child identification. If the child is not yours, we will divorce, and I will go out of the house."

Of course, after the parent -child identification, the child is his.Not only was he crying, he also knelt down and begged me for forgive him.

But thinking that he suspected that the child was someone else and doubted that I had deceived him, so I suspected that I had lost the most basic trust between my husband and wife, and I felt very sad.Should I forgive him?

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