The doctor said that the fallopian tube can be pregnant, and it is also said that when the fallopian tube is blocked!

Some people are ready to scold people when they see the title. How can the fallopian tube be pregnant?Why do I talk about this today, because I have gathered with my friends on the weekend, Xiao A was worried about the second child for a long time to prepare for the second child. After the examination, I found that the fallopian tube was blocked, so I started to ask me various questions.

For example, Xiao A asked: Why is it blocked?Can I not conceive if the fallopian tube is blocked?Will it pass by yourself?Will it be blocked again when you pass?In fact, is it useless except that there is a tubal of fallopian tubes?

As for these issues, I will share my views with everyone.

Washing tubal blockage is one of the common causes of women’s infertility, and about 30%-50%of female infertility is due to the blocked fallopian tube.Therefore, tubal blockage is a headache for many women in childbearing age.

Infection is the most common cause of fallopian tubes.There are many ways to get infected, such as blood circulation, upper infections of reproductive tract, etc., so that the structure and function of the fallopian tube is changed.

There are also many reasons for fallopian tube infection, such as common femininal inflammatory disease, many flows, gonorrhizal infection, etc., postpartum infection, postpartum infection, post -gynecological infection or appendicitis may cause pelvic adhesion and other surgical infections.

When talking about this problem, Xiao C couldn’t sit still, saying: It’s okay. I said before I gave birth to a child. After giving birth to a child, I was in confinement in the Aidi Palace.Zi Shu was comfortable, but later inspection did not say that the fallopian tube was blocked.

I said: You are subjective, scientific confinement is right, but whether the fallopian tube blockage can heal itself. It depends on the nature of the fallopian tube blocking. It is functional, mechanical, or pathological.

Functional blockage refers to: when the fallopian tube is stimulated by some stimuli, spasm due to too sensitive, causing the parts or fallopianocular opening of the fallopian tube to shrink, causing the fallopian tube to blockFunctional fallopian tube blockage is rare.

Mechanical blockage refers to: fallopian tubes are blocked by some "foreign bodies", such as endometrial fragments and blood clots in menstrual periods, uterine contraction during abortion, embryo tissue or subsidiaries enter the fallopian tube and cause tubal blockage.

Pathological blockage refers to: fallopian tubes caused by fallopian tubes infection, adhesion, lesions, etc., which cannot heal itself.There are also some pathological blockage that only cause some blockage without completely blocked. This will affect the normal transport of fertilized eggs in the fallopian tube and increase the risk of ectopic pregnancy.

As Xiao C just mentioned, she blocked aside, and she was pregnant and had children normally.

Normal women have two fallopian tubes, which are located on both sides of the uterus. If the fallopian tube is blocked and the other side of the fallopian tube is normal, although it affects the chance of conception, there is still a chance to get pregnant normally.And if the bilateral fallopian tube is blocked and the chance of pregnancy will be seriously affected, it needs to be improved by treatment.

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