The dowry girl was pregnant as soon as I went to bed. The abortion medicine was not aborted.

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During the Southern Song Dynasty, Huang Dingxi was the dowry girl of her own lady, and then became the little concubine of Zhao and Rui, the King of Fu, and she was pregnant.

Although Huang Dingxi was forcibly poured off the abortion medicine, because of her blessing life, she gave birth to her son. In the end, her son became the emperor of the dynasty. Her identity became very noble, and she was honored until her old age.

So, how did Huang Dingxi change his destiny?

【>> Huang Dingxi gave birth to the low energy emperor <◀]

In the fourth year of Jiaxi, Mrs. Qian, the step -wife of Zhao and Rui, gave him a son, so that Zhao and Rui, 33, finally realized the taste of being a father. Out of his love for this child, he named Zhao Yousun Zhao YusunEssence

It didn’t take long to pass, and Huang Dingxi also added a male Ding to name Zhao Yan. However, due to the abortion medicine during pregnancy, the child was sick when he was born.

However, before that, Zhao and Rui never had a son -in -law, not only him, but even the children of the entire royal family were poor, and now he has two more sons, and he has made his face completely outside.

Before Zhao and Rui were happy for too long, my doom came to him. The son of Mrs. Zhao Yousun, the son of Mrs. Qian, died unfortunately before she was born. Now there is only a sick Zhao Yan.

Although Zhao Yan lives well, his intelligence is obviously lower than that of other children of the same age. Not only is it very big, he will learn to walk, but he will call his father until he is 7 years old.Essence

Zhao and Rui not only rare the people under their knees, but looked at the entire royal family. The two fingers of the child were counted. Instead, Zhao Yan, who looked like the wind, became the only hope of Zhao.

When Zhao Yan was born, the royal family was in power, and the emperor was Zhao and Rui’s brother. His real name Zhao and Zhao and Zhao and Rui were better. His brother was better than his life.

Zhao and Rui Zu are the famous founding emperor Zhao Kuangyin, and Zhao and Rui are the tenth grandson of Zhao Kuangyin. When the ancestors were still alive, Song Taizong Zhao Guangyi used the conspiracy to take the throne of the emperor.

What Zhao Guangyi did not think of it was that the throne was finally returning to the hands of Zhao Kuangyin’s descendants, and Zhao and Ji were the biggest beneficiaries in the prince.

Because the prince Zhao Yan and the power ministers had a conflict of interest, the ministers were united to step down by the ministers, and then recommended Zhao and Jun, who were also descendants of the royal family.

Although he sat on the throne of the emperor, he also brought him other consequences, that is, it was almost impossible to have children. Song Lizong’s children died one after another. In the end, only his brother Zhao and Rui were left.

In desperation, Song Lizong could only choose to take his nephew Zhao Yan to himself, and at the same time appointed him as a thorns in Guizhou. After that, he continued to add officials to Jinfeng.

The Ministers of the DPRK and China were dissatisfied with Li Zong’s approach, saying how to make a person with intelligence be a prince. However, Li Zong did not listen at all, and even called their opposition invalid.

In order to cultivate Zhao Yan, Song Lizong even set up a private school called Zishantang to teach Zhao Yan’s homework. However, in the history book, Song Lizong often was angry because of his poor performance.

In the five years of Jingding, in October 26th, Song Lizong collapsed, and Zhao Yan was at the throne. At the same time, Queen Xie, the mother -in -law and mother -in -law, was the queen queen, and his mother Huang Dingxi also became the emperor’s mother.

Although Huang Dingxi was born low and his son was not very clever, he couldn’t hold his son’s son now he became emperor, his mother was expensive, and Huang Dingxi’s identity became high.

So, what happened when Zhao Yan was born, causing him to become the disabled now?

Then all of this starts with his experience of Huang Dingxi.

[>> From the dowry maid to the small concubine of the house <◀]

It is said that from ancient times to the present, there are not a few people who have a humble origin can also achieve salted fish turning over, but it is more difficult to improve the status in the inner house than expected.

After Song Lizong ascended the throne, he appointed Zhao and Rui for Wukang Jiedushi. In the same year, Zhao and Rui, who named the "emperor’s brother" in name, chose to marry a person who was the right house.

The target he married is the inauguration of Li Renben’s eldest daughter Li’s wife, and as a family of everyone, as a clan, the Li’s girl will naturally choose to accompany the dowry girl, and Huang Dingxi is one of them.

Huang Dingxi is a native of Deqing, which is today’s Deqing County, Huzhou City. Her origin has not recorded her origin and parents in detail, but it is briefly summarized as "poverty."

Huang Dingxi was not the close maid of Li’s at first, but a slave on Wei Jun’s house. This Wei Jun was the son -in -law of King Rong Wengong and the brother -in -law of Song Lizong.

After working in Wei Fu for a while, he resigned and went to Li Ren’s house, becoming the personal girl of the Miss Li family. It was from this time that her fate began to change.

Although there is no record of Huang Dingxi’s specific appearance in the history books, it is easy to speculate based on common sense that Huang Dingxi must have its own place compared to other maids.

After all, in ancient times, as a lady’s exclusive maid, there is no certain appearance and ability, how can she stand up, not to mention that she has to serve the male owner, how can her mind be clever.

After the Li’s daughter entered Zhao Mansion, Huang Dingxi did not immediately become Zhao and Rui ’s Tongfang Xiao. After all, this lady had just married her husband. At this time, did you do these things?

The age of the history books did not record too much when they were married, but according to some references and experts in other fields, it can be seen that when Zhao and Rui married Li’s girl, they were about 20 years old.

However, Hongyan was so thin. Shortly after Miss Li and Zhao and Rui Cheng got married, Miss Li went because of the illness, and the two of them had to have time to be daughter in the future.

After Miss Li’s illness, because of the proposal of the family son, Zhao and Rui could only choose to marry a new wife. Probably one year after the ex -wife left, Zhao and Rui married the daughter of Qian.Rouyi.

In the previous article, the Zhao family’s Ding Qiaomi, Zhao and Rui, this one is nothing more. "Qi Dongye" records the depression of Zhao and Rui "no son".

And Huang Dingxi, as a personal maiden of his ex -wife, is still unknown to how the status in the government is now, how she entered Zhao and Rui’s eyes, and she has nowhere to verify.

In short, as a girl in the house, she successfully completed her mission, and it doesn’t matter if this is not a try. This trial will make her successful.

So since Huang Dingxi is pregnant, why did he give birth to a low energy like Zhao Yan later?

"Guixin Miscellaneous Consciousness" recorded a sentence. The idea was that the day before Zhao Yan’s birth, Zhao and Rui’s eldest son Zhao Yousun was born, and then infertile.

Since both children were born smoothly, why did Zhao Yan become stupid? This has to find the answer from another part of this book.Take abortion medicine.

However, its subject is unknown and vaguely. Who thinks Huang Dingxi is "mother cheap"?Is it his husband or the new mother?Or even she thinks so much.

Although the history books have not been recorded in detail, based on the experience of watching so many palace dramas, the biggest suspect is probably the newly married Qian.

Zhao and Rui thought that the child had already thought of the madness, and how could he kill the child in Huang Dingxi’s stomach. The only thing that might do this is to retaliate against her Qian from jealousy.

Although Huang Dingxi drank an abortion medicine, the child did not succeed. It seems that God wanted Zhao Yan to be born, but although he kept his life, his intelligence was hurt.

I wonder if Zhao Yan was bullied before he was born, would he have resentment to the person who was poisoned?

In any case, Huang Dingxi’s child was kept, and through this duel, Mrs. Qian felt a little shock. She did not expect that Huang Dingxi’s belly could be intact.

In short, Zhao Yan was born smoothly, and Huang Dingxi’s life peak also came …

【▶> From the glory to the decline <◀】

After Zhao Yan was established as the Crown Prince, the ministers of the DPRK were naturally dissatisfied, but the emperors spoke to not let them intervene. What could they do, so they had to follow Song Lizong’s intention.

The status of her son has been improved. As a biological mother, she is naturally a great hero. From the unknown little maid on the former house, it has become the mother of the emperor in the future. This identity is really incomparable.

Let Huang Dingxi and Zhao and Rui be happier. In addition to their own attention, the two have their second son again. As a father, Zhao and Rui no longer have to worry about their successor.

At this time, some people may ask curiously, so the second son did not take abortion medicine, and the IQ should be normal. Why don’t you change his younger son and let Zhao Yan be the prince?

In fact, this involves the establishment of the establishment of the ancient heirs. The selection of the prince must be implemented in strict accordance with the regulations. Even the king has no right to decide the prince.

Take the Han Gaozu Liu Bang in the Han Dynasty, and he wanted to abolish Liu Ying.

The establishment of the prince of the Han Dynasty followed the "eldest son system", that is, as long as he was the first sister -in -law, then he could be a prince. If he could not do what he did, the answer was that he could not change the prince casually.

Just like Liu Bang knows that Liu Ying’s ability is insufficient, but because of the restrictions of the "eldest son system", he either choose to directly abolish this system or only choose to bear it.

Therefore, today’s Zhao Yan has been established as the next heir of Li Zong. If there is no reason to replace him at this time, he will let Li Zong lose the name of Mingjun.

What’s more, the younger son Zhao Menggui is still young. Let him come to the position of the emperor, not necessarily much better than his brother, and the royal clinic is so serious, who can guarantee that he can grow up healthily and safely?

After Zhao Yan’s throne, he sealed his biological father, Zhao and Rui and his biological mother Huang Dingxi, and promoted them to the Mrs. Fu and Long Guoyu. Huang Dingxi also received respect in the government because of his identity.

However, Xu Dingxi is more humble on weekdays and does not fight. Even after receiving such an honor, she still maintains her former attitude.

Of course, this attitude can also be explained as her do not want to offend the Emperor Li Zong, as well as the queen queen. After all, Zhao Yiming is now the son of Li Zong. Huang Dingxi keeps low -key is also the expression of smart people.

On the ninth day of July in the ten years of Xianchun, Zhao Yan collapsed, his sister -in -law Zhao Yan was ascended, and Huang Dingxi’s identity also rose again, becoming the emperor’s mother, and at the same time, he was Jinfeng as Mrs. Qin.

If under the rule of Zhao Yan, the Southern Song Dynasty can support it for a few more years, I am afraid that Huang Dingxi can usher in the end of the end of life. However, in the second year of Deyou, as Yuan Bing went south to the south, the Southern Song Dynasty was defeated.

In this case, the Southern Song Dynasty could only choose to negotiate with the Yuanbing, but was rejected by the leader of the Yuan Army Bo Yan. Seeing that the Emperor Emperor who was not guaranteed, he had to choose to seek another law.

At the eighteenth day of the first month, the Yuan soldiers were under the city, and the Empress Dowager Xie Daoqing sent the representative of the city to surrender. At the same time, he preached the state jade seal with both hands to express his sincerity.

Zhao Yu Rui and Huang Dingxi are distinguished. They were asked to go north to "discuss the matter" by Bo Yan, and the discussion was false.

In order to protect the life of the family, Zhao and Rui could only choose to dedicate the property in the Yuan Dynasty, but Kublai Khan described it to return his property in Lin’an and Shaoxing.

The fragmented Southern Song Dynasty did not support it for a long time, so Zhao Yan’s voices of the sea and martyrs ended. Since the Southern Song Dynasty died, Huang Dingxi and Zhao and Rui had no thoughts, and they could only live a wave of shock every day.

In the twenty -four years of Yuan, Zhao and Rui died, and Huang Dingxi did not know.

Women living in the feudal era can be able to achieve peaceful life, worry -free food, and food. It can already be regarded as a legend. Huang Dingxi’s life has surpassed most women from that era from the maid to the national mother.

Huang Dingxi’s life is not only full of legendary colors, but also reveals the helplessness of that era everywhere. She can only be wandering like a duckweed duckweed. She can only rely on her husband and son.

If Huang Dingxi is a legendary character, it will definitely be the protagonist of the story.

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