The egg survive is not long. If you want to get pregnant quickly, you must catch these 3 days

Eggs are an important condition for women’s fertility and play a very important role in women. Once an egg is abnormal, it will affect women’s normal conception, and the eggs will be excreted once a month. This stage is what we call the ovulation period.It will increase the chance of pregnancy, but do you know? The egg survive is only a few days, so if you ca n’t catch the same room these days, it is difficult to get pregnant.That horse, how many days are the egg survival time? How can we find the ovulation period?

Generally speaking, after the ovaries are discharged from the ovaries, they will only survive in women for about two days.More precisely, if the eggs are not fertilized within 15 hours, the eggs may lose fertilization.If the eggs will gradually die, the woman’s pregnancy rate will be reduced, so the woman can only wait for the ovulation period next month.But after the sperm enters the woman’s body, it will survive for 2 to 3 days, and the best time for sperm fertilization is within 48 hours.Therefore, if women want to get pregnant quickly, they need to grasp the best time for the collection of eggs and sperm.If a woman is in the same room on ovulation day or the day and after ovulation, the pregnancy rate can be increased.

1. Count

The normal menstrual cycle is 21-35 days, and everyone is different.I just said that everyone’s luteal period is 14 days, about 14 days after ovulation, and menstruation.Therefore, you can take the "15 -day rule", that is, 15 days will be calculated on the first day of menstruation next day. This month will be the ovulation period.

2. Look at

Of course, many people’s menstruation is not regular, and it is difficult to grasp the calculation of days, so you can take observation methods.

Affected by estrogen and progesterone, cervical mucus can change before and after ovulation.You can feel this change yourself! 1-2 days before ovulation, the cervical mucus is thin, transparent, and drawn, and the length of the drawing can reach 7-10cm.After ovulation, it becomes a sticky paste under the action of progesterone.If this happens, you can judge that ovulation is right and prepare.

3. Test

Whether ovulation is coming can also be judged according to changes in the basal body temperature.24 hours after ovulation, the basic body temperature will rise by 0.3-0.5 ° C for about 12-14 days.However, it should be noted that when the body temperature rises, the same room is not the best time to conceive.Therefore, the monitoring method of basic body temperature is only a method of verifying ovulation, not a prediction method.

In addition to body temperature monitoring, you can also use B -ultrasound to determine whether to ovulate.Follicles have gradually matured from small to large, and testing in the middle and late stages.The follicle diameter is more than 18mm, and then the same room can be arranged.However, this method is more troublesome, but it is still useful for people who have been ovulation for a long time.

4. Examination

Just like pregnancy test, ovulation can be predicted by test strips.LH during urine testing is a relatively accurate method for predicting ovulation. Generally speaking, the LH level is the highest 24-36 hours before ovulation. When measured as positive, ovulation will be ovulated the next day.

The above is how to accurately find several methods for ovulation. If you have any other questions, you can comment below. I will answer all your questions for you and let you have no worries.

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