The eight major signals of women’s pregnancy, come and see, more than half indicate that it is likely to get pregnant.

Guide: Pregnancy is a very happy thing for women, and it is also a major event in a family, but often many women often react to get pregnant after a long time of pregnancy, so if you know whether you are pregnant earlier,IntersectionThe following eight signals, if you have a woman, then you can consider whether you are pregnant.

1. Menstrual delay

If women’s usual menstruation is very timely, but now it is suddenly delayed. If the delay time exceeds two weeks, it is likely to be caused by pregnancy.

2. Tired, drowsiness

When women are pregnant, their bodies are affected by progesterone, they will be more exhausted, have no spirit, and they are drowsy. These symptoms are prone to occur during pregnancy.

3. Frequent urination and increased secretions

One month after pregnancy, there will always be symptoms of frequent urination and urgency. This is because the body’s endocrine velvet gonad hormone will stimulate the bladder. At the same time, the pregnancy will cause the uterus to increase.Urine is often generated.

And after pregnancy, the secretions of women’s lower parts will suddenly increase due to the influence of progesterone, but this is also normal. You don’t have to worry too much, but you can consider pregnancy.

4. Nausea, pregnancy vomiting

Women will be more sensitive to odor and taste after pregnancy. Some people who usually smell nothing and eat are okay. It is easy to cause nausea and sickness of pregnant women during pregnancy. It is also the most common pregnancy reaction during pregnancy.

5. Breast pain

After pregnancy, the secretion and growth of estrogen and hormones in women will stimulate the growth of women’s breasts, but adult bodies will not grow again, so there will be a more obvious feeling of breast pain.It is also one of the effective ways to judge whether to get pregnant in the early days.

6, dizziness, headache

The body of a pregnant woman in the early stages of pregnancy is very fragile, prone to head dizziness, and at the same time, it may have symptoms such as headaches and other symptoms. These will alleviate with the growth of pregnancy.

7. No appetite

After pregnancy, women’s appetite will also change greatly, and some pregnant women’s appetite will deteriorate and often do not want to eat.Some pregnant women’s appetite will become particularly good, and even the food that I usually hate very much. I really want to eat it during pregnancy. This may be caused by pregnancy.

8. Emotional instability

After pregnancy, women’s hormones will also affect their emotional control and changes.If you feel that your emotions are always unstable recently, it is easy to rise and fall, and inexplicable, then it is likely to be caused by pregnancy.

Well, the above is the whole content of the top ten signals of women who answered the women who answered the pregnant mothers.Women can judge whether they are pregnant through these situations.However, of course, the most secure method is to go to the hospital for more professional examination, and the structure obtained is more accurate.

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