The elderly mother is worried about radiation after pregnancy, her husband let the whole building close wifi

Recently, one thing on Weibo has a very high popularity. It is said that there is a family that the wife is an elderly mother, and it is difficult to get pregnant. The whole family is immersed in joy.But they heard that the mobile phone WiFi signal is a type of electrostatic.If pregnant women are often exposed to this radiation, they can easily cause fetal malformation or even abortion.The family believed in such rumors, so the pregnant woman’s husband began to post in the community. Please turn off WiFi before the production of pregnant women in his house.Seeing that the effect of the notice was not obvious, he began to ask for households in the entire building. He hoped that everyone would turn off the WiFi and create a good pregnancy environment for pregnant women and fetuses.

As soon as the news came out, netizens turned on the paragraph hand mode again.The comments on the Internet are also diverse, and the brains are wide open: Some netizens suggest that the husband goes off the China Telecom base station; some are recommended to remove the satellite because most of the root of the WiFi signal is here; there are also suggestions that the husband quickly moves to the remote remoteness to the remote movement.In the place, don’t hinder the use of wifi … Although this kind of comment is full of tricks, it is essentially resolutely opposed to the behavior of the husband and the family.

In fact, this kind of news will come out every time on Weibo, and the official has also given rumors that the wifi signal with conventional intensity will not cause premature fetal birth.Why does it emphasize "conventional strength"?This is because electromagnetic radiation does have a certain impact on pregnant women, especially maternals in the early stages of pregnancy, which is absolutely prohibited.Therefore, the hospital’s ray examination room will set up significant reminders outside: Please inform pregnant women in advance.

There are indeed radiation sources in the family that need to strengthen protection, such as high -intensity electric blankets, microwave ovens, humidifiers, vacuum cleaners; medium -intensity hair dryers, TVs, induction cookers, electric iron, air purifiers, etc.The radiation generated by these electrical appliances has an impact on the fetus, so it is recommended to minimize or avoid the use of these electrical appliances in early pregnancy.However, the radiation of computers, printers, and mobile phones mentioned above is relatively low. As long as you usually pay attention to the length of use and distance, you can avoid the effect of radiation.

In this era of great rich information, these scientific common sense can be obtained from the Internet very conveniently, but why do this kind of news repeatedly occupy the news of the news?In fact, it can be seen from the news that this family must cherish this long -awaited little life. They hope that he will be healthy, and he also hopes that he will have a safe environment in his mother’s belly.This mood is very normal, but after a series of behaviors for this idea, we can see that deep anxiety and anxiety hidden in this family’s heart.

1. Changes in the physical state of pregnant women themselves.

Many mothers know that the first three months of pregnancy are the most vulnerable to the fetus.During this period, although the fetus has developed in the mother, the connection with the mother is not firm.If you do some hard work or stand for a long time during this period, you can’t get a rest, and it will be easy to have a miscarriage.

At the same time, some pregnant women will have serious gastrointestinal reactions. For example, some pregnant women have no appetite when they eat anything. They will spit out when they eat it. More serious pregnant women will spit out when they drink water.Because nutrition cannot keep up, pregnant women in this period are particularly easy to get sick, but they cannot take medicine casually.By the third trimester, the child’s weight is already very big, the pregnant woman’s body is even more tired, and the night sleeping is not easy to turn over. Some things are no longer than wearing shoes and washing feet.

Therefore, during pregnancy, my mother has begun to worry about whether the child will not be able to get enough nutrition because of his bad appetite; you are worried that because you can’t take medicine casually, you will pass his illness to the child;The conference will affect children’s smooth production and so on.

2. Stress in the workplace.

Pregnancy disperses the energy and time of women, allowing their original career planning and promotion opportunities to suffer frustration.This brings great pressure on some women with strong career, and will also increase their anxiety.

In particular, some women are pregnant unexpectedly, more disrupting their career planning, and affecting the progress of work.

3. The sense of pressure brought by identity change.

Before pregnancy, women can be a daughter and girlfriend, but from the beginning of pregnancy, women have begun to do a good psychological construction for a mother.Although it is a pleasing thing to be a mother, it is not everyone’s confidence to be a good mother, which will also make pregnant women feel anxious.

Anxiety during pregnancy is normal. After all, everyone is the first mother. No one is familiar with the process. It knows which is good for children in advance.

1. The impact on mother

After pregnancy, many mothers are afraid that due to their negligence during pregnancy, the fetus will cause injuries, which will affect the child’s life. Therefore, the anxiety will cause insomnia, sickness, poor appetite, and poor physical condition, and form a vicious circle.Disadvantages.

2. Effect on children

Recent research results show that the child’s personality is related to the emotional level of mother’s pregnancy.In other words, a happy pregnant woman will give birth to a happy child, and the child of a anxious mother will be anxious.Therefore, the emotional stability of pregnant women has a great impact on the child’s personality.

3. The impact on family

The husband in the above is because of the influence of the anxious wife, and he made a joke and generous thing.In many family dramas, there are no major conflicts when living with the elderly.But since pregnancy, the conflict between the young couple and the elderly has begun to increase, and family contradictions have become increasing.Once the anxiety generated by pregnant women is transmitted to the family, the quality of family life will be greatly reduced.

1. Learn more scientific knowledge for pregnancy.

The pregnancy period is a very special physiological period for women.The knowledge and experience required for this period are not available at any time.One of the great reasons for anxiety is because they do not understand some scientific knowledge necessary for pregnancy.So whether it is buying books, participating in courses, or searching online, we can easily obtain knowledge of pregnancy.If the pregnant woman in the article noticed the same hot search earlier in a few years and obtained the correct knowledge through various methods, she would not let her husband do this stupid behavior.

2. Communicate with friends, feel the feelings of pregnancy, and relieve anxiety

If one or two friends in pregnancy are often contacted during pregnancy, and telling each other’s feelings will be of great benefit to alleviating anxiety.There are many mothers communities on the Internet, and many mothers share their parenting experience on the forum.For novice mothers, the Parenting Forum is a very good place to communicate, and it is also a very convenient way to gain the experience of childcare.When you find that in your eyes, those who are very difficult and overwhelmed, in fact, other mothers have come over.Although your life is not easy, you can pass.At the same time, you will also obtain strength from their experience and persist.

3. Participate in sports more

Faced with the huge physical changes, pregnant women are often at a loss. This uneasy reason is that they have lost their sense of control in their bodies.How to get physical control again?One of the important ways is to participate in sports activities more. Whether it is yoga or walking, and experience the feeling of being controlled by the body, this sense of control will alleviate the inner anxiety and produce a pleasant emotion.

Pregnancy is the most proud stage of mothers in their lives.During this period, we are the queen -like existence at home, and we will be preferentially treated in society.At the same time, we also need to face the loved ones and society around with a grateful heart.Only in this way, the anxious and uneasy heart will get a sense of stability, and this stability will be passed on to our children.

If you also have a good way to relieve anxiety during pregnancy, please leave a message to tell us.

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