The endometrium is thin, and it is difficult to prepare for pregnancy.

Rui Rui has been married for two years, and his stomach has not moved.When I came to the hospital for examination, the doctor said that the endometrium was thin.Rui Rui has many history of abortion and a history of weight loss. The consideration of failure to prepare for pregnancy is related to these factors.

Clinical women’s common uterine endometrial thin causes: abortion, repeated curetts, thyroid function abnormalities, long -term oral contraceptives, elderly, pelvic tuberculosis, and uterine cavity surgery cause endometrial adhesion damage, ovulation disorders, etc., leading to decreased fertility ability; Natural abortion and ectopic pregnancy are increasing; this is also a problem and challenge encountered by IVF.

Why is the endometrium impact on pregnancy?

The endometrium is like land, embryo is like seeds; when our uterine endometrium is less than 8mm, at this time, it shows that our land is barren.Or less blood flow is prone to abortion.

The endometrium is thick, indicating that the land is fertile, the blood flow is rich in nutrition, and the embryo is easy to take root.

Reasons for endometrial thin:

1. Local factors

Many women have experienced abortion. Advertising in private hospitals is everywhere. Small fans and paper towels sent in summer are printed with painless flow. Does this really have no harm to women?Wrong, abortion, Qing Palace, etc. all cause local endometrium adhesion and damage, affect endometrial blood supply, lead to thinning the endometrium, causing ovarian function changes, decreased menstrual flow, shortening menstrual period, decreased sexual desire, and infertility.

2. Drug factors

Oral contraceptives for a long time can promote the occurrence of thin uterine endometrium.Taking contraceptive pills for 5 years can reduce the thickness of the endometrium from 7mm to 3.8mm.Jamin, as a first -line oral medicine for ovulation, can reduce the receptor by competing with estrogen, thereby reducing the thickness of the endometrium.

3. Hysteric inflammation

The tuberculosis of acute and chronic pelvic cavity can cause endometrial mechanical damage, which obviously reduces the thickness of the endometrium.Tuberculosis infection can cause the uterine endometrial function layer and base layer.

4. Age

As an independent factor, age will make the uterine dysplasia and thinner.The older women, the decrease in endometrial blood flow and estrogen hormone receptor, resulting in a decrease in the thickness of the endometrium.

Furthermore, aging -related gynecological diseases can also have adverse effects on endometrium, resulting in thinning the endometrium.

5, bad living habits, smoking, drinking, work pressure, mutant environment stress, women are accompanied by their own basic diseases (hypertension, diabetes), endocrine disorders, etc.

6. Original factors

After hysteroscopy, there is no obvious lesion, but it is just manifested as poor endometrial reaction and thin endometrium.

What should I do if the endometrium is thin?

1. Find the problem of the problem

Can’t get pregnant for a long time, or if the embryonic planting fails, and the endometrium growth of multiple cycles, you may wish to do the cause of a hysteroscopy.Primary lesion treatment.

2. Inject nutrition to the land

Normal women’s uterus, your devil thickness and periodic changes depend on the physiological changes of estrogen in the body.Estrogen, progesterone, growth hormone, etc. can promote endometrial repair and thickening.Therefore, fertilizer (estrogen) fertilizes land.

3. Watering

The endometrium, low blood supply, and low -dose clinical drugs can promote endometrial vascular production and improve local blood flow.

4, set meal

Regenerative medicine, stem cells have the ability to differentiate and self -renewal. After induction, the endometrial cells can be differentiated and proliferated.

Or uterine endometrial micro -stimulation, through local mechanical damage to the endometrium, such as endometrium scratch, induces its own repair and improve your demon with your demon.

Low -frequency electrical stimulation can be changed by changing the smoothing muscle of the blood vessels, reducing blood vessel resistance, and indirectly improving the endometrium blood circulation, which affects the thickness of your demon and tolerance of the uterus.

High -pressure oxygen regulation of endocrine activity of the HPO axis, improve estrogen activity, promote vessel formation of endometrial vascular formation and endometrial blood oxygen diffusion, promote the metabolism of endometrial cells, promote cell growth, and improve endometrial tolerance.

Those who have thin uterine endometrium can choose the appropriate treatment "package" under the guidance of a doctor.

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