The entertainment industry also spreads good news!Li Guangjie upgraded to be a father, and was poked by Xiaojiao’s wife and friends to break through the January due date

In the entertainment industry, the good news was passed. After 11 months of marriage, Li Guangjie upgraded to be a father!

On May 17, Li Guangjie and Sui Yumeng held the child at the airport.Dad Li Guangjie was wearing black brown brown pants, his left -handed ring finger wearing a wedding ring, a peaked cap, and a protective mask on his face was very low -key, but the baby holding in his arms was particularly noticeable.Although Li Guangjie carried the little baby with a gray waist stool on his chest, he still cared for and carefully holding the child’s small buttocks with one hand, protecting his little head in one hand, and his baby’s posture.

The little baby who was tightly guarded by Li Guangjie could not see his face, only two small meat legs in black socks were exposed, and the meat was very cute.Looking at the Li Guangjie couple dressed darkly for the child, the baby should be a boy.

The 11 -year -old wife, who is 11 years younger than Li Guangjie, holds the same bags with the same color as Li Guangjie’s pants. Although it should have just given birth to a child, the figure looks very good., Daxiu’s beautiful legs hot mom Fan Er.She seemed to be holding two mobile phones in her hand. It should be that Li Guangjie was not convenient to hold the child with the child.

Li Guangjie suddenly surprised many netizens holding the child and his wife at the airport like this, "I have never heard that he has given birth to a child."After all, Li Guangjie has not announced the news of Sui Yumeng’s pregnancy and childbirth since Li Guangjie has posted a marriage certificate on the social platform on July 3, 2019.

Some netizens "Luoyang shovel" dug out Li Guangjie when the official announcement was married at the time, and Zhai Ling, a friend of Sui Yumeng, forwarded her post and said: "Finally announced, congratulations! Let’s accompany you in January."The expression of a baby was suspected to break through Sui Yumeng, and the due date was in January 2020, and then Zhai Ling’s post was deleted.In this regard, when some media asked Li Guangjie’s staff, the other party said: "The artist’s private affairs are unclear."

Although there was no positive response at the time at that time, it seemed that it should be inseparable.

Li Guangjie and Sui Yumeng have been very low -key since their marriage, but the two often poke the sugar secretly.The diamond ring worn by Sui Yumeng in his hand was so big that the diamond rings on Sui Yumeng were dazzling.

Sui Yumeng loves to take pictures and travels, so Li Guangjie has become her exclusive photographer and close -fitting pendant. The avatar of social accounts also quietly replaced with photos he took for his wife. Many details revealed that it can be seen that it can be seen thatLi Guangjie is a man who hurts his wife and has a sense of life.

Li Guangjie had a marriage before. In 2006, he married Hao Lei and did not disclose a bit of wind. If it wasn’t for the media exposure, the public did not know that the two were together. There was no wedding dress when marriage, no diamond ring, and no wedding.In 2009, the short three -year marriage life was over, and the feathers were torn at the time.

Now Li Guangjie has a new family and a continuation of life. Bless him!

“”,”子”,”Sui Yumeng”

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