The ex -girlfriend is pregnant, and I will come to me again

Two years ago, I also introduced a girl. I just started to give me a WeChat, let me chat with her, and it feels good to chat.There is no time to meet at work.The relationship between WeChat chatting is very fast. She is also more cheerful, so I tell me directly on WeChat.I was also scared at the time. Have you ever met? It was WeChat chatting next to heaven. It seemed that love was back in high school.

I thought to myself: Is this girl too casual, just chatting and saying like me, do you want to continue?"If you don’t try, how can you know if she is really a casual girl. So we found the time to meet. I remember that she was a cool night and watched a movie together.

At first glance, she looked average but taller height.Although we chatted on WeChat, we were embarrassed when we met after all, after all, it was the first time that strangers met, and it was a bit embarrassing.I gathered the courage to break the deadlock and asked her what movie I like to watch?She whispered: funny comedy type.I explained it, and she took her to watch a movie.In the process of watching movies, I was embarrassed, and I saw myself without communicating.

After the movie, I took her home at 11 o’clock in the evening. It was a bit cold to ride a car on the way back. I told her that she could keep me warm. She was embarrassed to hold me, and I grabbed her at once.His hand told her: Thank you for watching a movie with me. If you get sick and get sick, it is really good. It doesn’t matter if you hold me.Anyway, I was holding me half and half of it, and I was sent to her door.

In the next period of time, we also frequently met with each other. I feel that she should like me very much, and she is also very kind. Ask her to eat as much as possible.But the only point I think is that she is not very beautiful. This is my heart. I was more arrogant two years ago. I didn’t recognize myself at all.Suitable.

In the end, I broke up. What I was raised was me, and I was scolded by her. In fact, I was really either a scumbag, or I couldn’t live in my heart.Life is often full of drama. After half a year, she found her boyfriend, and I am still on the road of blind date. Now I regret it. If I want to open a little bit, I should have all her children.

This was a matter of two years ago. This year, she suddenly sent me a message. She was going to divorce with her husband. It was not good to get along with her husband. He complained that her husband was looking for a primary three.She also told me that she was pregnant now, and she divorced me when her child was born.I hesitated for a long time, should I marry her?And she is pregnant with other people’s children.I can only blame myself. I have a ruthless time. I knew it for a long time.

I finally advised her to live a good life. It was a blessing that husband and wife were cultivated in several generations, and they cherished and cherished.

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