The ex -wife divorced because she could not have birth, and she became pregnant after remarried.

A colleague may be divorced again. The reason for the divorce was that after the ex -wife called him, he said that he was blame his ex -wife and was routine by the manager.

Colleagues and ex -wife secretly began to fall in love when they were high school. Later they were admitted to the university. Although they were not in the same university, they later married.

But the ex -wife’s stomach had no movement in the three years after marriage. The mother -in -law said that the ex -wife had no fertility and encouraged her son to divorce and find another woman.

Of course, the relationship between the two people did not say that she was scattered, but her ex -wife also suspected that she had a problem. She asked her husband to go to the hospital to check what was going on?

But colleagues said that he was okay. He didn’t care if his wife had a problem. He didn’t care about giving birth to a child for a lifetime. His ex -wife was moved but uncomfortable.

Later, the ex -wife secretly went to the hospital for examination and learned that she had infertility, so she resolutely divorced her colleagues. Her colleagues persuaded for more than half a year to break up.

Three years ago, colleagues went to our company to apply for sales. After knowing that he was single, he was hired by the sales manager. He also introduced a female colleague of the company to him and promoted them to flash marriage one month later.

After eight months, colleagues were still inaccurate. The pregnant wife said that she fell down and gave birth to a daughter after being sent to the hospital. She said that it was a premature birth. She also said that thanks to the sales manager drove to her to the hospital.

Wait for a colleague to rush back, and saw the manager who took care of his wife before and after, he was very grateful to the manager and asked his daughter to recognize the manager as a godfather.

Last Saturday, the colleague’s wife took the child to return to her mother’s house, told him to arrange it by himself, and joked that he should not go outside to drink flowers.

After his wife left, he also connected to the game. When he was playing happily, he received a foreign phone. He answered it, and a woman’s voice came from the phone.

He heard the voice of his ex -wife as soon as he heard it. He heard that his ex -wife went to the country after divorce, and replaced the original phone number, and they lost contact.

Just listening to the call on the phone asking him what he was doing. He said that a person was playing games. The ex -wife heard it and then said inexplicably that he was pregnant now.

Colleagues were also inexplicable and asked when their ex -wife got married. The ex -wife said that in the first two months, her infertility was blocked by the fallopian tube, and my mood was nervous and could not get pregnant.

Now I am married to a husband who divorced and brought her daughter, thinking that I couldn’t get pregnant, so I did not take contraceptive measures. I did not expect that I was pregnant now. It seems that the previous examination was wrong.

The ex -wife said on the phone a lot, and the idea was that he was right before. Everything was normal, and he intentionally or unintentionally said whether his colleagues were going to the hospital for examination.

The colleague patiently listened to the ex -wife’s puppet, and after hanging the phone, he called his wife’s phone, but reminded that the phone was turned off and called his mother -in -law.

The mother -in -law said that her daughter was here for a while, put her daughter at home and said, but went back for more than two hours. I had to rest here for one night. The child was going to go home to sleep.Come back, maybe the phone may be out of power without answering the phone.

The colleague listened to the phone and dialed his wife’s phone. This time, his wife said on the phone that he was almost home. The daughter was going home. She was going to rent a car.The car is back.

After listening to it, I opened the window subconsciously. I just saw my wife holding her daughter from a car and got out of the car. He could not be familiar with the car. It was the manager’s BMW car.

The colleague seemed to understand something, and remembered that the colleagues joked with him that the daughter was not like him at all. Then I thought of the intention and or unintentional speech on the phone just now. He wanted to go to the hospital for examination tomorrow.

Do you say he pretended to be Hu Tu or went to the hospital for an examination?

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