The expectant mother Sun Yi showed her pregnant belly and was "fat" by Dong Zijian?The fans are angry, this picture is simply too spectacular

"Mother -in -law" Sun Yi posted a recent photo on Weibo last night. He also paired with the literary "What to see", and then added a cute chicken leg expression. It seems that Sun Yi is hungry?Pregnant people are easier to be hungry.

In the photo, Sun Yi and a big cute cat took a group photo. In addition to the highlight is the pregnant belly, Orange Zijun only saw the full screen’s long legs!Although I am pregnant, the arms and legs are thin.

When netizens praised Sun Yi’s body, a "disagreement" sound appeared in the comments. Dong Zijian actually left a message "Fat" under this Weibo!

Said that Sun Yi is the classmate of the fat man, are you sure you are serious?No wonder Sun Yi wants to go back: This person is a high imitation, everyone should ignore him.

This "fat man" made the netizens below the pot, and the pictures of Dong Zijian of Dong Zijian "anger" of fans should not be too spectacular.

In fact, Dong Zijian has always admitted that he has been fat, and is still trying to lose weight. It is like this to open his Weibo painting style ↓

Even taking photos with the brothers was almost hiding outside the frame, Real was distressed …

However, it doesn’t seem to be very serious for weight loss, it is not in a hurry at all. After all, it will not work for a month, and it can be two months, three months, four months …

Do you feel thinner?

In fact, Dong Zijian "孙" Sun Yi is not once or twice. When Sun Yi took a photo on Weibo last time, he directly pointed out relentlessly: His hands were bended.

When Sun Yi celebrated his birthday, he did not forget to ridicule Sun Yi’s "height". This boy is afraid of being addicted to it.

It seems to be in black, but Orange Zijun thinks that this is actually the routine of our Xiao Dong classmates. Where is the "怼" girlfriend?

Like this little couple who is okay with "mutual" ~

I am still so thin when I am pregnant, and Sun Yi is also convincing …

》》》 Is the dog food again. [Original title: Sun Yi took a picture of the pregnant belly, but he was spit out "fat" by Dong Zijian?.

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