The fetal heart disappears!The result of a conflict with a pregnant woman in Shenzhen was aborted by a feet!Who is right

In 2010, a pregnant woman in Shenzhen was waiting for her husband in a shopping mall parking lot. At this time, a security guard came over and told a pregnant woman that a parking fee of 10 yuan was required!Pregnant women have a short parking time and will not pay!Security said that this is the company’s regulations!Pregnant women are emotionally excited, and the security guards are required to take out relevant regulations, and then get out of the car to abuse the security guards, similar to the "watch dog" and the like, and then conflict with the security guard!

Soon the pregnant woman’s husband arrived at the scene and saw the security guard conflict with his wife, and fought against the security guard!But then other security guards participated in help. The pregnant woman’s husband was defeated and broke his head!

At this time, the husband saw the painful expression of the pregnant woman on the side. I remembered that her wife was two months pregnant, and the fetus was still unstable. I just conflicted with the security guard. It was inevitable that there would be any accidents. Therefore, he quickly sent his wife to the hospital!

However, the accident happened!Pregnant women went to the hospital for examination, and the fetus had no fetal heart!In other words, the fetus can no longer be saved!

Subsequently, during the investigation, the police said that the security woman said that the security guard was quite unreasonable and said that she just wanted to know why she had to charge temporary parking!The security guard took the rules and regulations, and punched himself and kicked himself, causing his own abortion!

Then when I asked the security security, the answer was different!The security guard said that it was a pregnant woman’s scolding and the first hand of pregnant women!

As a result, the police transferred the monitoring at the time of the incident!Although the picture is not very clear, it can still be seen that pregnant women get out of the car and communicate with security, and then pregnant women use their bags to make security guards!As for whether the security is a pregnant woman, it is unknown!Because, in the subsequent process, a few people arrived at the blind spots, and there were no videos to prove it!

Subsequently, the police visited nearby pedestrians and shops.It happened that someone saw the process of the incident, saying that it was a pregnant woman scolding people first and beating.Subsequently, the pregnant woman’s husband was present, and other security guards came. The security guard proposed to "monitor the blind zone". Therefore, the security guard withdrew the monitoring blind zone, and the pregnant woman and her husband also chased it!

After the police’s inquiry again, the security guard acknowledged that he had kicked the abdomen of the pregnant woman!

From this incident, the benevolent sees the wisdom and wisdom, and each has its own opinions!However, no matter what, the abortion of pregnant women, the child is gone, this is a fact!

As a security guard, pregnant women do it first, he is back, it is understandable!However, the follow -up security led people to monitoring blind spots to fight against each other. I personally think that subjectively, security guards do this deliberately, and have premeditated operations. I personally can’t accept it!Perhaps the security guard does not know that the woman is pregnant, because the woman is only pregnant for two months, and may not be seen!On the other hand, as a pregnant person, he usually protects herself first, but this woman actively scolds others and beats people. This may also make security security unbearable!If the pregnant woman is a big belly, the security guards may endure the safety, but the other party is just an ordinary woman, so the security guard …

Anyway, children are not willing to see it!However, each of us should pay for our own behavior, isn’t it?Whether it is pregnant or security, they are not calm enough!There are many ways to solve the problem, which depends on which one you choose?And before you choose, you should consider it. Can you bear the consequences?

I hope that every child who is expected to come to this world healthy!May every pregnant woman protect the children in their belly!I hope that every expectant mother who treats her is gently waiting for this world!

Finally, share with you the precautions of early pregnancy:

1. Regularly work, don’t stay up late, go to bed early and get up early, keep your mood happy, and avoid tiredness.

2. Reasonable diet and balanced nutrition. Food should include milk, fish, meat, fruits, vegetables, etc., light but not greasy.

3. Do not take drugs casually to avoid contact with poisoning substances and radiation.

4. 0.4mg of folic acid tablets per day, until three months of pregnancy.

5. The first three months of pregnancy cannot be the same room.

6. Go to the hospital for the first birth inspection and establish a health file.

7. When abdominal pain, redness, etc., go to the hospital for discomfort.

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