The first pregnant mother looks at it, and your baby has a heartbeat in the fifth week of pregnancy. Can you feel it?

In the second month (5 ~ 8 weeks), the small embryo of apple seed -like

Pregnant mother: pregnancy reaction occurs

At present, most pregnant mothers have no subjective feelings of pregnancy. They may have slight discomfort, and symptoms such as drowsiness, vomiting, dizziness, fatigue, and lack of appetite. This is actually a signal for the arrival of the baby.If you do n’t pay attention, the pregnant mother may not have thought that this is how the baby ’s gay and pregnant mothers say hello.

Fetal baby: Become beating in a small heart

The fetus in the pregnant mother’s belly is just a small embryo, and the organs of the body are in rapid differentiation.The baby’s hands and feet will slowly extend, and the sides of the nerve tube will appear on both sides of the nerve tube. In the future, it will develop into spine, ribs and muscles.The most exciting thing is that the little heart of the baby’s baby has begun to be beating this weekend.

During 5 to 8 weeks of pregnancy, B -ultrasound can determine whether to conceive the twins.

There are 249 days before the baby was born

The wonderfulness of life and the secret of reproduction, through the small Chinese characters, bring us not only the meaning of the text, but also the respect of great life.Now, pregnant mothers can write the word "pregnancy" by themselves, or draw a painting.

The word "pregnancy" of Oracle, like a side human figure with a large belly, draws an arc in the abdomen, indicating that this "person" has a big belly.Another type of oracle is more vivid, and there is a "child" in the abdomen, which means that he is pregnant.

The word "pregnancy" of Xiaoyan changed, not only the "son" in the belly ran out, but also the "human" shape has also changed. It looks like a woman bowed up and protects a baby who stretched her arms.Finally, the word "pregnancy" of the regular script "from Nai Zi" was evolved.

The word "pregnancy" of Jin Wen, the left half like the hip, indicates the production location, the right half is the word "female", emphasizing that "pregnancy" is a woman’s behavior.

There are 248 days before the baby was born

Mozart’s "Little Stars Variation" naturally flowed happy notes, vividly showing the lively and cute, changeable and multi -end appearance of Little Stars.The music is sometimes clear, sometimes hidden, sometimes noisy, sometimes quiet, sometimes simple, sometimes gorgeous, showing us a musical scroll of smart jumping.

Mozart’s music works are always childlike, lively, vivid, and aura.Listening to "Little Star Variations" patiently, you will understand sincerity and simplicity from simple rhythm. Isn’t this the most selfless love for the mother for children?"Little Star Variations" rich and variety of melody and bright rhythm not only allow pregnant mothers to relax, feel a relaxed and happy atmosphere, but also enhance the vitality of the baby’s cerebral cortex and make TA thinking more agile.

There are 247 days before the baby was born

Children always like to compare with others. The little rabbit in "Guess how I love you" is typical.This is like a child’s little rabbit and a big rabbit like a father who loves more love in the game. The big rabbit won the love of the game and the bunny with wisdom. The little rabbit won the big rabbit with its innocence and imagination.Double love.

A happy competition

The little rabbit seriously told the big rabbit "I love you so much", and the big rabbit responded to the little rabbit and said, "I love you more!" In this way, the little rabbit not only determined that the big rabbit loves himself, but also hopes that his love can winToo big rabbit love.The little rabbit tried to describe his love with various physical movements and visible scenes until he fell asleep in the arms of the big rabbit.

The rabbit and the big rabbit are filled with the atmosphere of love and the childlike childlikeness.Will the little rabbit’s lively and lovely look remind you of the baby in the abdomen? Is the two rabbit’s strong scenes that are the pictures you live with your baby in the future?The pregnant mother takes this beautiful vision to tell the warm story to the baby!

There are 246 days before the baby was born

When babies are learning, adults always like to let their babies recite classic enlightenment books.So why not make this meaningful thing early to the fetal period?Reading a pregnant mother can feel the essence of traditional culture, and the baby can also feel the beautiful rhythm of the loud mouth and rhythm.

At the beginning of the three -character scripture, sex is good.The sex is similar, Xi Xiangyuan.Hou is not taught, and sex is relocated.The way of teaching is expensive.In the past, Meng’s mother chose her neighbors.If you do n’t learn, you do n’t learn.Dou Yanshan, there is a righteous prescription.Teach the five sons, and it is all famous.Nourish or not, the father’s time.Teaching is not strict, the teacher’s lazy.If you do n’t learn, you are not suitable.If you do n’t learn, the old man is.Jade is not cut, not a device.People do n’t learn and do n’t know.As a son, Fang Shao Shi.Relatives, teachers and friends, Xi etiquette.Nine -year -old, can be warm.Filial piety and dear.Four years old can make pears.Brother Yu Chang, should be a prophet.The first filial piety, the second see.Know the number, know a certain article.One ten, ten and ten.One thousand, thousands and thousands of.Three talents, heaven and earth.Three lights, Sun and Moon Star.Three outlines, monarchy.Father and son, couples.Spring and summer, autumn and winter.At this four times, the luck is endless.Said north and south, saying to the west and east.These squares should be in the middle.Said water and fire, wood and gold soil.These five elements are countless.Ten dry, Jia to Gui.Twelve branches, Zizhi Hai.Yellow Tao, what is said.Said equatorial, right.Under the equator, warm.I am China, in the northeast.Yue Jianghe, Huaiji.These four blames, the water of the water.Said Huahua, Song Hengheng.These five Yue, the name of the mountain.Yueshi farmers, said industry and commerce.These four people, the goodness of the country.

There are 245 days before the baby was born

For the first time to tell stories to the baby, the prospective dad may be a little excited and a little shy.Don’t worry about not talking well, don’t worry about being smiled by your family, and slowly you will find that you speak better and better.

Jack and bean stems

Jack and his mother lived very hard, and the only cows in the family couldn’t squeeze milk.Mom had to let Jack take the cow to the market.

When I walked halfway, an old man wanted to change Jack’s cow with a grain of beans. He told Jack: "This is a magical bean. As long as it is planted, the bean stems will grow very high." Jack thought: This must be veryinteresting.He agreed with the exchange of the elderly.

When I got home, my mother saw Jack only get a bean with a cow, and she was so angry that she threw the beans out of the window.

The next morning, Jack and his mother opened the house and were surprised to find that the bean stems were very tall and tall.Looking at the towering bean stems, Jack was determined to climb to the top of the bean stem.Just do it, he climbed and climbed until he climbed to the window of a castle.A giant in the castle was ordering the servant to bring a hen and a harp.

The giant said, "Egg." The hens started to get eggs, all of which were glittering golden eggs.The giant also said, "Play music." The harp began to play a beautiful music, and it was not until the giant fell asleep that the harp stopped its performance.

Jack looked into God, and suddenly his servant beckoned Jack: "These are stolen by the giant from your father, you can take them back quickly." Jack was very surprised.But he still thanked his servant and carefully picked up the hens and the harp.But I didn’t want to, the harp made a harsh sound, the giant was awakened, and he chased Jack to climb the bean stem.

Jack crawled down desperately. When he was about to the ground, he shouted towards his mother, "Mom, bring the ax." The mother hurriedly ran over with an ax.As soon as Jack arrived on the ground, his mother cut off the bean stems.The giant can only return to the castle quickly, otherwise the bean stems will fall to the ground, and Jack and his mother will live a happy life since then.

(Under the British fairy tales)

Pregnant mother: Folic acid should continue to eat

At this time, the baby’s brain cell proliferation is rapid.If the pregnant mother supplement 400 micrograms of folic acid daily at this critical moment, the risk of fetal baby’s neurotic disease can be reduced by 50%to 70%.Now the pregnant mother’s body is working hard for the development of the fetus, the load will increase, and often feel sleepy and lazy.Don’t worry, this is a normal physiological phenomenon."

Fetal baby: The long tail begins to shorten up

At this time, the baby’s baby is about 6 mm in length and the weight is 2 to 3 grams.The baby’s baby grows the ventricular, and the blood supply to the limbs has begun to grow. The head and torso can be distinguished clearly, and the long tail begins to shorten.All parts of the new life are being prepared.

The prototype of the baby’s limbs is a lot, and the buds and leg buds have begun to grow.

There are 244 days before the baby was born

Pregnant mothers have always maintained a strong knowledge, so that the baby will continue to accept benign stimuli, which is conducive to the development of the baby’s brain nerves and brain cells.It can be said that the ideological activity of pregnant mothers has a great impact on the development of the baby’s brain.

Fascinating Display Game

The independent game is a "n × n" digital square matrix. Each line and each column are composed of N numbers or letters that are not repeated.In 1984, a Japanese game magazine proposed the concept of "independent number", which means that "this number can only appear once" or "this number must be the only one", and name this game "SU Doku" (SU Doku "To.Since then, this game has become popular all over the world.

game rules

1. The independent game is performed in the "9 × 9" square, and the small square of "3 × 3" is called the "area".

2. The number of independent games starts with the grid that has been filled in the number.

3. Each grid only allows only one number, and finally ensure that each area, column, each line is 1 ~ 9, which cannot be repeated, that is, each number is each line, each column, and each one.The district can only appear once.

Game 1

Game 2

(See page 31)

There are 243 days before the baby was born

Today, I will tell the baby to tell the story of "Little Geckon Borrowing Tail" in a elementary school textbook to see what special skills have the magical animals of nature.The familiar story is more loud and loud.

Little gecko borrow tail

The little gecko grabbed mosquitoes in the corner, and a snake bit his tail.As soon as the small gecko earned, he broke his tail and escaped.

No tail is ugly!Little gecko wants to borrow a tail.

The little gecko climbed and climbed to the river.He saw the little fish swimming around the river. The little gecko said, "Sister Little Fish, borrow your tail to me?" Xiaoyu said, "No, I want to use the tail to pluck the water?. "The little gecko said goodbye to the fish and climbed forward.

The little gecko climbed and climbed to the big tree.He saw the old ox shook his tail under the tree to eat grass.The little gecko said, "Bull Uncle, borrow your tail to me?" The old ox said, "No, I want to catch the flies with the tail." The little geckor said goodbye to the old scalper and climbed forward.

The little gecko climbed and climbed under the eaves.He saw the swallow flying around in the air.The little gecko said, "Aunt Swallow, borrow your tail to me?" Swallow said, "No, when I fly, use the tail to master the direction."

The little gecko couldn’t borrow his tail and was sad.He climbed, climbed home to find his mother, and told his mother about borrowing his tail.Mom smiled and said, "Silly child, you turn around and see." The little geckos turned around and yelled happily: "I grow a new tail!"

(Understand by Lin Songying’s works)

There are 242 days before the baby was born

Folic acid is a water -soluble B vitamin. In the early pregnancy, folic acid deficiency can cause neurophastin malformations and other congenital malformations and premature birth.Folic acid also plays an important role in hemoglobin synthesis. Folic acid deficiency can cause pregnant mothers to giant young red blood cell anemia.However, excessive intake of folic acid also causes some of the risk of some carrier, unknown nerve damage.

Fresh shrimp asparagus

10 raw materials, 300 grams of asparagus, ginger slices, broth, salt, dried starch, oyster sauce, vegetable oil.

Method 1. Fresh shrimp to get the head, go to the shell, pick off the shrimp line, wash it after washing, and mix with salt and dry starch.2. Wash the asparagus, cut long strips, cooked, remove and drain, and put on the plate.3. Heat the oil pan, fry the shrimp in the medium heat, pick up the oil; use the remaining oil in the pan to sacrifice ginger slices, add shrimp, broth, salt, oyster sauce and mix well.

The effectiveness of asparagus is rich in folic acid and dietary fiber. It is a good product for supplementing folic acid during pregnancy. It is beneficial to the healthy development of the baby. It can also promote the metabolism of pregnant mothers and prevent constipation.

There are 240 days before the baby was born

The uterus is a mysterious and sacred place, breeding life and conveying mother love."The Diary of the Uterus" makes you perceive the magic of life and the greatness of women.Pregnant mothers are best to watch with prospective dad to witness the growth process of the baby baby!

Original name: "In The WOMB"

Also known as: "Museum Diary"

Production area: United States

Video Type: Record

Episodes: Episode 6

Do you be sleeping when you are sleeping?

Can you feel the baby’s belly, can the baby baby feel it?

Which nerve can be touched by the dad’s low voice to touch the baby’s baby?


The moment when the largest cell "egg" met with the smallest cell "sperm", the first day of the new life created until the cocoon broke out, the "uterine diary" could open a window for the dark uterus, and "dark dayless day"The world presents.You will witness the whole process of the "Sheng" journey: TA’s heart beating for the first time, TA’s muscles are convulsive, TA has feelings, TA opened his eyes, TA smiled …

A small life is bred in your body like this. You will never chase the bus and start to pay attention to your diet. You will not hold your phone all day long. You can read the book to listen to music.Being able to understand my mother …

It turns out that this is motherly love.

Kind tips

"The Diary of the Uterus" is recorded in multiple episodes. In order not to affect the rest of the pregnant mother, you can watch it at a time at a time, and watch 1-2 episodes at a time.Pregnant mothers can find a two -person to watch with the prospective father and feel the magic of life together.

There are 238 days before the baby was born

Have you been looking forward to the baby in his wife’s belly is a man or a woman?Have you discussed with your wife or want a boy or a girl?In fact, whether it is a boy or a girl, what you want is only the baby’s health and happiness, just like the little princess in the context.In fact, you and your wife are the baby’s "magic shoes".


A long time ago, the king gave birth to a son.He thought that after giving birth to a son, he could have a daughter. Soon the second child was born, but he was still a boy.

The queen said: "Now there are two boys, the next must be a daughter." However, the third child is still a boy.

The king was worried, but he still believed that the fourth child must be a cute little girl, but his wishes were endless.

In this way, one after another, the king had his daughter until the thirteenth child was born.The joy of the king and the queen couldn’t say that they held a grand banquet to celebrate. The little princess was praised by everyone like flowers.

The banquet was lively, and the gate of the palace suddenly opened, and the three small elves flew in.However, only the little princess can see them alone, because they are here to give gifts to the little princess.

The first elf said, "I give her health and let her not get sick throughout her life."

The second elf said: "I give her beauty and make her forever."

The third elf said: "I am lucky to let her stay away from the disaster throughout her life."

The three elf disappeared after speaking.

After a while, a little fairy flew in.She took out two small silver shoes and wore it on the little princess’s feet. He said to the little princess: "This is double magic shoes. With it, you will enter people’s hearts."

In this way, the little princess lived healthily and happily in her life, because she would never get sick, and she came to her without disaster. She also grew so beautiful. People liked her and loved her.

(Under the British fairy tales)

Pregnant mother: avoid excessive exercise

There is a small life in the body, and pregnant mothers may have a different sense of fullness.During this time, pregnant mothers should try to avoid traveling as much as possible, and excessive exercise can easily cause abortion.With the increase of the gestational week, the physical consumption of pregnant mothers will gradually increase, which will be more likely to have a sense of hunger than before.

Fetal baby: can see the facial features

This week, the baby’s body is about 12 mm and his head is small, but he can already exercise in amniotic fluid with the young buds of limbs.Now the fetal baby also has a small black dot -like eye and nostrils, which can distinguish the hands and shoulders. The heart is obviously divided into the left ventricle and the right ventricle, and the speed of 150 times per minute beating.

The yolk sac provides the baby’s nutrition 12 weeks ago, but this is the "urinal" prepared by the baby for themselves.

There are 237 days before the baby was born

Touch the stomach that hasn’t been up yet. This little guy who is going to love for a lifetime, what do you love TA?Ta gives you a new life?TA makes you the joy of your mother?Still just because you love TA, just love TA, and you look like you when you love TA.

I love you, not only because of your appearance, but also because of you, when I am with you, I look like.I love you, not only because of what you do for me, but also because for you, what I can do.I love you because you can call out, I am the most real part.I love you because you cross the wilderness of my soul, just like the sun through the crystal.My stupidity, my weaknesses, almost no existence in your eyes.The most beautiful place in my heart is shining by your light.No one else has worked so far. Others feel that it is too troublesome to find, so no one has discovered my beauty, so no one has come here.I love you because you decay my life into magic.Because of you, my life is no longer an ordinary hotel, but has become a magnificent temple. In my work day after day, I am no longer full of complaints, but a wonderful melody.I love you, because you can make my life extremely beautiful than faith, because you can make my life full of joy than fate.And you do all of all this, do not pay a little effort, a word, a hint, all the things you do, just because you are you.

(Roy Crefft)

There are 236 days before the baby was born

Why are the weather warm and sometimes cold?This is all created by the magical hands of nature.Although the baby’s baby can’t perceive the warmth of the outside world, pregnant mothers can sing this child about the four seasons to TA, so that the baby will initially understand the four seasons in the rhythm of the nursery rhyme.





What is the spring in the spring of the Four Seasons, what is it to laugh?When spring arrived, the swallow called, and the peach blossom smiled.What is it to be in summer, what face fever is called?In the summer, I knew it, and called the pomegranate face to have a fever.What is the autumn? What is the fragrance?In the autumn, the geese barked, and the aroma of osmanthus floating.What is it to be in winter, what is the snow?In winter, the north wind barks, the plum blossoms are so beautiful.

There are 235 days before the baby was born

With a baby baby, do you have a lot of words to say to TA?Just like Beethoven’s "To Alice", as if he was kindly confessed to Elis.The pregnant mother accompanied this light song to slowly tell your love for the baby.The baby not only enjoys the beauty of music, but also feels your love.

The first half of the piano song depicts a gentle and beautiful, simple and lively girl image, as if the mumble of the player. The second half sounds like two people talking kindly, and finally ended in a happy and bright atmosphere.The whole song’s melody is beautiful and beautiful, the rhythm is gentle and soothing, which is very suitable for pregnant mothers to appreciate.

Conditional pregnant mothers can try to play "To Alice", which is the first choice for piano entry song."To Alice" can also be used as a background music for pregnant mothers to rest or work. In beautiful music, the body of the pregnant mother will produce beneficial hormones. These substances can enter the placenta with the blood to regulate blood flow and excite cells with excited cells.The role of the fetus will grow and develop in the direction of health.

Kind tips

Not all classical music or comfortable light music is suitable for prenatal music music.During pregnancy, the impact of the changes in hormone in the body will be too worried about embryonic development, which is prone to emotional fluctuations.

There are 233 days before the baby was born

Today, pregnant mothers come to sing an English nursery rhyme!Let the baby and pregnant mothers experience different language charm in the cheerful melody, making the baby’s sensory more sensitive and more positive.The melody of this song is simple and lively, the lyrics are positive, and it is also a classic music enlightenment song.

Do re mi let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start. When you read you begin with a-b-c, when you sing you begin with do-re-mi, do-re-re-re -mi, TheFirst Three Notes Just has to be. Do-re-mi, do-re-mi, Do-Re-Mi-Fa-So-La-Ti, Let’s See if I can make it easyer.DEER, Ray, A Drop of Golden Sun, Me, a name I call myself, far, a long, long way to run, sew, a needle publicing thread, la, a note to follow sew, tea, a drink with jam an. DBread, that will bring us back to do (OH-OH-OH).

There are 231 days before the baby was born

The prospective dad also plays a very important role in the pregnancy of the pregnant mother. In addition to listening to some soothing light music for the baby, the fun story plot can also make the baby’s baby earnestly accept the significance of growth, and cleverly pulls closerThe distance between the baby and the father.

Duck Dad’s "Baibao Box"

Duck dad has a gray wooden box.The duckling found that Dad always put something in the box mysteriously.When the weather was good, he also wiped the box clean and moved out to bask in the sun.

"Is that Dad’s treasure box?" Thinking of this, duckling really wanted to see what the box was installed.However, the box was placed on a tall bookcase, and there was a lock.Finally, one day, the duckling couldn’t help walking in front of his dad and asked, "Dad, do you have a lot of treasures in that wooden box? Let me see it?"

Dad laughed: "You are right, you do have a lot of treasures in my box, but now you ca n’t show it to you, you can only wait for you to grow up!"

But when will the duckling grow up?

"Time passes quickly," Duck Dad said with a smile, "Maybe one morning you opened your eyes and you will find that you grow up."

Dad’s words can’t understand the duckling.He can only drink a lot of water every day like before, eat a lot of things, and read books and write seriously … It ’s a long time, one day, the duck dad suddenly moved the wooden box out, put itIn front of the duckling, I said, "You’re growing up, you can see the baby in this box!" Duck Dad opened the box.It turned out that the boxes were filled with things used by duckling when they were young: old toys, old hats, awards, workbooks, and half egg shells.The duckling is born from this egg shell.

"Dad, thank you!" The duckling looked at these babies and hugged Dad tightly.

(Reward according to Zhong Rui’s works)

Pregnant mother: insist on supplementing trace elements such as folic acid, calcium and iron

Now pregnant mothers are easy to fluctuate and sometimes irritable.However, it must be noted that 6 to 10 weeks of pregnancy is a critical period for the development of embryos. If the mothers of pregnant mothers are too uneasy, it will affect the development of the embryo.In the first three months of pregnancy, pregnant mothers must insist on supplementing trace elements such as folic acid and calcium and iron.

Fetal baby: clear hands and feet, like a villain

This week’s baby is like a small grape.The facial organs of the fetal baby are also very obvious. The two eyes are like two small black spots, the nostrils are wide, and the two small ears are a bit sunken.The baby’s eyes are still on both sides, but their hands and feet are clear, and they are generally like personal figures.

The baby has a big head that is not proportional to the body. The facial organs are very obvious, and the eyes are like two small black spots.

There are 230 days before the baby was born

Today, pregnant mothers come to guess the city name, but the prospective father can ask questions, and the pregnant mother will answer.Pregnant mothers want to be spiritual, and the process of moving the brain will bring positive influence on the baby.

There are 229 days before the baby was born

Do you know your baby?According to legend, Jingwei Bird’s white mouth and red claws, with patterns on the head of the head, look a bit like crows, and will also make a "essence" cry while flying.However, there were records in the Mountains and Seas Classic that the birds and legends are the birds and legends, and there is no existence in the real world.In any case, the insistence of Jingwei Bird is worthy of our learning. Let’s read the story of "Jingwei Foundation" with my mother.

In ancient times, Emperor Yan had a cute little daughter, named Girl, and she always thought of the sun where the sun rose -Donghai went to take a look.One day, the baby baby quietly left the house, drove a boat alone, and scored towards the depths of the East China Sea.She was scratching, farther away from the land, the greater the waves.Suddenly, a big wave struck, swallowing the baby and her boat.The folks were very sad to hear the news of the death of the girl.They came to the sea and saw a bird flying on the sea, constantly making the cry of "fine guards, essence and health", and kept holding the branches and stones into the sea.It turned out that the female baby hated the sea to take away her life. Her soul turned into a bird, and the branches or stones came from the dwelling Hatoyama, who lived, and wanted to fill the sea.

Hai laughed at her: "Just rely on you with a bird, want to fill me up!" The bird resolutely replied: "Even if it is a thousand years, 10,000 years, there is always a day to fill you!"Give her a name called Jingwei Bird. "Until today, Jingwei Birds are still busy.

There are 228 days before the baby was born

What kind of nursery rhymes did pregnant mothers heard when they were young? The baby also wanted to know. The pregnant mother thought these nursery rhymes to the baby, and told the baby rhymes of the baby!

The little ant took a big boat and a small ant, and drove forward along the stream.Ask how big the ship is?It turned out to be a small petal!

A number of mountains standing with a tiger, a deer running in the forest.There was a pig on the way, with a rabbit hidden in the grass.A mouse came out of the cave, one, two, three, and five, tiger deer pig, rabbit rabbit.

Silkworms and cicadas are silkworms, cicadas are cicadas, mulberry leaves are silkworms, spit long silk is silkworm, and cicadas are hidden on the leaves.

The black goose and the white goose river, black goose and white goose, went to the river together.White goose go to pick up grass, black goose comes to the nest.In winter, the north wind rises, the grass nest is really warm, living in the grass nest, "Oh" singing the song.

17 -page independent game 1 answer

17 Page Page Independent Game 2 Answer

There are 226 days before the baby was born

The voice of the pregnant mother is the window for the baby to know the world.Pregnant mothers should not sting their singing voices, and have the opportunity to sing a song for the baby in the belly!Singing a song full of love for your baby, to you, and the baby in your belly, it will be a particularly happy thing.

My song, my child, my song will raise its joy around you, like the arm of love in love.My song will touch your forehead, as if the blessing kiss.When you are just a person, it will sit next to you and speak slightly in your ears; when you are in the crowd, it will surround you to make you beyond the object.My song will become the wings of your dream, and it will move your heart to the unknown shore.When the night is covered on your road, it will become the loyal starlight that is on your head.My song will sit in the pupils of your eyes again, bringing your sight into the hearts of all things.When my voice is silent because of death, my song will still sing in your lively heart.


There are 224 days before the baby was born

The prospective father should try to enter the role when telling the story, and the tone must be full of feelings.In this way, pregnant mothers can enjoy the content of the story with the voice of Dad, and the baby can be more familiar with the voice of the prospective father, and experience the happy emotions of the prospective father and pregnant mother.

a crow drinks water

There is a small crow, although it looks very ordinary, it is particularly smart.

One day, the little crow felt tired and thirsty after work, and wanted to drink water.It looks east and west. Suddenly, it saw a large water bottle in the distance, and there was some water in the water bottle.The little crow was very happy, and her heart was full of joy.However, when it flew beside the water bottle and stretched his mouth into it, he found that there was not much water in the bottle, and he couldn’t drink it.

what should I do?The little crow hit the bottle vigorously and pushed the bottle with wings, trying to knock the bottle.But the bottle is large and heavy, and the power of the little crow is too small to get it.

Suddenly, the little crow saw many small stones on the roadside, and it finally had a way: put the small stone one by one into the bottle, so that the water in the bottle will gradually rise and drink water.

The little crow thought like this and did it. It tirelessly picked up the stone with his mouth and put it in the bottle one by one.Slowly the water level rose, and the little crow could finally drink water, and it drank enough pain.

(Understand based on "Isso Fables")

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