The first two days before the menstrual can be urged and stopped pregnancy

Guangyi Third Hospital launched a new method for contraceptives-

Text/Guangzhou Daily reporter Huang Rongfang

Correspondent Huang Xianjun

I have not taken safety measures in a few times a month, and I missed the time limit for taking emergency contraceptives. What should I do?The Gynecological experts of the Third Hospital of Guangyi followed in May this year that the "low -dose rice non -non -ketone/moolinterol is used to stop pregnancy and stop pregnancy" (see the newspaper this year 5 this year 5 this yearAfter the A3 edition on the 7th), the medication time will be 1 to 2 days before the expected menstruation.

In other words, in the past month, no matter how many sexual life has passed, no matter whether you are pregnant, as long as you take the medicine on the last day or two of the menstrual cycle, you can prevent accidental pregnancy.This research has been published in the international reproductive journal "Human Reproduction" recently in the international reproductive field.It is reported that this contraceptive method is expected to become a regular contraceptive method.

Dr. Cui Lan, deputy chief physician of the Third Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University, introduced that this contraceptive method is suitable for women with menstrual rules, no protective sexual life but no fertility plan.However, this method is not suitable for women who have taken drug flow or emergency contraceptives.At the same time, it is not appropriate to use people who are allergic to mi buttero."However, in fact, there are very few people who are allergic to mi buttone."

"Our research results have been greatly affirmed by the magazine of" Human Reproduction "magazine." Li Cuilan said that the magazine editor believes that only a large sample survey of large samples of 3 to 6 consecutive cycles. This contraceptive method is expected to be inTo a certain extent, other traditional contraception methods have become conventional contraceptive methods.At the same time, it is also expected to add a new dose for international contraceptive problems. It is particularly suitable for some countries with illegal abortion and play a role in "having a fetus and a fetus without a tire".

Old method:

Traditional contraceptives have side effects and need to be pregnant every 3 months to get pregnant

According to Li Cuilan, contraception is an international problem that has not been completely solved so far. Many women in the world have infertility or even lost their lives due to unsafe abortion.At present, several traditional contraceptive methods used by women have different degrees of defects and side effects.Moreover, after these contraceptive methods stop, it usually takes 3 months to plan to get pregnant.

1. contraceptive ring.

Many husbands and wives who do not have a fertility plan choose such a "one for all" contraceptive methods, that is, placing the contraceptive ring in the woman’s palace, thereby achieving the effect of long -term contraception.However, the side effects of this contraceptive ring are easy to cause irregular vaginal bleeding, pelvic inflammatory disease, leucorrhea abnormalities, and even a large amount of bleeding. MoreoverThe possibility of accidental pregnancy occurs and the possibility of accidental pregnancy.

2. Conventional contraceptives.

This kind of contraceptive method is mainly the menstrual cycle, taking contraceptives daily to achieve the purpose of contraceptives.However, this contraceptive method requires women to take medicine every day, which is easy to miss.Once leakage, it may lead to failure of contraception and irregular vaginal bleeding.In addition, due to every day, some contraceptives can easily cause water and sodium to stay in the body, and women’s self -sensation of obesity.

3. Long -term contraceptive pill.

It is mainly to use skin burial methods to achieve long -term contraception.This is also a "one for all" contraception.However, using this long -acting contraceptive pill can easily lead to decreased menstrual flow, irregular vaginal bleeding, and even menopause.

4. Emergency contraceptive pill.

This contraceptive method can easily lead to irregular vaginal bleeding and disorders of menstrual cycle.Because women’s ovulation period is difficult to accurately grasp, it is easy to fail in contraception, and the failure rate of failure during many non -contraceptive life within a month is higher.

New method:

Take medicine within 1 to 2 days before menstruation.

Li Cuilan and her team found that if you can take ultra -low -dose rice non -non -non -olone combined melolitone within 1 to 2 days before menstruation, you can realize "menstruation to stop pregnancy".That is, if you are pregnant, you can terminate your pregnancy. If you are not pregnant, you can make menstruation "as scheduled"."In other words, as long as you need it, you can make you in a non -pregnancy state that is continuous and stable." She said, and the amount of dosage taken is lower than the "regular holiday delay within one week to terminate the drug to terminate the pregnancy".It is also lower.

Advantages of new contraceptive methods:

1. The success rate is as high as 98%, and the contraceptive rate is not lost to the four traditional contraceptive methods.

2. Compared with the traditional contraceptive method, it is almost zero to the reproductive system. "The result after taking the medicine is to have a normal menstruation."

3. No matter how many unprotected sexual life in one month, you only need to take a medicine within one or two days before menstruation, and you only need to take it on the one -month month that needs contraception.It does not need to take it daily like conventional contraceptives, nor stays in the body for a long time like long -acting contraceptives or contraceptives, and at the same time, not as "only once" like emergency contraceptives.

4. Compared with the traditional contraceptive method, it is necessary to stop 3 months after the contraception. The dose of this contraceptive method is only 23 to 26 hours. That is to say, after taking the drug to terminate the pregnancy, you can plan your pregnancy next month.

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