The five pregnancy preparation measures before women’s preparation must be in place

I believe that every girl wants to have a healthy baby, so there are many aspects before pregnancy that need to pay more attention, especially in the three months before preparing for pregnancy and during the period after pregnancy.There must be planning to make the baby healthier.So before women prepare for pregnancy, the following pregnancy preparation measures must not be less.

So what are the preparation measures for women before pregnancy?

1. Suitable age

The best age for women is between 25 and 30 years old. When they are too young or too old, they will have an impact on the fetus and the body, so if you want to get pregnant, you should be completed at a suitable age.If pregnancy is too early, some physical diseases may be induced, such as cervical cancer, and too late pregnancy may cause fetal problems, such as congenital malformations or defects, and it is also prone to difficulty in giving birth.

2. Treatment of physical diseases

Women should have a comprehensive physical examination before preparing for pregnancy to understand whether they have some hidden physical diseases, such as oral, heart, and kidney diseases. If there is a disease in these aspects, it needs to be treated in time before pregnancy.There should also be a genetic consultation before pregnancy to understand whether there are genetic diseases and certain congenital diseases to avoid affecting the fetus.

3. Change the bad habit

If you want a healthy baby, you should change some bad habits before preparing for pregnancy, such as like smoking, drinking or staying up late for a long time, which will directly affect the fetus.Therefore, before pregnancy, you should change these bad habits and get up early to exercise early every day to exercise, so as to be conducive to pregnancy.

4. Far away from harmful substances

Women should stay away from some common harmful substances before pregnancy, such as ionizing radiation, gasoline, paint, sulfur dioxide, etc. these harmful substances may have adverse effects on the fetus for a long time.Also, we must avoid contact with stray cats and stray dogs outside us. These small animals may also carry some pathogens.

5. Careful medication

Try not to use drugs during women’s pregnancy. If you have to take medicine because of certain diseases, you should consult a professional doctor before pregnancy to understand whether the drug has an impact on pregnancy.Safety drugs are used.

In addition, women should pay attention to adjusting their mentality during pregnancy. Do not be too nervous and anxious or depressed, and maintaining a pleasant mood is more conducive to pregnancy.There are also not overworked, combine to work and rest, and don’t worry too much.You can choose some soothing and relaxed exercises, such as yoga, walking, etc., which helps to get pregnant.

What to eat for women with pregnancy

Food therapeutic prescription -wolfberry cooked pork soup: 250 grams of pork, 15 grams of wolfberry, 15 grams of cooked land, 15 grams of female Jeongzi.

Method: Add 1200 ml of water stew soup at the same time, add an appropriate amount of salt to eat.Can nourish kidney essence and nourish yin and blood.

Indications: Infertility of kidney yin deficiency.Such women often have frequent menstruation, with small amounts of redness, hot hands and feet, thirsty mouth, and soft backache legs.

Nutritionists commented: wolfberry, cooked land, and female Jeongzi are sweet. They are all nourishing yin. Pork has the effect of nourishing yin. This prescription is good yin.

Food therapeutic recipes — 食 食 Ledder porridge: 30 grams of barley, 15 grams of lentils, 15 grams of hawthorn, 50 grams of Huaishan.

Method: Wash the barley, lentils, and hawthorn, add water to the casserole and cook them into porridge.It can strengthen the spleen and dampness, regulate phlegm.

Indications: Infertility caused by phlegm wetness internal resistance.Women often have a menstrual cycle of more than 40 days or longer.

Nutritionist comments: Barley and lentils have a good spleen to strengthen the spleen and dampness. Huaishan has spleen without nourishing, and those with weaker temper can eat more. Hawthorn can eat spleen effect.

Food therapeutic San — Angelica mutton soup: 250 grams of mutton, 20 grams of angelica, 15 grams of sipison, and 15 grams of mulberry parasites.

Method: Fry the medicine with 1200 grams of water to 500 grams. Remove the residue and get the juice; the medicinal juice and mutton are stewed into soup together, and the appropriate amount of salt can be added.Can warm the kidney solid.

Indications: Women’s uterus is cold, uncomfortable for a long time, and deficiency of constitution.This kind of women often have small menstrual flow, dizziness and tinnitus, cold abdomen, and indifferent sexual desire.

Nutritionist comments: Lamb and angelica are warm. They can warm the blood and blood, and they are used for nourishing the kidney and mulberry parasites.

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