The girl fainted when she was blind, and after being taken to the hospital, she found that she was pregnant. The blind date was so angry that (2)

“Headline article development plan”


After getting off work, when I returned to my rental house, I found that my mother came and she had a key.

She brought a lot of food and helped me cook meals.

I suddenly felt that my stomach was hungry, so I ate immediately. My mother’s meals were delicious.

As she helped me pack her clothes and said, "Do you think about the child’s affairs?"

I don’t say a word, I am upset when I talk about my child.

"You can’t say nothing. The child grows up every day in your stomach and can’t wait."

I ate sultry.

"I want you to find a man with good economic conditions. Don’t be like me for a lifetime.

"But since you are pregnant, let’s bring him back! I won’t pick it up with your dad, as long as you like it."

I still didn’t say a word and continued to eat.

My mother saw me like a stuffy gourd. She had no such thing as a sigh.

At night, my mother lived and slept on a bed with me.

She tells her love story with my dad.

My mother’s house was not good, and she went to the street to set up a smoke stall at a young age.

My dad often went to her cigarette stall to buy cigarettes, and the two knew them.

In fact, my dad did not smoke, because the girl who fell in love with the smoke stalls learned to smoke, and then went to buy cigarettes every day.

Slowly, my mother fell in love with my dad, and the two were getting better.

But my dad is very poor. He is an orphan. My grandmother disagrees with this family.

My mother was going to marry my dad, so she turned around with the family, and then followed my dad.

They thought that as long as they worked hard, their days would be better and better, so my dad worked hard.

Whenever he was tired, he smoked the cigarettes, and he said that cigarettes were their matchmakers.

It may be too much to smoke, or it may be too tired. Later, my dad got bronchitis, and later he developed into pneumonia.

After my dad’s body was not good, the burden on the family was all over my mother.

Because my mother was too hard and was easy to be irritable, she always lost her temper at me.

Therefore, my mother especially hopes that I will find a man with good economic conditions and don’t repeat her life.

"Do you regret marry my dad?" I asked her.

"Don’t regret it, but if you marry a man with good economic conditions, you will not be so bitter."

I have always felt my mother’s fierce eyes, but at this moment, I understood her and didn’t blame her.

"If my dad and I have better financial conditions, you will not follow us, we are sorry for you!"

"Mom, what do you say? I don’t like to listen to this."

"Okay, don’t say it! You brought him back, and before your stomach became big, he would do the marriage."

I don’t say a word.


Tan Yebo transferred me to the planning department. I didn’t need to run outside. He also instructed colleagues to take care of me.

The colleagues immediately looked at me with each other. All of them guess the relationship between me and the boss. Why should the boss take care of me like this?

The next day, my colleague Xiaoliang asked me to send a project planning to President Tan. She was afraid that Tan Tan was dissatisfied and would lose her temper.

When I went to Tan Yebo’s office, he was watching the phone, and it was my photo on the phone.

I stared strangely at him, he was a little embarrassed, "I took it at the meal that day."

The dinner that day was originally the activity of our department.

But when we went, I met Tan Yebo at the door of the company. After looking at me at me, Tan Yebo followed.

He is the boss, and his colleagues are too late, of course, it is very welcome.

I didn’t expect that he took a photo that day, and now he was watching the photos alone.

After I handed him the planning book, he did not read the planning book, but looked at me, "child-"

I looked at him with his eyes, and hesitated if he was hesitant?

In the end, I held back and said nothing.

He is still so handsome, his eyes are still so charming, as I saw at the age of 19.

I was because I saw this face, and since then, "except Wushan is not a cloud."

At that time, I was in high school. I simulated the test paper every day like a snowflake.

One day, when I passed the bridge on the campus, the Chinese test paper in my hand was scratched by the wind into the river and washed away by the river.

This paper is today’s homework. What should I do if I want to give it to the class teacher tomorrow?

The head teacher and language teacher of our class is a middle -aged woman who may enter the menopause, and every day is moody.

If I do n’t complete the task, she will definitely criticize me in front of her classmates tomorrow, and I will be big.

But if you take the classmate’s paper to copy outside, time is too late.

The time of senior high school was strangled, and school students like me did not freely leave the school gate at all.

If I ask the class teacher to re -ask, she will definitely scold me carelessly, and I don’t want to recruit her disgust.

I was very depressed, and I stood on the bridge and looked at the direction of the test paper. I don’t know what to do!

At this time, Tan Yebo happened to pass by, so he enthusiastically asked me what happened?

He was handsome, and when he saw handsome guys, I had no immunity.

I think, if it is a greasy uncle, I will definitely not care about it.

I said I lost the paper. Tan Yebo asked me which class I was from?

"Class 6 high."

"I help you get a new one, you wait for me for a while, I will come back right away."

Ten minutes later, Tan Yebo, who had long legs, ran to send me a new Chinese paper.

I was full of gratitude to him, and the two of us knew like this.

Tan Yebo is not from our school. He is already two years older than me. He came to our school to find someone.

At that time, I was also very strange. I didn’t ask him who he was looking for, and didn’t ask him where the test paper came from.

After that, he has been to our school several times, waiting for me on the bridge every time.

We always say only a few words, and then separate.The study task of the year of high school was too heavy, and I didn’t have time to dominate.


Before the college entrance examination, I had to take a simulation test. When I took the language, the boy at the neighboring table left me a paper group and wanted to answer the answer with me.

But he didn’t tell me in advance. I only cared about the problem. I didn’t find the paper group. The paper group was discovered by the class teacher.

After the exam, Xun Bin and I were called to the office to train.

"Cheating in the exam, do you both want to take college?

"A few days ago, the two of you had early love, and now cheatted again, tell me what are you?"

"Teacher, no early love." I was timid.

"It’s all about Xu Yajing’s things, it has nothing to do with her." Xun Bin’s posture of a man.

"Do you hold everything?" The head teacher said.

In fact, as Shi Bin said, he was willing to pursue me, and I didn’t mean it at all.

I already have a person in my heart. He is Tan Yebo, not Xun Bin.

"Let your parents come to school tomorrow. Xun Bin, you will tell your parents today when you go home today. Xu Yajing, you live in school, just call your parents!"

I was so anxious that I was about to cry, so why did I tell me to tell my mother?Said that I am in school early in school, cheating in the exam?

My mother will be killed.

My dad was not good, and all her expectations were on me.

"Teacher, please, don’t tell my parents!" I asked pitifully.

"Now I know scared, why did I go?" The head teacher was selfless.

Xun Bin also helped me ask for love, but the class teacher was unmoved.

At this time, there was a voice from the door of the office, "How big!

We followed the voice, and it was Tan Yebo. He had come here.

My heart is even more messy!

An Yibin was enough for me, and now there is another Tan Yebo.

"Ye Bo, why are you back again? How many times have you been back this year?" The head teacher blame Tan Yebo.

"I come back and see, how did you rectify a student?"

"Don’t be nonsense, mom is working."

mom?The head teacher is Tan Yebo’s mother?

It turned out that when he came to school, he came to fuck!No wonder he can easily get the test paper last time!

I was there, and my heart was panicked.

Because of Tan Yebo’s interference, the class teacher did not insist on notifying the parents. After training us a few more words, she let us go.

When I went back to the classroom with Xun Bin, I deliberately walked very slowly. I wanted to pull away from him, so as not to be said to be in love again.

In order to protect me, she didn’t insist on waiting for me.

After Xun Bin walked away, Tan Yebo caught up, "Are you really in -early love?"


I am in love with early, but I am not with Xun Bin, but to him, but what do I say?

He looked at me intently and wanted to get my answer.

I held my left hand with my right hand, holding it tighter and tighter, and my mouth was stunned, and I didn’t say it.

My heart was jumping, I was shy, I don’t know how to tell him: I fell in love with him.

"Ye Bo!" The head teacher called him.

Tan Yebo turned his head, the head teacher had come here, and I was frightened and fled.

Later, Tan Yebo did not come to our school again.

I was sad, I think he misunderstood.

(To be continued)

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